Fight for Pandora

The mining company
Has confirmed of a place
Its in the Alpha Centauri
Deep out into space

Their provisional scouts
Miners and Geologists
Declare seams of Unobtanium
In a jungle greened mist

Expedition and workforce
With their military men
Set of to this planet
To mine this precious gem

The day arrives
As their equipment scores
Months now having passed
Leaving incredible sores

Their expansion of greed
On this planet so green
Turns the indigenous Na'vi
Against man and machine

With their ingenious science
Of Na'vi-human hybrid
They create avatars
Entering their mental state grid

Infiltrating this species
To gain them on their side
So that mans greed can prosper
Whilst another culture slides

The inevitability of conflict
Indigenous against modern man
Bows and arrows against bullets
The fighting has just began

This species on this far distant planet
Who are in tune with their natures surrounds
Watch on in horror as mans flying machines 
Bring their Hometree to the ground

This stirs up this indigenous nation
To rise up against mans greed
With their harmony with nature
Unites all the planets breeds

The might of modern man
Has met their match this day
And sent them back where they came from
For once a planet saved from decay

"I watched Avatar today and i was blown away with the colours, graphics and
 the sheer imagination along with the messages of how we treat others"

This Place called Pandora

This place called Pandora
With its islands in the sky
What a world, will we ever see
Or will it see the likes of you or I

With their human characteristics
So indigenous in every way
Mannerisms of a perfect race
Which man will never display

Where nature has taken a different slant
With creatures I would love too see
Their umbilical of species peace
Seems the perfect place to me

There's instinct in their message
A sense of survival we will never see
All their life from their planet earth
In the shape of their Hometree

This place called Pandora
A figment of our imagination
Will there ever be a time in our lives
As we look down from a future space station