Valentine by the Fireside Glow

On this February day
All around the world
So many hearts
In so many twirls

Roses and chocolates
Presents of love
There will be joins of two
Like hands in a glove

Candlelit dinners
Champagne on ice
Dressed to impress
Perfumes will entice

Slow ballads play
Whispers in ears
Hands in wander
Saying, I so love you dear

Skins are caressed
As their wanting lips touch
The unbuttoning of clothes
Valentine clutch

Warm hearth rug
Welcomes their lie
Fireside glow
Begins, with the stroke of a thigh

Hands march
In ceremonial glee
The excitement of two
Rise in degree

Their shadows dance
On orange glowing walls
Symphony of their love
Inner enthrals

Their passion once fuelled
As the fire embers fade
Loves shadows diminish
From their previous display


Let Love Live

An American Marine
On tour in Bahrain
Falls in love with a Princess
Love is his blame

The lengths that he went to
To protect his Meriam
Bring her to his America
To live and be with him

For although she was a princess 
She wanted more from life
A prisoner in her royalty
She left and became his wife

Because she was an illegal
Asylum she has sought
Lost in the system
She became a forget me not

In May 2001
A Green Card came her way
The 9/11 bombings
Their marriage in disarray

Then came that final hour
Divorce was on the cards
Las Vegas night life grasped her
Their marriage, now in discard

This became the end of their journey
They went their separate ways
What could have been of a lifetime
Distance has had its say

Against the Red Horizon

With her long brown hair
And dress of blue
Against the red horizon
Her shape silhouettes through

Curvy trim
Delights my eyes
Whilst the red sunset
Fires the skies

Our solar orb
Into the darkened blue she sinks
To marvel this sight
It sure makes one think

As I sit on the beach
This I see through my eyes
It all costs nothing
The most incredible prize

To the shore she paddles
As the light turns to night
Into my arms I welcome
This most beautiful sight

On a blanket we lay
As we looked to the stars
All pristine and perfect
To be touched, but so far

With her long brown hair
And dress of blue
We fall asleep on the blanket
As the sun downs, for anew

Blue Lagoon Delight

Oiled and bronzed
In cupped pose
Her wetted hair
The want in me grows

Against the moonlight
Beside the blue lagoon
Her curves of delight

She turns her head
As she looks into my eyes
Sultry and steamy
On the cooling sands we lie

Tethered together
By capturing arms
Under the light of the moon
We share our charms

In sync we caress
With the sounds of the waves
Our tongues fencing
As our lips crave

Two become one
On this moonlit night
The love of two
In wonderful delight

We arise from the sands
Beside the blue lagoon
Walking home hand in hand
Our hearts in loving bloom

Under the Rains She Purred

We enjoyed our walk below the autumn skies
Golden browns bloomed and graced our eyes

Hand in hand, through woods and fields
Marvelling at nature, and in what she yields

Darkness loomed on this late September afternoon
Clouds above massed, in impending monsoon

Slowly the rains fell from the skies
As the clouds opened in plentiful supply

I turned to my girl and she was on her knees
Her summer white dress in see through please

These autumn rains showed a lovely change in her
As she looked to the skies in delightful purr

Her wetted face had a glint in her eyes
As i kneeled before her, and her purr like cries

Our faces met, and our lips greet
In continual excite, repeat repeat

Sodden we are under this cascade of wet
This is one afternoon I will never forget


Butterfly Eyes

If you could view her
As I do
You would see
My love so true

This farm girl, my beauty
At harvest time
My heart sings notes
In loving rhyme

In her summer dress
Against the golds
She looks radiant
I long to hold

She captures the scene
Beneath the pale blue skies
This farm girl, my beauty
With her butterfly eyes

This Thistle and his Rose

I don't want for much
Being just a simple man
My love I wish to share
To show her who I am

The touch of this man
Will serenade your skin
The touch of his lips
And you will start to begin

To open up your heart
And welcome him home
To hold him in your arms
So he will no longer roam

To look into your blue eyes
As in his arms he holds you tight
Know he'll be here tomorrow
And with you every single night

The want in my loving heart
Just grows and grows and grows
The desire to share my love
For this Thistle and his Rose


Love in Song

In acoustic strum
A new song is being written
With my girl on my knee
I'm inspired and smitten

Her sweet harmonies
As she delights my ear
Her voice like an angel
So warm and sincere

We chorus together
Our styles blend
As our sounds resonate
In echoed send

In acoustic strum
Our verses completed
Singing hearts so in song
On my knee she's still seated



Beach babe
My tanned blond
Bronzing under natures sun
My heart reaches out to her

My Paradise Rose

She's pink, she's layered
She is my paradise rose
Fragrance so scented

Sunset Kisses

Sunset romancing
Natures dimmer switch turns on
Silhouetted kisses


Shaped and pouting
In wanting touch
To join with he
Mm, touching such

Pink to red
Amidst blushes of desire
Her lips so sweet
Losing our attire

But still we meet
As our bodies mingle
Skin to skin
Undulations tingle

Surfing crests
Waves of sensation

To the shores we rock
Our sheets we roll
Lips in sync
Soul to soul

Our moment of relish
Loves sweet taste
Tongues rejoice
Face to face

What She does to Me

What she does to me
As I view her naked as she
Woman of earth she shines
Oh my heart does pine

What she does to me
Excites me electrically
Her spark of womanly want
Eyes in loving taunt

What she does to me
Side by side in bodily glee
Her hands in caressing touch
Oh my heart yearns her clutch

What she does to me
Control she takes of thee
Wrapped in each others arms
Seducing my manly charms