Behind my Sight

It's bedtime once again my knuckles showing white
Bed clothes gripped in fear behind my eyelids sight
There will come a day when the silver bird will fall
Scraping building tops amidst human deathly thrall

It has been so many years since the little girl has gone
She's below that darkened shed in the caravan park where I belonged
She screams like one of old from a far dark distant prairie
In hide with the running masses, Buffalo in full run scary

And then we turn to tomorrow to other visions I have seen
I am no Nostradamus and I'm no in between
I have the fear of touch to tell you where you've been
If I break off communication I can tell what you've not seen

For those who cross my path I see their future in my view
Behind my sight I see more than me and you
It's my bedtime once again my knuckles are showing white
If you crossed my path today will you ever sleep tonight


When the Red Butterflies Fly

On a night in November with a full moon sky
There is a graveyard in the Highlands where spirits fly

Scriptures of old are chanted by the past
As they rise through the earth as the red ones are cast

Gravestones levitate with precision and ease
As dark angels in black glide through the trees

To a stone they surround as they circle above
Slowly they transform into an ebony dark dove

Upon this stone it perches as it awaits the await
For when the red butterflies fly, the light they desecrate  

The sky turns from night into a reddy dawn
As the moon hits their red their spirits now flown

They land where they land, guided by the dark dove
Their quest is to capture and lure life's love

In the village near the graveyard on this November night
A population in fear, in fright of their light

Before the sun rises souls are drawn as if sprites
No care for the living, their presence leaves blight

A new day starts as if the previous night never happened
For when the red butterflies fly, come this November night

You may be summoned

He Touched my Heart

I dreamt last night that I danced in the mist
Dressed in white it's always been my wish

He held me so close he touched my heart
This lovely man, tomorrow we start

He was dressed in black so handsome and tall
With dark swept hair, we danced as if in a ball

He spun me around as I felt my heart leap
This night never to end or I never to sleep

His hands so powerful but with a gentle touch
Caressing my nape oh I love so much

To the winds my breasts heaved, as he cupped his desires
Rising I was to his heightening higher

His ecstasy released, take me, take me all I say
As he releases in me to spend the rest of my days

I dreamt last night in the mist where I danced
I'm now a slave to my master, forever living in my trance


Six Sixty Six

Testament, Revelation
This darkness creation
His dark disciples transfix
Six hundred threescore and six

His number is feared
In the world of the light
He may be the saviour
Who's wrong, who's right

Six one six
Also in history
To reveal it's reality
Open it's mystery

This numbers power
Makes people react
The righteous blaspheme
Their fears interact

Will there come a day
From Hades they feast
Six sixty six
The number of the beast

Nightfall Awakens

A captured raven
Ignites the dark within her
Nightfall awakens 
Out there, light lives forever  
Will she survive or succumb

Even Butterflies Bleed

Her face pales, into the insignificance of life
Cold like concrete with the greys of modern strife

Colours of her life have drained from her hurtful past
Memories of colourful hues have left her soul to cast

Where once she graced our presence and stood with freely breathe 
She now lies in natures setting, lost for future grieve

Seasons pass above her, whilst around her new life seeds
For something feels her pain, it's the place where butterflies bleed 

Don't go out Tonight

Don't go out tonight
If there's a full moon in the sky
You may never come back alive
When the ravens nightly fly

Never look to the moon
When they silhouette their shape
You'll be left with lunar blind
Your eyes in a darkened drape

Don't go out tonight
If there's a full moon in the sky
Unless you have no reason to return
Then if that's the case, you'll die 

She Carried Red Roses

I recall the story I was told when so young
Of a girl so beautiful, her life barely begun

She was all but fifteen on her way home from school
Taken at will by a crazy mountain fool

She disappeared, assuming they both went to ground
There was many a search, she never was found

Days passed, and weeks into years
As our community moved on, only her family shed tears

Then came the day when my story was retold
Inside my mind my memories to unfold

In another town far away from the past
Across the street my eyes did cast

For I spotted a young lady, with her father I presumed
But something clicked as my past was resumed

Thinking back to the reports and the newspaper clips
She always carried red roses as they matched her red lips

Is that her, that fifteen year old girl
Across the road living a different world

Do I intervene or lets things be
Is she the girl from my past I see