Morning Cove

When the rising sun burns through the morns haze
You have to be in awe as we witness another day

To view these vista's makes you glad to be free
If you see what I see you would want to be me

It's like an artist's palette watching rainbows rising
No matter her morns it's always surprising

Blues to choose, dark royal and pale
The horizon of all three, to into you'd sail

The crashing waves like symbols and kettle drums
Go waist deep into their world and try to outrun

As I turn three sixty and marvel at nature's shapes
Especially the palm trees and their distinctive drapes

And all this I view walking across golden sands
In a land that was looked after as it was planned

Electrical Rainbows

Along this paradise shore
On a land far from here
Admiring a naked silhouette
Below a lunar sphere

Invisible sounds resonate
Against purple cobalt skies
A gentle lapping of the waves  
Caressing sands in soft apply

The horizon comes alive
With yellow, orange and red
Electrical rainbows aflame
As the darkened skies are bled

Within minutes this scene has gone
As the sun goes down at sea
Another marvel befalls my eyes
In nature you can guarantee

By the Pool I Stand

By the pool I stand
Amongst greens of many shades
A waterfall whispers quietly
Whilst many birds serenade

Butterflies fly caressed
By the warmed summer breeze
Moments of pure capture
Oh my eyes do please

Delightful commotions
Go the birds from tree to tree
This feeling being with them so special
Flying around in the presence of me

Cockatoo's and humming birds
Never shy to share their day
Plumage of vibrant colours
Flying rainbows in their display

By the pool where I love to stand
Beauty surrounds me so
Amongst her beautiful gems
That nature to us bestows

Natures Rain

When one closes ones eyes and listens to the rain
It takes you to places where the sane always reigns
To take you away from natures rains that fall
It's unjust and wrong and you lose it's en-thrall

It's a beautiful sight clouds engulfing blue skies
Of impending moisture arid grounds in surprise
So much depends on it's droplets of life
Turning the barren and relieving it's strife

Yes there are floods when natures tears swell
But we are the guilty in the places we dwell
When the rains fall we should open our arms
Without this phenomenon our life would be harmed

When you hear on the radio or watch weather reports
Respect what she delivers and show your support
There is a reason why her tears always fall
It appears to be humans, who are having a ball

Whilst the Palms Sway

The palm lined beach of greens and browns
Foliage so lush in carpeted gown
Golden sands gently brush with the tides
Elements of two in caressing collide

Virgin white breakers hush their way in
Over aqua's and jade's, translucent ocean skins 
Whilst cotton wool clouds overhead slide
Birds of many on the thermals they glide

Periodically dark shapes enter the scene
Rays of all sorts swim in tranquil serene
Out in the distance through the surface they dive
Terns and gannets in feed frenzy they strive

Whilst the palms sway on this island, this gem
This paradise lives and grows around them
Oh how I wish to witness this place
Maybe one day in the future I'll grace

Into Autumn we Walked

We waved goodbye to the summer skies
As we walked below the last canopies of green
Our memories in awe at mother natures blooms
Appreciative as we witnessed her scene

Fading colourful spectrum's shared many a bed
Butterflies and insects buzz out another year
Yesterdays scents captured in our minds
Her beauty simply amazes even brings a few tears

The winds through the trees whistle mournful tunes 
Whilst the weakened leaves start their spiralling fall
We walk as they drift on the Autumn breeze
To watch their demise leaves an eerie thrall

The evening descends absorbing the light of the day
Giant cathedrals of brown change to an ebony black
Invisible sounds resonate amongst shadows of dark
This seasonal change shows no lack

Hand in hand we have walked through this beautiful park
Stopping and staring at the most beautiful of views
We head back home contemplating tomorrows writes
Eloisa and I sharing natures inspirational muse