If i Could Talk to God - Act 1

Here i sit                                              
In the Country of my Scots
We are Albannach
Celts, we are taught

For many, many years
Our clans have fought and fought
Races have invaded our shores
But our freedom can not be bought

     Our Clans are segmented throughout my lands,
     in times of good we are in clannish dispute, and in   
     times of hardship, we congeal and unite as one

     My questions and words, if you are there
     You are obliged to listen, as i am here

     If you are a teller, your words should be strong
     Do you speak like Semaj, like his words do belong

      I see these scrolls, from many years in worlds past
     Written by elders, hidden to last
     Their words of wisdom, powerful they may be
     Come with me to the future, to the land of thee

     These indigenous lands, spirits so free
     In nature's portfolio, they are the decree

     For over two thousand years, religion has ruled
     Have we been taken in, and now in blinkered rule
     Do we look back to the Heathens, the Pagans the Mayans
     where we look to our leaders, and their suppression
     we rely on

     Scriptures, books and scrolls, the writers of wisdom.
     The elders of nations, in current living kingdoms
     Without a book, there is no story, no paragraphs,
     no believable glory.
     In the modern days before 2012, in the world of Semaj
     words can be heard. Tittle tattle about this and that,
     once our worlds gone, that's that

                    A word in your ear
                    From father to son
                    Hear the word that I say
                    I fought with you
                    Fought on your side
                    Long before you were born
                    Joyful the sound
                    The word goes around
                    From father to son to son.
                  ( Lyrics by Queen of Queen II )


If i Could Talk to God - Act 2

For all around, this world I can see
Destruction, betrayal as the impoverished plea
Palestine, Israel and these Belfast child's
A world of man, in destructive wild

We have been here
For millions of years
Why in over two thousand
We have many tears, and many fears

      People became leaders, their population steered
      An unknown word suppression, alleyed their fears
      They were told what was right, told what was wrong
      The unbelievers, well they never belonged!

In every society, there has been a written book
Through modern centuries, we have been told to look
And if we look, and these words have been found
Is is purely belief, or are these words so profound

I am no seer, but my eyes can see
My name is Semaj, and i have no plea
You are here today, respect your tomorrow
For my words above!


Who is Actually out There

Who is actually out there
That the multitudes believe
What religion is really there
That they all see

How many are actually out there
That makes them all believe
What religions are actually out there
That they all see and believe

How do they know they are there
What have they seen that they believe
All their religions they say that are out there
That have never ever been seen

So many scripts and fables
Passed down through the times
Passages from village elders
Etched and changed their minds

Do believers look back even further
To well over two thousand years
When the village elders decided
To suppress, enhance their fears

Do believers go back even further
When the land produced their gods
Volcanoes, lightening and thunder
Became their staff, their rod

As i return from beyond the dark
On travels that you can't comprehend
Others actually know where you came from
If told, would send you round the bend

All that you believe in
Was passed down through the years
The elders of human history
Suppressed you, to contain your fears


Golgotha " Calvariae Locus "

Through the streets i followed
Not believing my eyes
Three carrying crosses
Only two of them cried

We reached a place
Called the hill of the skull
Golgotha " Calvariae Locus "
Calvary hill

Three holes in the soil
Were awaiting their fate
One for above
And two for hells gate

Bloodied and nailed
Impaled on natures wood
To quiet a faith
This is all they could

Their efforts were in vain
As higher powers intervened
When i looked through my eyes
On that Calvary hill scene

What did the Romans fear
From the one who wore the thorns
He who the people followed
For in the morning will be reborn



I lie here thinking
And think of tomorrow
The day after that
And the next days tomorrow

Where will i be
The day after that
Another day passes
Another stat

Decisions are made
Reasoning is passed
When decisions are delayed
Tomorrow is last

So all out there
Understand me
I very much doubt
I will ever be free

This statement i say
Is from heartfelt sorrow
For if no decisions are made
Then there is no tomorrow

We Came Up For Air

Existing we do
And forever we will be
Children of the Sea 

How will we be Remembered

We are becoming
Symptoms of the Universe
We humans must change 

Have you ever Sat Still

Have you ever sat still
And closed your eyes

Have you ever sat still
And your thoughts size

Have you ever sat still
And pondered your past 

Have you ever sat still
And questioned its ask

Have you ever sat still
And lived its task

Have you ever sat still
As if its a mask

Have you ever sat still
Until its until


Thinking Thoughts of Her Past

This lady of age
Thinking thoughts of her past
Through the window she looks
Its like her looking glass

She sits still and ponders
Thinking thoughts of her past
The growing up of her children
And how the years have lapsed

This lady of age
Thinking thoughts of her past
With memories of her life
Absorbed and so amassed

In her mind she follows
Thinking thoughts of her past
Many more joys than tears
A most wonderful contrast

Typical Greed

What takes a company
The size of Ford
To rip of an inventor
Of its own accord

Typical conglomerate
Thinking they own the world
Taken on by an individual
He must be so absurd

In 1978
A Mr Robert William Kearns
Sued Ford Motor Company
For patent infringement earns

It finally went to trial
In the year 1990
A victory for Justice
Against those, who thought they were mighty

Even Chrysler crumbled
As he and his family fought
In America's courts of law
They refused to be bought

Who is Robert William Kearns
As you read this you may ask
He was just a simple inventor
What he invented did its task

The next time it starts to rain
And you are driving in your car
The intermittent windshield wiper
Made this inventor, a court room star

In memory of Mr Robert William Kearns
   March 10, 1927 – February 9, 2005