9/11, 2001

Tuesday morning when it all began
Four Jet Airliners
Hi-jacked at will
To fly their mission
To kill, blood spill
Target chosen
New York City
No questions asked
No pity
Internal flight
Laden with fuel
Turned off course
To the Hi-Jacker's rule
Islamist Al-Qaeda is the name they claim
What honest faith
Would want this fame
To take these lives on this September day
It's not what religion should portray
Nineteen Hi-Jacker's, whats on their minds
To do their deed on their own mankind
No scriptures or books of the olden day
Would let any brother be slain this way
What battle would be without seeing your killers eyes
This nineteen the world despise
Our modern world on camera caught
Jet Airliners flying the next so fraught
North Tower hit by flight 11
Then the South by flight 175
All aboard would not survive
And many compatriots would also die
To this day I wonder why?
CNN and TV crew's
Capture man's cruelty to man, it makes you spew
These cowards that commandeered these planes
Are not religious, plainly insane
To be on the ground and look above
Two Manhattan giants
New Yorker's grew to love
Taken down by evil beings
They can't believe what they're seeing
Two explosions in just under an hour
Office life is about to shower
Paper and life fall to the ground
Silenced grief makes no sound
To New York City that never sleeps
In a state of mourning that will presently weep
We hear on the news that Washington's been hit
The Pentagon, yea that's it
Another strike has it's say
On this dark September day
In Pennsylvania
The fourth still in flight
Passengers on board
Try with all their might
Overcome the scum
Who Hi-Jacked their plane
The next hour would never be the same 
Somerset County is where she fell
These brave civilians as calls will tell
To try and claim the plane that's theirs
So suppress those infidel curs
Intelligence first, retribution next
Clinical response the worlds text
Which free country is next in line
To be hit by this cowardly crime
New York Cities patriots suffer further pain
As Fire Officers and Police are slain
They indeed are part of this attack
So many of them never came back
Honourable dads, cousins and wife's
Mourn their lost ones who've lost their lives
The World will remember
This September deathly sound
When iconic giants crashed to the ground
Hero's in the air and on Manhattan Earth
Proved to us all whats humans are worth


The Falling of the Innocent

Two planes strike
Towers rammed
What was to follow
Will leave them damned

A cowardly cause
No faith can claim
The horrors that day
Claimed lives and maim

Before the collapse
The whole world in view
Out of the few thousand
These were the few

Rather than stay
Not knowing their fate
Their decision to leap
Than in terror wait

The falling of the innocent
On this September day
As all around the world
For these people we prayed


< My tribute to the fallen ones on that September Day >


When I Emerged

When I emerged from the black ~~~
Acrid smoke and dust impaired my vision ~~~
Once settled ~~~
Iconic giants were no more ~~~
History reminds us, where we were at that time ~~~