The Girl who became Queen

Long ago
In a far away land
With stags in the glens
Salmon leaping so grand
This ancient Kingdom
With its lonely King
Longs for a maiden
To make his heart ring
No crusades
No battles no wars
His reason-ability
What do we want to fight for     
The only war he faces
Is raging in his heart
To seek his chosen maiden
For his life to start
With his entourage they travel
To tour his Kingdom so
Through heather bloomed glens
Over mountains graced with snow
Many miles they have travelled
All in need of rest
Up ahead in the distance
A manse house, we're timely blessed
On the door his footman knocks
As it opens with a creak
What can I do for you
Bow, its your King your about to greet
They settle down for supper
Roast hog and venison pie
The King enjoying their welcome
Twas not the food that caught his eye
The Laird of this estate
Had two daughters, lovely named
Carolyn and Lorna
Blond haired and red head flamed
The one that made him smile
Was the way she looked at him
This blond haired gorgeous beauty
All curvy shaped and thin
With the politeness of a King
Would you like to walk with me
As they strolled around her garden
Talking of all that they could see
They talked of ancient mariners
The roamers of the seas
Adventurers, they would seek
To show new worlds to see
En captured by her knowledge
Her smile, long blond hair
Is it the politeness of a King
To be in awe and sit and stare
They head back to the manse
To retire for the night
Both lying awake in thought
Something here, clicked tonight
Now many months have passed
Visitations to and fro
The King to her dads estate
This blond to his castle so
Then on one sunny day
As they rode through his Kingdom's glens
Enjoying this place of beauty
In his cloak, some thing full of gems
In the presence of his lands
The King goes on one knee
My dear darling Carolyn
Will you marry me
Yes my darling King
I will marry you
Today we are engaged
Tomorrow, this precious join of two
They head back to his castle
Through his glens and rivers of blue
For on their day of marriage
The Kings heart at peace and true 

The Beast Within
The girl of my dreams
I met one night
Her beauty captured
This Highland Knight
It's been a month
And I am so absorbed
To be with her
On natures orb
Then one night
As we lay in bed
A strange feeling
Runs through my head
The previous night
She stayed out late
Not getting home
As I lie awake
A pattern showed
On various nights
She never came home
Until near light
In wanting to know
One darkened night
In following her
Keeping out of site
Clearing ahead
Brightened sky
Was that a howl
Or a dogs cry
Shrubbery clearing
As my eyes did see
The girl of my dreams
Standing over me
Her white nightdress
Blackened and stained
Droplets of red
I reach out to touch
As she pulls away
Her body changing
In every way
Her long golden hair
Now grainy grey
Her looks resembling
In a wolf-en way
Transformed in all
Into the night, she heads
The very next day
Deadened red
In sorrow torn
My heart decides
To rid this world
Of her wolf-en side
Gunsmith called
Silver required
Bullets made
Revolver acquired
The very next night
Shrubbery clearing
Quickened steps
Wolf-en nearing
Up I stand
As she growls at me
Her teeth bloodied
Saliva streams
In one massive leap
She makes for me
As I draw my gun
And fire three
In whimpering howl
To the ground she falls
Whimpering silenced
Her very last call
The girl of my dreams
I met one night
This changing beauty
I killed tonight



Folk lore tells us that
Lycanthropy is

To be wolf like, and
To assume the magical
Ability to change


Two Humans Left

My federation have sent me
New planets I must find
To broaden our horizons
Life of a different kind
Some where in this quadrant
A radar blip prompts me
Warp to the contact
Await and we shall see

Destination reached
As I view this world

My receivers pick up
Signals, two I heard
One from a place called England
One from a place called France
To hear the sound of life
Keeps me entranced

My computers confirm the above
My hand held detected so
To listen to their language
To see what tells me so
A broken mix of two
With a similar strain
Do I detect a difference
Humans going against their grain

One invites the other
The other not so keen
One is rhyming history
Calling the other mean
What's the reason for this
Computers can you tell
It seems to be the trait of one
To tell the other to go to hell

There seems to be more clarity
Signals coming through
It's a man and a woman
I pray they have virtues too
In my travel capsule
I speed down to their lands
Invite them to a meeting
And possibly shake hands
If this does not work
What I am to do
Head back to my spacecraft
Hey guys it's up to you


Horse of the Horn

Primarily white
Inspirational Unicorn





Broken Heart Menders

There is a little garden
Where ickle cherubs stay
They are hearts little menders
Under natures scented bouquet

Red threads they pull and spin
From the cotton tree behind
To mend our broken hearts
Their sewing so intertwined

They sit and sew and sew
To mend our broken hearts
As they bring two halves together
And wonder why they part

They have heard so many stories
As to why they drifted so
But these ickle little cherubs
Just sit and sew and sew

There is a little garden
Where broken hearts are mended
So if your heart gets broken
These cherubs will re-mend it 


The Count of Black

Cloaked Count
In death stare
Another disciple he carries
To his darkened lair

In immaculate dress
Of black and red
Swept dark hair
The look of dread

Blond girl
On her way to the night
Her next rise
A deathly site

The full moon looks down
Gargoyles gaze
From haunted structures
As the night angels graze

As we live through the night
And pray for the day
The disciples of he
Will fade to grey


The Three Sisters
Writers of the dark
Sisters they are three
Tales of darkened horror
To scare the light from thee
Vampires of the night
Haunting the living souls
To lure them from their light
As their intention slowly unfolds
Grey mist begins to rise
Around their eerie crypts
Three maidens from the night
White laced, fleshes ripped
Vampire ghouls
In scarlet greed
Napes and neck
Frenzied feed
Fuelled of blood
As the dawn matures
Their nightly feast
From their hypnotic lures
The sun rises
On the living morn
As the vampire three
Retire to death norm
Stay in at night
Lock your doors
The Sisters three
The De La Keurs


The Sisters Playground

The clouds descend
On this moonlit night
The greying stones
A deathly sight
Like a banshee's wail
From below the ground
Echo of evil
Dark shivering sound
The cry of a man
In pleading pain
Begging for release
In life's domain
An oak door flies open
A shadow runs
Screaming in horror
From the Banshee ones
Up the steps he races
Under full moon glow
His heart racing
Blood in flow
A presence appears
At the dark oak door
Sisters of the night
Bloodied amour
Saliva in red
Droplets of life
Quenched from their victim
Escaping this strife
The dawn nears
Quiet echoing sounds
For the man who escaped
The sisters playground


The House Of Madame
It was a very long day
And a long way from home
Country back roads
Skies of chrome
Tiredness kicks in
I need to stop
A house up ahead
I'll stop and knock
The door opens
Pleasantries in greet
Invited inside
Tired and dead beat
The lady of the house
Offers a drink
A small wine I say
As she replies with a wink
We sit and talk
About our pasts
Sad stories
And past laughs
The evening draws
As I my head starts spinning
I feel elated
Is the evening beginning
Music is played
As I drink more wine
Energetic in dance
As I feel mighty fine
We end up dancing
Our hands in places
Lips touching
And not just faces
Slowly my clothes
Start to fall to the floor
My hands on flesh
I've never seen before
Her body so shaped
Even through hazy eyes
She takes my hand
To her glittering prize
Her hands mould
Around me so
My head like a carousel
In spinning mode
I seem to know what I am doing
But unable to stop
Like I'm on top of the world
And never to drop
The feeling of joy
Surrounds my brain
Elements of ecstasy
Like sparkling champagne
Naked and set
My body flows
In body arousal
Our nakedness shows
The kissing gets frantic
As we sigh and groan
On the floor we writhed
In sporadic moan
As I lie there
I recall the lights
My head in confusion
Now I'm out like a light
I'm awakened early
By a knock at the door
The lady of the house
In breakfast chore
I sit there eating
As my body aches
Scratches and marks
Was I in partake
I have no recollection
Of the evening that's past
I can recall driving up
And that's the last
I say my goodbye's
As I thank my host
She winks as I leave
Looking as white as a ghost
I get in my car
And i head of home
Stopping for gas
No more wandering roam
I speak to the attendant
About the house where I stayed
A lady so kind
How at home I was made
He turns to me
As if I had taken a turn
There's been no one there for years
His face showing concern
I stand in momentary shock
As he tells me the news
The marks on my body
And the bluest of bruise
All the way home
I try to recollect
About the previous night
My thoughts I can't project



Chimera monster
Beast of many animals fused
Not in natures world





Quileute Legends

A pact has been made
No feasting on human blood
The Cullen's behave