An Inverness Merry Christmas

Hey all you poets its Christmas time again
Thoughts of writes oozing from your pens
Do you know what form you'll write
Leading up to Christmas night
I look forward to reading them, time and time again

    So here it is Merry Christmas
    All us poets having fun
    Writing forms of poetry
    As our thoughts flow and run

As we wait for Christmas eve to arrive
Kids at this time of year are so alive
As they look forward to Christmas morning
In their stocking, presents are adorning
Oh to see their faces on Christmas day

    So here it is Merry Christmas
    All us poets having fun
    Writing forms of poetry
    As our thoughts flow and run

What will your family do
When they see your poetry books on the shelves
Delivered to the bookshops, by Santa's little elves
Ah ah

Will you be writing any poems for Christmas day
Words in rhyme as you watch your children play
Looking forward to Christmas dinner
Not many of us will be any thinner
Merry Christmas to you is all i say

    So here it is Merry Christmas
    All us poets having fun
    Writing forms of poetry
    As our thoughts flow and run


My entry into Deborah Guzzi's " Holiday Songs in Poem Form " contest

Please sing to " Merry Christmas Everybody " by Slade


Beale Street Blues Boy

Way down in Itta Bena
Down the Mississippi way
B. B. King was born
And boy could this guy play        

This Beale Street blues boy
Watched T-Bone Walker strum 
He said to himself one day
Like him, i will become             

He toured many venues
Bringing audiences joy
With Lucille by his side
This Mississippi boy               

Go go, go B. B. King go go           

His own kind of blues
From his grass roots true
He plays from his heart
Since his first debut                

This Mississippi boy
Named B. B. King
Could play the blues guitar
And sing, sing sing


To be sung to Johnny B Goode, with the slight  

       chorus continuing after the fifth verse


" My entry into Raul's " B. B. King contest "


In Memory of Karen Feist

Mother of four
Grandmother to five
Married to Alan
To heaven she'll arrive

With the Philadelphia's Eagles
They will fly her so high
To heavens door
But there will be no goodbye

For with the Angels she'll write
As they read her poems
Inspiration she leaves
In her Poetry Soup home

I never knew you Karen
But in my heart i could tell
A loving family mam
In one word, excelled

In memory of Karen Feist, we will miss you


Florence Pietà

Crafted in marble
Over a period of years
Discarded by the master
For it's impurity smear

Newly down from the cross
Lay Jesus Christ
In the arms of faith

And Mary Magdalene
With the Virgin Mary
Complete the scene

This sculptured beauty
In rebuild recommission
Completed by Calcagni
Is Michelangelo's
The Deposition

My entry in Raul's contest " The Deposition " 


15 April 1912

Liner hits iceberg , a titanic disaster


My entry into Raul's contest " Six Word Masterpiece "




2010 and Beyond

There was a naughty boy
and a naughty boy was he,
for nothing would he do
but live for his family.

He has never had a holiday
since 1991
all the monies
he has earned
were for his kids
to have much fun.

Now his kids are older
his time
has finally arrived, for
he has a taste for music
so to a concert
he will strive.

2010 is around the corner
to England he will go
to see some famous
Rock bands
and marvel
at their

And when he does return
his journey
will be shared with you,
for since 1991
his music has
seen him

My entry into Brian's contest " Christmas Parlour Poetry " 


Happy New Year to all in 2010

Hours into minutes
As the New Year arrives
Partying, singing " Auld Lang Syne "
People toast to 2010
Young and old unite

New births will grace our world
Endlessly, full of delight
We enter into this New Year

Yonder months ahead
Enjoying life to the full
Remembering, resolutions said


My entry into Carol's contest " Happy New Year " 


Springtime Anew

The world at springtime
Season of new beginnings
Green buds show themselves 


My entry into Carol's " Waiting For Spring " contest




The Flow of my Heart

Feelings of love
Will forever emanate
My heart manifests

Meadows of Yellow

Yellow meadows come into view
As the spring winds gently brew
Petals sway as if they are dancing
Luring insects of many in their passing glancing

Azure blue skies look down on the green
Whilst sporadic clouds, drift in and out of the scene
Gentle trickles of water from the winters snow
Meander through the meadows from the heights to below

A scent of anew wafts through the air
As i turn three sixty, all i can do is stare
All that i see is of beauty and free
These vistas of nature just fill me with glee


Inspired by Linda-Marie's " Softly Springing " poem 


Musical ABC

Accordion, keyboard for the Highland Fling
Bell, an idiophone in percussion sing

Clarinet, of woodwind joys
Drums, so loud for the noisiest of boys

Ektara, from India the one stringed piece
Fiddle, of old in toe tapping increase

Guitar, my favourite for Rock n Roll
Harmonica, blues my soul

Ipu, from Hawaii for Hula dancing beats
Janggu, a drum used in Korean traditional treats

Kettle Drum, in thunderous pound
Launeddas, from Sardinia, used in ceremonial sound

Maracas, rumba shakers as we cha cha along
Nyckelharpa, from Sweden playing fiddle type songs

Organs, of many in musical bloom
Piano's, elegantly classical grace any room

Quatro, so Latin, played in many a place
Recorder, in schools where many a pupil embraced

Saxophone, that solo in " Baker Street "
Tubular Bells, made " Mike Oldfields " album complete

Ukulele, from the guitar family
Violins, assembled from species of tree

Washtub Bass, graces American Folk
Xylophone, musical wooden bars, the trees have spoke

Yu, of ancient China now no longer used
Zither, all the above in my orchestra, my music is fused


My entry into Deborah's " Do You Know Your ABC's? " contest

From Where to There

Washed up on the beach

Laid out on a mortuary slab

My entry into Brian's " SPACES " contest


A New Day - Footle

new dawn,

morn gone.