It Will Happen Tomorrow

I sense myself wide awake
Although I am deep in dream
It's like an altered state

Sights and sounds engulf my mind
Not today's but a different kind
When I re-awake what will I find

Strange noises surround my thoughts
I feel frightened by body in fraught
What I feel now, what has my mind sought

High pitched sounds like a banshee's wail
I try to decipher but to no avail
Like something hinders my subconscious trail  

I awake from this dream, to the city noise
It has a different sound from the modern joys
They appear erratic, a twisted poise

From my penthouse flat I view the streets
People are wandering, there's a different beat
Friction aplenty, in daily greet

There's cars crashed, fire's burning
Bodies lying, people turning
I'm in confusion, my minds churning

To my balcony I go, through my telescope
As i view the city, I nearly choke
The newspaper seller looks a different bloke

He wanders aimlessly, in his selling place
His eyes have gone from his rounded face
What cause would permit this visual displace

As i meander my view, i witness other sights
People with no mouths, another blight
Oh no! others faceless, my city in plight

Carrion eaters in plentiful greed
Plumes of smoke from the oxygen feed
Somethings turned against my human breed

I venture down, to determine the extent
To fathom out where the previous days went
Why is this happening, what has the world been sent

Tomorrow Has Come And Gone
Years have passed since i dreamt that night
Noises in my head, waking up to that sight
Overnight my city in desperate plight
Tragedies followed as the population began to fade
The strong wallowed, as the weak frayed
Mankind shown to be true, as their actions displayed
I found i was not alone, as others had escaped the curse
Their actions that I witnessed, man doing his worst
Abusing, taking advantage in their normal daily thirst
The ones who lost their eyes, never seen their end come
Even the deafened ones, never heard the sound of a gun
The muted ones just gaped, as they all tried to run
The fortunate ones had prayed, on the inflicted souls in strife 
Targeting the weak, playing with their lives
The killings and the maiming in typical murderous rife
Eventually the fortunate, wanted more and more
They fought amongst themselves just like they did before
Everyday I look all around me, forever will I abhor
I walk our cities and towns, thinking what they used to be
The hustle and bustle of life, in the world of you and me
One day I will go to sleep, when i awake what will I see
The follow up too " It Will Happen Tomorrow "


The Martian Cylinders

Through the telescope
We view the planet Mars
Explosions aplenty
Leaving planetary scars

Two nights pass
As comets appear
All over the world
Do we panic or fear

The very next morning
Cylinders are found
Metallic and shiny
Making a humming sound

An unscrewing grind
These cylinders emit
As the public witness
In staring commit

Slowly rises
A staring eye
Emerald green
Us it spies

As we approach
It climbs so high
Staring back at us
In a shrill like cry

Oooolaa is heard
Many times
As we stand back and watch
In it's perfect rhyme

We approach again
As it's emerald eye lights
A ray is released
We all start to take flight

Over the common we run 
As fast as we can
With laser traces
Extinguishing man

Days pass
As more cylinders land
But these newly fallen  
Are bigger and grand

In tripod stance
They roam our land
Lasers in rampant
As our armies stand

What weapons we have
Are vapourised to dust
As a red weed engulfs
In a thickly disgust

Beaten and trodden
Against these machines
Will the spirit of man
Endure this hell Halloween

We who are left
Are driven underground
To escape their lasers
And their oooolaa sound

Many weeks pass
As our cities are scarred
But the blooming red mass
Is blackening tarred

Tripods are toppling
In crying moan
Their sound as they fire
Is in deathly groan

Metallic corpses
Of cylinder shape
Lie dented and spent
On broken buildings they drape

Weeks into months
As the scientists learn
These martians from Mars
In our atmosphere turn

Their alien form
Unknown to them
Would never compete
With the life of men

Our oxygen climate
Pure and clean
Was a perfect match
For these cylindrical machines

We will remember these days
This world, our home
As we look to the skies
Knowing we are not alone


The Day our Moon Turned Red

Someday in the future
Our moon will turn red
Raped and stripped
And left for dead

For in her core
Is the need for humans to survive
But the greed of us
She will never revive

These actions of us
Will resonate through universe worlds
Where we will be tagged and flagged
As totally absurd
We managed to escape
The year 2012
We are now about to be
Cast and shelved

Many years ago
We had the chance to repent
But where ever we went
We destroyed and left spent

Who ever is left
From our human race
Will have nowhere to go
To ever show face

As out there, their are
Other races of creed
Much different from us
The perfect seed 


Through the Pillars of their Gods

I seem to recall a story
Long, long ago
Where two pillars of their Gods
Stood beside the Atlantic flow

They stood at the end
Of a great walled canyon
To another world you'd pass
Where every one was a companion

These people were so advanced
So far ahead of their time
Their nautical skills amazed
Leaving passing sailors sublime

Their culture was a wonder
As they lived in white marbled cities
Toned men so muscle bound
And their women so delightedly pretty

They never fought in wars
They had no reason too
No enemy could ever advance
Their Gods would never let them through

They could only encroach by ship
But their Gods would see them come
Their pillars would move together
Then a mighty wave would run

The waters would climb so high
To meet their skies of blue
When the mighty pillars met
The wave crashed down on their crews

When the waters calmed
Their was no sight of them
No debris from their ships
Or even floating men

What ever happened to this world
We could learn so much from them
Where Gods protected their people
All children, women and men 



My name is Abioye
Into royalty I was born
I stand here today
Lost, forlorn

But the time has come
For me to stand up for my rights
To return to my Kingdom
Watch my enemy run, take flight

We of Ghana
Are Warrior Kings
My tribesmen and I
Into battle we will sing

But there lies ahead
A journey we must undertake
To reconcile my rightful Kingdom
For my peoples sake

We head along the coastline
Admiring the spread of golden beaches
Backed by plains and scrub
To our coast the greenery reaches

We cross several swollen rivers
To reach the Kwahu Plateau
Forested, rich and lush
Our lands of me, to you

Our followers grow in number
Ashanti, Kwahu and Akyem
Warriors of their tribes
Teenagers to men

We hear in the distance
The sound of beating drums
As we amass on a hillside
Boys to men, we will become

Our shields and spears are raised
Tribal chants resonate
For down the hillside we charge
The enemy at our gates

The battle lasts for hours
Many tribesmen are lost
Our Kingdom has been reclaimed
As we look around to our cost

Generations have ceased
No longer will they go on
Wives will mourn
Never to born

Many years have passed
As our Kingdom thrives and grows
No one will ever retake it
As our tribes unity, showed 


Upon our Sands they Crawl

These creatures creep from the wetted deep
As the waters cascade as they climb the beach
Crawling, trawling over night cast sands
At their destination, what do they command

These creatures that crawl, under moonless nights 
A scratching of grain, as they are hidden from sight
What is their want, what is their gain
To leave their deep, into anothers domain

They scuttle in hoards, covering our lands
Is this a chemistry, or cleverly planned
These liitle cast creatures, of a different metal
In technology evolution, is this their settle

Time will tell, can we all live together
Or are they here, for in humans they will sever
Will we be here in a couple of years
Or are these crawling creatures, The Langoliers