Civility, is a word to be shown,
It heightens one self, and shows we are growing

Civility, can be learned by us all
Our courteous behaviour can make us stand tall

Civility, is politeness and manners
Gaining respect from others, there's no better self banner

Civility, makes us grow stronger
Reciprocated appreciation from many a responder

Civility, brings honour and esteem
Next time you try it, you'll know what I mean

Civility, is actually free
It is available to you, just as it is for me


They are my Life

The best day of my life
To me there's more than one
They are the birth of my daughter
And the births of my three sons

To all expectant parents
Whether it's girls or boys
To life we introduce them
Our children, they are our joys

The title of this contest is
The best day of your life!
Nothing beats what I have written above
Because they are my life

Precious Gems

They are precious gems
Priceless beyond belief, our
Sisters and brothers 

genus Corvus

Passerine in black
Jousting for mid air order
Murder in the skies