Black Lace and Ebony Curls

She stands before me
Ebony curls in drape
Gracing porcelain shoulders
Hiding her sexy nape

She turns to me so slowly
Black lace beautifies her so
Eyes in alluring stare
Inside me I readily grow

Her silver jewellery glints
Sparkling just like she
To be adorned by her beauty
As she stands in front of thee

With gentleness of slide
Black lace cascades so slow
Revealing pert breasts of woman
Beauty in delightful glow

Silver tassel's in pendulum swing
Captures my watching eyes
My heart internally craves
So pert my body cries

The speed of which it glides
Past hips so shaped as she
In slow motion to the floor it falls
Naked she faces me

Step by step she moves real closer
As my eyes fill with desire
Her lobes, her nape, her body
My heart singing like a choir

Into her emerald eyes I stare
Caressing her to the floor
Working my way back up
We kiss and start to explore

Sitting back she sits astride me
Face to face in kissing touch
Paradise beckons us both
Internally we will clutch

In sync our hands rejoice
We undulate like the waves
Our urge for inner joy
Explode our wanting craves

Our scented sweating bodies
Grace the evening air
My hands through ebony curls
Into her eyes I stare

At the point when our lava flows
I whisper in her ear
My love for you so grows
Prospering from year to year

Whenever she stands before me
Her ebony curls in drape
I love her so much more
My love, my loving scape


Wicked Lady

On our bed she sits
Laced, bare to her skin
Pouting lips excite me
Teasing begins

Her tongue tastes the air
In a lusting roll
Through the lace I see ripe
My heart extols

Each moment she moves
I capture a pertness so firm
My eyes in delight
As my body affirms

She bows her head
Turns and looks
As soon as I view
Entranced, I'm hooked

Towards her I walk
Slow steps at a time
Nearing her beauty
Admiring sublime

I stand before she
Man that I am
To my knees I fall
As I become her lamb

Hands meet skin
Touching with kissing
Eyes momentarily meet
Knowing their wishing

The lace I gently pull
Revealing tanned soft skin
Desiring now affects me
To love her from within

Our bodies gently meet
Side by side we face and kiss
Loving moments captured
It's time to grace our bliss

Silk sheets endorse our rhythm
As we release undulating waves
In unison we share
Our sensuous inner craves 

She Bathed, We Craved

Arriving home from work
Hearing soft music play
Dimmed lights all around
Scented candle bouquet

Trails of rose petals
Pinks and reds
In sparodic lay
On our bed, spread

I hear humming
Amidst water splashing
I look and view
Tanned skin flashing

Blond hair in soak
As her body gleams
My mind in roam
With instant dreams

She beckons me over
By the bath I kneel
As we share a kiss
I internally feel

My hand she takes
Standing naked to bare
Whilst generous suds
Ignite my stare

Into my arms she falls
Towelled with warm
On the petals we await
Our pending storm

Adventurous we become
Caressing and kissing
United in love
Sharing inner wishing 

Aromatic Scents Drift

Aromatic scents drift in the summer air
Sounds of nature resonate, with us she kindly shares
Naked to bare we are under cotton wool fluffy clouds
Tranquillity surrounds us so, deafened by it's loud

Scented Lavender Rose I pour onto my hands
This afternoon we lie, was always in our plans
Upon her bare I lay, fingers playing massaging soothe
Plying across her undulating curves, tanned delightful smooth

Astride bareback to shoulders, gently I lean into say
My darling under natures skies being with you on this day
Alternating currents sporadically induce our souls
In time we will declare our intimate of goals

Slip sliding down her body, with adventure in my eyes
Her beauty captures my heart, as she echoes with my sighs
Naked to bare we are under cotton wool fluffy clouds
Tranquillity absorbs us, each other we gown as shrouds 

Longing Dreams

Longing dreams as our eyes finally meet
A quaint introduction in this modern day sweet
To a park we stroll under winters darkening sky
Chatting and laughing in accommodating apply

The heavens declare their time of the year rains
Whilst two amble joyfully absorbing natures champagne
A few drinks they enjoy blending into their night
Confirmed by a kiss declares their meet right

Hand in hand, now closer than before
Their longing dreams in their minds they explored
With soft music playing and an oaky Lindemann's poured
Two hearts beating over the music they soar

Glasses laid down her hand he requests
As they dance to many songs, their sensing of zest
Again their eyes meet as a slow love song plays
Their previously explored minds start to show their displays

She takes his hand to a her candlelit room
Where the music still plays amidst scented perfume
They dance to her bed sharing kisses and steps
For in the morning they'll be spooned where they slept

Her Beauty Abounds

Captured by the lens ~
Mirrored reflection echoes ~~
Her beauty abounds ~
Stance of elegance lures me ~~
Beyond the glass, I desire ~~


I turn, look around ~
Across the room, there she sits ~ ~
Head raised, our eyes meet ~ ~
Emerald gems allure me ~
My mind interrogated ~


White Laced

Tanned and white laced ~
To the mirror, she kisses ~x~
Whilst her breathing mists ~
As temptation entices ~
Self caressing enthrals she ~ ~

True Hearts

True hearts to be stoked ~
With so much love and passion ~~
The caring of two ~~~

True hearts to be stoked ~
On fire, some days simmering ~~
Never to go out ~~~

To Feel Her Close

To feel her close
Sharing our heat
Perfumed nape
Ripe and sweet

To feel her close
Naked to bare
Spooned undulations
Two in share

To feel her close
Our hands, we place
In roaming touch
Each other graced

To feel her close
Now turned we face
Our lips touch
Mm that taste

To feel her close
Our hearts in meet
Breasts to chest
Our eyes in greet

To feel her close
No words are spoken
Our love is there
Never broken