Ram Shackled to Ruin

To my left it stands weathered by seasons of time
Memories so many, absorbed in it's walls

Even a fire could not deny us of it's history
Ones thinks of the efforts to save this once fine structure

Now ram shackled to ruin, it brings tears to ones eyes
Built just before the Civil War, it hid many a lost soul

Many a storm caressed her wooden frame
Whilst sheltering beasts remained safe from nature's anger

Summertime's were so joyous with barn dances
Even weddings were celebrated within these walls

Sadly economics became it's downfall
My great grandfathers red barn, a shadow of it's former

As you travel through the mid west
There are many eyes like mine, viewing and sharing similar memories

Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

Look all around, what do we all see
The world seen so young is it what we believed it to be

For this is a world that grows with mans time
It's now a ticking clock with destruction it's chime

It beggars belief that it's so full of hate
If it exists will we ever reach heavens gate

So many people in power determine our tomorrows
They lie when they get there, growing rich from our sorrows

Citizens who are ailing have to pay for their care
Whilst the vultures in high towers, just look down and stare

Children in pyjama's fight endless needless wars
What in the hell are we fighting them for

Gun culture and drugs, knife crime seems the passion
Our kids our future, it's now their neighbourhood fashion

The more our borders we keep open, it dilutes what we share
Many queue's we will stand in, in gape open stare

The answers are out there if they just open their eyes
And if they achieve it, well then this is their prize

We need much more than the thoughts from our hearts
If anyone is out there, help us humans restart

Everyday I look around, and from what I see
Hell ain't a bad place to be

So Many Corners

Life brings us to so many corners
When we were young we never knew they existed
It's how we tackle those corners
Some straighten, whilst others stay twisted

Everyone deserves to be happy
Then why are so many so sad
Is it because we can't tackle those corners
And stay so unhappily clad

Whilst many have turned so many corners
Their tomorrows run straight like a die
So many are stuck on these corners
Confused and wondering why

Am I Recognisable to Myself

I woke up today, wondering am I another person
Am I recognisable to myself, or a different version
What can I tell, that makes me not like the others
Whilst all around believe, as my character slowly showers

I have told many things that I believe to be real
Or are they fabrications, and the mental toll now peals
When I awaken tomorrow, who do I really see
Or will another stranger be standing there as me