Too Much to Lose, Now I'm Behind Bars Blues

Let me tell you my story about my behind bars blues
For doing something I shouldn't, now too much to lose

It all happened quite a few years ago when I was a boy sixteen
Living on the Dublin estates, where you had to be part of the scene

Gangs became part of the culture, live here you'll see what I mean
Generation after generation, it appears to be in our genes

I close my eyes to recall, whilst a shiver runs down my spine
As I follow my steps that night, still scared of what I'll find

We, me and my gang, readily terrorised our streets
Frightened of no one we were, no matter whom we'd meet

Then came that Friday night down at the local bar and grill
A Rock Band played in the corner, Thin Lizzy, their guitars spill

Next thing all hell breaks loose, a rival gang enters en masse
No prisoners were taken, no creed, colour or class

Amidst the chaotic scenes you could hear the flick of a blade
Into flesh that was previously perfect, a member makes his grade

Scattered echoes resonate, shouting and cursing extends
Screams of fading life bellows, as another knife internally bends

Broken glass now glistens in pools of crimson red
Dishevelled clothed creatures, lie punctured close to dead

Sirens out of nowwhere wail, flashing blues descend
Another Friday night downtown, societies current trend

I stand in frenzied stare, a redded steel gripped in my hand
Me becoming one of many, that a parent had never planned

At sixteen years old I have been taken, but I see another day
There were three on that fateful night, who never came back to play

Liberty was never a word, that ever entered our thoughts
Or even the others we inflicked, whom we brought to nought

The day I stood in the dock, knowing behind bars blues were near
At sixteen years old going inside, it's now my turn to fear

In Ironic Drape, Ropes Hang

hard against the wall
the seat of death finally rests
in ironic drape, ropes hang
wicker basket waits
a twist, a turn, beheaded
mans inhumanity dealt



fingertips still reach
I recall when our palms touched
will we recover

Glitz Glam

In the world of glitz and glam
Allured she was to it's shine
Seeing dollar signs and adventure
To become a different kind

She knew the door she was going through
For in media spread it tells
To ignore it's hidden obstacles
And it's abyss of darkened hells

The photographers leer surely professional
Capturing an innocent in her pose
Cogs turning in his background
As his willingness in him grows

A click, the shutter, then charm
As he instructs her every move
Closer he becomes to the intended
His needle to be in her groove

As she lies there spent and used
Like so many in past years before
Distraught, fading dollar signs
Saying goodbye from the glitz glam floor

Imagine Wakening Up

Imagine wakening up and not a single sound to be heard
No chirping of birds, beautiful visions now become blurred

Imagine wakening up to find all the colours have gone
Then you start to wonder did you hear them sing their songs

Imagine wakening up not knowing who are all around 
The closing in of the abyss consuming your common ground

Imagine wakening up into a world you just don't understand
Strolling down what you think are memories, ashen grey and bland

Imagine wakening up, and having to see through my eyes
You are looking into my heart the day before you arrived

From Within My Soul

I'm trawling the depth's this abyss from within my soul
Not knowing where to turn becoming so tired in fold
Creases appear ever-ending cutting like the sharpest of knife
Tears fall like sporadic spent leaves, knowing decay is rife

Never knowing where they're to fall, never knowing where they land
It's the wanting to be born again and to never knowing what's planned
To scent the outside from the inside and tasting the air of life
Shall be the wonder called Utopia, that delivers us called strife



Sometimes in life, words have to be said
Because sometimes in life these words have to be read 

Amidst their Wilderness of Blue

I remember the day as I stood on the pier
From beyond the point the trawler drew near
Weeks away amidst their wilderness of blue
A crew so brave in their quest to do

Berthing was simple as they had done so before
As I await in anticipation where the fish are stored
Basket after basket, many species graced with ice
Their quota now declared as they await the best price

Smiling faces now radiate all around
So successful from their new found fishing grounds
To their local they celebrate their catch
Back home safely in family attach

On this day as I stand on the pier
Beyond the point no trawler draws near
Weeks away amidst their wilderness of blue
A crew so brave, back on land worries grew


I'm Just a Trojan Horse

I'm starting to even wonder why I'm actually there
Am I there for a certain purpose I'm caught so unaware
I'm feeling like the Trojan Horse, a passage to somewhere else
Once there I'm cast aside, ageing and left on the shelf

I'm starting to even wonder now that I'm actually here
When do you say your goodbyes, and fill my eyes with tears
What will you do when you look back, laughing in my face
Me just a Trojan Horse, as I welcomed you with grace

To Cross my Door to Liberty

The calling of the Rooster confirms a new dawn to me
I can sense the morning sun through mist I now can see

I lie here alone, so distant from love and life
My companion, a cold pillow, I need rescued from my strife

My breathing resonates amidst the loneliness I live
To cross my door to liberty, one day I'll have to give

When once my bed was warm, with heart warming displays
Now it's cold like a grey granite slab, for many many days

A darkness engulfs my life, when love before was there
To awaken to the Roosters call, all I can do is stare

My desire is to open my eyes, to venture to another day
When love again will fill my heart, in warming loving plays

Why, Whom and Where

What is a poem that has no theme
Even a script on an empty screen

What is a lyric but just one word
Even one note no tune can be heard

One single chirp what bird can it be
A leaf in drift but from what tree

A petal so soft in breeze it has rode
From whence it came from it's previous abode

A man, a woman, what race did they declare
The above are all, why, whom and where


Men, and Me

It all started so long ago
When I was sixteen, seventeen years old
Parental, marital disaster
I'll share my life unfold

Entering into my teens
And meeting an older man
Sixteen years to be precise
My first love, years did span

My parents were dead against this
Over the months they troubled me so
I was young and so in love
Allowing my feelings to grow

Year upon year followed
My first in my distant past
He took from me what he wanted
For knowing it would not last

Finally I meet a guy
Whom loves me like no other
Parental, marital disaster
Once again absorbed in their smother

Into an abyss I enter
Stressed out to the max
Wondering will I ever recover
Loyalty in me lacks

I wander in my mind
Desiring another than he
I stray, it's wrong, I own up
What is wrong with me

I'm now in the present
Another has walked into my life
Everyday is like another hour
Stressing is my daily strife

I'm like the face on a clock
Different all the time
As I run from one to another
Men and me, I undermine

My Final Hour

What is this she holds in blooded redded colour
In empty look I realise that my hearts in consumed devour

For inside my chest it rested, a now open abyss appears
Pains of hurting scream as she revels through her cheers

Calculated and callous, the bitch within her shines
Confirming men and me in unison, in total undermine

As I fall to my knees in blooded redded colour
She's callous torn and twisted, as I live my final hour

In Life

In life one meets many people
Many corners in life we may turn
To live each day like a free-bird
In life this we have to learn

Be who you are no one else
For nobody else wants to be you
In the mirror you will see what you see
In reflection you should see to be true

Relationships may play a massive part
For in them one must also be true
Being loyal to who ever they may be
And they may be loyal to you

In life one meets many people
In many corners of life we may learn
To live each day like a free-bird
Don't expect, it has to be earned


Reality and Fear

Who are you really
And why are you really here
Did I happen to chance one day
And enter a world of fear

To learn all about you
Your past your life so true
There really is a door to freedom
It's one you have to walk through

Fear is like barriers and walls
Climbable and scalable they are
Once achieved the ultimate is reached
Become again a shining star

I now know who you are
Once a face, lost in life's crowd
I'm glad I chanced that day
To witness no longer a cloud