When Shadows Fall

Summer is on the turn, into Autumn we now head
So close this day approaches, inside many heads now dread

We now view through our eyes, our windows of life
What do we see now, do we absorb our awaiting strife

Be like me and others and listen to peripheral sounds
It's what we have come to know, it's us all around

Day by day we view, the turning of life's greenery
But what are we going to see after, on this future days scenery

Is it intrepid anticipation, human wondering entering it's abyss
We're the blind leading our blind, just what do we make of this


The eve of this reckoning day, in hourly wait we await
Autumn has taken it's turn, are us humans in use by date

This morning we have awaited, curtains drawn I view
There's something different about the sunrise, sees me a through

From my balcony I witness, now seeing from where I am
Shape shifting no longer applies, I just don't understand

In sorrow fill hungered loss, I lose life's lust for thrall
From my balcony I now witness, I view when shadows fall


Inspired by "Touchstone's"  <> "When Shadows Fall" from their album "The City Sleeps"

The City Sleeps

Corridors, power, call it what you like
When shadows fall, on this hot June night
These walls, this place, I'm absorbed I wonder why
They, the inflicted, their embers, we now throw them to the sky
Sleeping giants of Auschwitz, in mass production die

Good boy psycho killers, into their new world they tread
To look for new horizons and leave behind their dread
Behind half moon meadow, now decaying in ancestral creep
Amidst discarded gates and ditches, this, the city sleeps
Their corridors of Epiphany, whilst Christianity weeps

<> Written using the track titles to the Touchstones album <>
                                     The City Sleeps

In Ballerina Stance

Amidst a cacophony of sounds, discordant they're not
Through progressive ears we're internally sought

We, well we await, we await black drapes
Lights are our signal, to enjoy their create

Strobes through mists, signal our time
Silhouetted shadows appear, it's now just after nine

In Ballerina stance, proud like she poses
Arms outstretched like petals of roses

She, Kim, of Touchstone effect
Through their music her voice, such melodic select

Prelude now generates as we await corded streams
Receivers we are, appreciating their musical dreams

Spotlights in sporodic dance, like silent sirens in the dark
In seconds they soon touch, we the Blacktide no longer stark

On this night in concert, we became one and all
Strobe lights show their appreciation, bowing when shadows fall