Heroes Who Never Die

There has been oh so many
And many are still around
They surround us old and young
For in our hearts they can be found

They can be members of our families
Who inspired us in many ways
It could be a writer on the Soup
Who displayed their way your ways

They could even be in the field of sports
Or even on a movie screen
But the ones who are heroes much more
Are in the places we will never have been

They are the ones who fight for our future
For when they are lost, we cry
They are the ones who lay down their lives
For they are " Heroes Who Never Die "

Inspired by Bryan Josh of Mostly Autumn who wrote
      " Heroes Never Die " in memory of his father

An Angel Walks for You

Close your eyes
And dream you had wings
For you were graced
And the harps did sing

All around you
In the celestial sky
Are the gracious of many
Let me tell you why

For we can not see
What we want there to be
For out there
Winged angels are free

They are hidden shadows
But covered we are not all
For life is living
And some of us fall

Live your life
And live it true
In your background shadows
An angel walks for you

When they Close for Evermore

When I close my eyes to sleep
Will there be light in them tomorrow
When they close for evermore
Then no one will know my sorrow

As every day encroaches
My eyes grow more tired every day
When they close for evermore
Will I be around to see them say

When it happens will I realise
That daylight becomes eternal night
When they close for evermore
And when they do, will I regain my sight

It Awaits Us

Darkness becomes us 
Souls in universal roam


Madness or Genius

Such tranquility
Suddenly, the wrath of man
Madness or genius


Iceberg Beauty

They look virgin pure
As white as can be
But if you look more closely 
The more you see

On the surface they are
What they appear to be
But under the surface
Its what we can not see

They can lure you in
With their beauty and charm
Their surface of hope
But below there's harm

The further you look
And the deeper down
There are so many more
So many more around


Celestine Vision

A critical mass, individuals in spirit unfold
The longer now, for a more complete worldview hold

A matter of energy, dynamic not material
The struggle for power, manipulate, become imperial

The message of the mystics, love conquers, violence ends
Clearing the past, our connections for tomorrow sends

Engaging the flow, with the synchronicity of others
The interpersonal Ethic, with mother, father, sister and brother

The emerging culture, as we focus on synchronistic growth
Holding the vision, creating a new spiritual culture, we oath

Extending prayer fields, the future vision, for you and me both 

" Extracted from The Celestine Prophecy "

The Doors of Life

The doors of life are many
Can either heal or sore
Entrances into elsewhere
Like our body has many pores

These doors of life are many
Can be opened at any time
It's only when they are opened
That they either rhyme or not with time

The doors of life once opened
Can be closed at any time
And these doors can be opened by many
Sometimes they are ten a dime

The doors of life are like crossroads
We are like rabbits caught in headlights
We do what we do at the time
At the time, it doesn't mean it's right

The doors of life will remember
But will we remember where we were
These openings, these paths of life
We all choose the door we prefer

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Never look through a window, never go through a door
If you are wary of what lies behind, you never will explore

If you make this decision, you may see things that you like
But there are maybe things that are not, this for you is your right

Many have looked through a window, and many have gone through the door
Its because we are all very different, for that you can be sure

If nothing is ever ventured, then nothing is ever gained
Those who desire never to venture, never gain or witness the pain

Storms over Blue Waters

One meets at first
And love can bloom
Or its love at first site
Potential bride and groom

Two paths join
Unite as one
The future of two
Has just begun

A few years pass
And cracks appear
Where two are to blame
Or one less sincere

Many reasons
Can lead to this
Or with a strangers kiss

Or even being shunned
Distraught victims
Their hearts in stun

Marital vows
Can be as strong as steel
But amidst the turmoil
Do they still feel so real

Passing thoughts
From day to day
Will either reignite
Or its seperate ways


Sitting on the Beach

Sitting on the beach
I close my weary eyes
To hear the rushing waves
When they land its their goodbye

Sitting on the beach
Sounds of nature all around
Children playing in the sands
Their happiness abounds

Sitting on the beach
Soft breezes grace my face
The reeds reply with whistles
Whilst the gulls glide their space

Sitting on the beach
Enjoying the sun rays on my face
There is no better place to be
For sure this is the place

Doves Fly

Doves fly
Where the steps rise free
To carry us earthly souls

These are the steps
To natures heavens we go
When the air in our lungs
Will in us no longer flow

From these steps we climb
From emerald green fields
And join all past earthly souls
From earths giving yields

These steps of our tomorrows
Take us over azure seas
It's from this deep blue horizon
That we came to be where we be

The day we take that step
And depart with our earthly soul
All that we leave behind
The doves have fullfilled their role

Bedside Lights

Our first night together, bedside lights out
Tomorrows our new day, our worlds to restart
Union of two is what our lives are all about
Happiness with kids, with love in our hearts

Hurting Beauty

Trials and tribulations
A hurting beauty cries
Years of being a slave
Internally in despise

Mental torture bites
Her heart bleeds tears
Eyes of scarlet drips
Release her inner fears

Thoughts of tomorrow
Emotions so in tear
Windows become her doors
In translucent open stare

To walk through these openings
A new future welcomes she
Past trials and tribulations
For now, she is free

Behind the Wall of Sleep

Modernism abounds
Behind the wall of noise, lies
Tranquility bay