Chardonnay -  s'il vous plait

Natures gift in the shape of her vine
Planted with care, line after line
By the grace of our sun
Their growth has begun
In ripeness below her sunshine

We harvest her grapes, turned to wine
Growers experiences, know her signs
From her graft to their trade
In the grape is it's grade
Maturity is it's moment in time

To the table her results are defined
We indulge in our culinary dine
Us hosts in satisfy
Wanting palets in comply
As our tastes are in joint combine

A New Spring Abounds

The sky, springtime blues
drifting vapours in lift show
still waters mirrored
evergreen horizon lined
snowy mountains grace the scene


In Dormant Lie, She Angers

The kettle drums of nature lie dormant as they came
The chirping of winged wonders amidst the pouring rains
Soon the dawn will sigh, whilst a new day appears
The power of mother nature, us all we humans fear 

Chaiten Spew

From my window I see the most wondrous of sights
Mother natures wrath releasing her might
Blackened plumes of smoke in monstrous rise
Turning day into night as it covers her skies

Oranges and reds in sporadic bursts of colour
Oxygen sucked in as her atmospheres smothered
Electrical releases like skeletal veins
When you witness her power, is she going insane

Canopies of greens become consumed in her path
Pyroclastic flows in suffocate wrath
Where once you heard birds in chirping surround
Explosions now aplenty in catastrophic abound

From my window I see the most wondrous of sights
Am I as insane as her as I marvel her delights
The settling down of the spewed innards of she
I look inside myself as her power thralls thee


The Little Auk

These birds of the Auk are so cute
With their colourful beaks and their looks
So gorgeous are they
I could stare every day
Their name Puffin, is now linked to books 

This fabulous image was taken by one of
my colleagues, Douglas Hamilton.

The Setting

The setting of the sun is captured by the surface of the bay
It makes one feel so proud to stand and witness this, this day
Whilst the suns downs, it's as if the ripples still give it life
My thoughts in total capture as these scenes erode my present strife

Tranquillity now flows through me as I sit amidst a darkening sky
Knowing answers are there to be found, to ask and wonder why
Tomorrows dawn shall greet me as I enter into another day
It's the knowing of being around, allowing the mind to have it's say