I'm Only Six

I'm only six years old as I enter his room
He sits me down as he makes me at ease
To settle my nerves as he tells me he'll help
And free my mind, and escape it's seize

    "Listen Melissa, please don't be afraid
    We will take our time, and determine these dreams
    Lie back, count to ten, into a deep sleep you'll go
    I will be here, what you see now is no dream"

It all started with scratching on the wooden floor
As I watched shadows appearing on the ceiling and walls
Hands, paws so grotesque as big as can be
Mimicking writing in confusional scrawl

    " Melissa, can you remember, anything bad from your past?
     Something that means, that it shouldn't be so
     Remember, your only six years old
     I'll let you go back further, let your young memory flow"

I'm, I'm, sitting on my bed, the lights flickering
Tears, I'm in tears holding my teddy bear
Watching my building blocks, move across the floor
Hands, paws so grotesque, I'm in frightened scare

    "That's good Melissa, your doing so very well
     Tell me about the blocks, what do they mean
     Is this nightmare your having
     Telling us more than it seems?"

From under my bed they crawl, making scraping noises
Reaching for some bricks, big and small
Their upside down I can't read them
The shapes are the same, as the ones on the wall

It, It, says daddy, it says my daddy
The blocks, that's what they say
It's now starting to appear, scratched on the walls

     With a snap of his fingers, so grotesque like paws!


That White Building

We left New York City, moving to a Mid West town
Where the sky was a pretty blue, and a land of greening gown
Buildings painted white, stood out against the scene
But a sensing of the untouched made my mind internally scream

I always got this feeling as we walked their streets of old
What could I be not be seeing, what have we not been told
When we stopped to say hello, we felt that we were all alone
It's not what we seen in the brochure, when we decided to move our home

As the weeks and months progressed, our daughter became very withdrawn
Which is very out of character, for she's normally as fresh as the dawn
Then the day arrived that would change our lives forever
She never came home the previous night, the worry of parental sever

As we awoke the following morning, it appeared so different from other days
The skies were a strange shade of red, no voices from children's play
No sounds of life could be heard, no insects or birds on the wing
When normally it's as vibrant as life, buzzing whilst others sing

We set off to look for our daughter, shouting her name as we go
Walking through empty streets as our minds drift in worried grow
We hear some strange kind of chanting, it's from that white building ahead
Whilst above us the skies turn a redding grey, I feel a sensing dread

We reach this building of white, past the river turned red by the sky
Peering through the window, I'm now in parental cry
For standing by the alter is my daughter in demonic stare
Around her are hoards of locusts, whilst down her body a snake she wears

Strange chantings resonate with echo, as the congregation screams in wild display
What events are unfolding in front of us, it should be a normal summers day
As they turn and look towards the window, so many eyes stare through the pane
We become suffocated by their hoards, it appears the locusts reign

Somehow we escaped this horror, from that white building beside the river
Every time I look into my thoughts, it's leaves me in a cold cold shiver
The same brochure appeared for years, alluring families to this Mid West town
Who would move where no children play, in it's silence you could easily drown

It Visits from their Night

It stands nigh, seven foot
This beast of the night
Body of man
Such an immaculate sight

Hands like shovels
That will grasp your last breath
Claws so sharp, will leave your body
Torn, reft

This creature, this soul
From a dark forgotten past
Drawn back to the modern
One look, you'll gasp

Torso befitting
An athlete of it's race
Incisors so cutting
Will leave you defaced

To be fortunate to meet
On any given night
Welcome to your past
Your introduced by it's sleight

It stands nigh, seven foot
This beast of the night
If there's one, there must be others
Who'll deliver us from sight


His Darkened Allure

Lock up your daughters
The dark one is rising
Look to the day he arrives
Rejoice his uprising

Stay where you be
You sisters of pure
Soon you will sense
His darkened allure

Your innocence so virginal
He will demand
Upon laying
Infuse his command

She who will be chosen
Will attract the dark from your light
You sisters now reft
Will fade into his night

The cries of anew
Below skies of crimson red
Beside ruptures of lava
This day the light dreads

March into Hades
Rejoice from the light
Prosper in his dark
Revel in his right

The Creeper

The next time you sleep don't enter your deep
And allow the creeper, into your mind he'll creep
Your inner shadows will darken as he seeks
Shredding your thoughts, internally you'll weep

He'll trawl through your secrets, no longer they'll be
Your posterity has been raped, now the creeper sees
Ones dark will get even deeper, into the abyss of your mind
This seeker of the sleep, just what will he find