A perfect day in all our homes
Children play and some times roam
With their mates, pals from school
As parents, how hard we rule?
Hours pass
As our brains vision
My child
Panic sets
Hope goes
It's only hours
Woe flows
Cops are called
Search is on
To determine where
This kid has gone
Tomorrows dawn
Parents drained
This day
Not the same
Files checked
Precinct ready
An officer has found a teddy
On broken ground
Not far from home
Where innocents are free to roam
Suspects checked
Known as they are
On this day
Have they gone too far
Officers view but cannot say
As all around we all but pray
Days pass
As parents dread
Their little child
May be found dead
The phone rings
Hope or Hell
Voice choked
Tears swell
In a wooded clearing
Run down shack
A child is found
Thank the lord for that
This families prayers
As tears stream
Can wake up from this dream
All their hopes
And all their wishing
She's not Missing 

" i pray all missing children will be found "


At Eight Years Old

At eight years old
And fostered out
To be taken in
Is what care is all about

Friends of their family
Lodger he was
And what he did
His perverted flaws

Hey son
Do you fancy a spin
Lets go for a drive
As his thoughts begin

After a while
As he parks off-road
His intentions revealed
Now in perverted mode

At eight years old
Naive to the world
In a lorry cab
His disgust occurred

What drives these people
To behave like this
Perverted minds
Lifetime of twist

Some victims recover
As they sink or swim
But this boy still remembers
Those days with him



Tears they fall for many a reason
Whatever the cause, whatever the season
It's when they happen, its when their met
Ours ducts are oh so deeply set.

Trauma, laughter can make them show
Some rain down, some take time to flow
They all show feelings, whatever the case
But they flow for reasons, it's a tears place.

The ones that fall to the ground
Are they wasted we have no founds
I think the ones, that fall and part
Once they hit, they turn into Hearts


The World we live In

The World we Live in
As from the window I look out
Killings and maiming
Can they all be devout

What religion, has the right to say
Who lives or dies's on any given day
Whether Islamic or Hindu, Catholic or Christian
If there are these Gods, they sure ain't listening

This World we Live in
Has seen horror's aplenty
From alleged leaders, not quite so saintly
As they led their killers, to rape and pillage
In many countries, and many a village

Leaders like Hitler, Pol Pot & Stalin
Order their Generals, don't pity the fallen
Murderous rages, in cities and towns
Women and children, the elderly mown down

What do we see in our public life
Similar scenes, but not so rife
From Columbine, Dunblane & Hungerford past
Will there be enough of us left, for us humans to last

As I look out my window, what us humans should see
Is The World we Live in, and live violence free
Who has the right, to slay a neighbour or friend
Simple sanity, or plain round the bend

I really don't know how to resolve the above
Man's inhumanity, and turn it to love
The journey of change, has taken a turn
Due to the appointment of Obama, where we will all learn

The explosion of vote, for the new President above
Is what the world needed, to give it a shove
Out of all the people I would most like to meet
This guy heads the list, shake his hand as we greet

And what I mean, from these words above
He has the Aura to turn, loose the white doves
With the help of the leaders, who think the same way
Will make this World safer, for Generations one day

So in the future as I read this again
There will be much compassion, and a lot less pain
The World we all Live in, will work rest and play
Generations living, as they should - every day



Fabricated or
Induced illness, elicit
Attention seeker

Sympathy drawn by
Parent, guardian or spouse
Munchhausen Syndrome



Saved by Angels and Unicorns

The ghetto's, estates
Of this corporate world
The profits they make
Stomach's churl

Posh offices
Limousine rides
They take each day
In their strides

Weapons are sold
To kill our troops
Friendly fire
Technology scoop

Bankers bonus
Like third world debt
In boardroom discussions
All preset

Fuel prices
Can be taken from nature
Greed's simplicity
Then there came a day
It was their fantasy no more
Countries in turmoil
Financial war

From out of this world
To save the new born
Our future
Saved by Angels and Unicorns


The Black and the Red Rose
Scarlet red rose
Flower for my wife
My pillar of strength
Partner for life
But the other side of me
Is the rose in satin black
Part of the man I am
The side I sadly lack
I can walk in through the door
And kiss my loving wife
I can say I worked late
The other side of my life
While my wife's at home
I am driving in other towns
Picking up the ladies
In the back seat, settle them down
Showing no remorse
This black rose I wear
If she ever found out
Heart rendering tear
Arriving home usually late
My loving wife in anxious wait
Met with a kiss, I internally cry
To do this to her, I ask myself Why?



Captured, in full moon spread
The she of two in wanting read

Caress of touch in window round
Feelings of both in loving found

Desire to want, wanting to desire
Their love of two in evening transpire

Live and let live, as in harm there is none
Their interactions are varied, for not there be as one

Let be, and be as let
For the guidelines of our lives, have never been set

The Streets

The words that follow are not so grand
Because of The Streets on our countries land
By day they are light, lived and free
As night fades they change you'll see
Community spirit grows and sprouts
As the evening draws, neighbourhoods ooze doubts
The person you seen hours before
Is not the person you will come to adore
Gangs pimps in a darkened craze
Can't stand the light in a living way
They need the shadows to hide their souls
To capture the innocent in their putrid folds
Prostituted girls, our sisters and nieces
Become use-able pieces
Nephews and sons, given guns
Do a deed and become one
The slime that rule, cowards are they
Hire big boys to do their say
Taken in, by dollars and booze
Where once they were someone
What respect they lose
Why should the neighbourhood
Not be able to roam
In daylight or night
After all it's their home
The scum all around
Should disperse and flee
Out of The Streets
Of our towns and cities
If it's ever a road you have to go down
We should have the right to clear our town
Vigilante or law, what ever to be
It's our right
For The Streets to be free 



Obsidian and flint is what started it all
Before them life was a ball
Boys grew up, and turned into men
Until metals came, life would not be the same
Primarily a utensil, to be used to cut meat
Now a weapon to cut meat on the street
Many a person cut down in their prime
To this modern cowardice, I call knife crime
To stand tall, and fight with your fist
Nowadays, they stick it in and they twist
They have the gall, to laugh as they flee
These cowardly scum, never men will they see

No age is protected, if it's where your to be
In the right city, or any country
A knife is a knife, where ever you are
If you live or die, it will always scar
This darned weapon can be used for the right
Protecting yourself in an unwanted fight
But to pick it up, you become one of them
No longer a boy, that will turn into men
To all out there who have suffered this way
I pray the killers will have their day
Not to rejoice, but to repent
If it was not for those knives, no lives would be spent


Free for my Kids
The dream I have
Is below this earth
Being dragged down
By a man not worth
They way he treated
Me and our kids
Drank our money
Left us on the skids
Home he would come
In his drunken state
As we await
To learn our fate
Our hopeful thoughts
He would fall asleep
Never to rise
Stay in the deep
It's not the thoughts
You share with your kids
To unlove your husband
See him well rid
In loyalty
I stayed up one night
To welcome my husband
To ensure he was alright
But there comes a time
In the craziness of life
As he arrived home this night
He ran out of life
My loving words
Not heard through the drink
In the kitchen he lashes
Bangs my head on the sink
Never again
Will he strike me again
My hands reach for the knife
To end our hell's pain
I strike out
As the blade pierces his heart
The words as he fell
Tears me apart
Where ever I go
You go as well
To the depths with my soul
In eternity hell
For many many months
The nightmares seem real
Trying to escape where he took me
On my throat, his hands feel
In sweated soak
My thoughts become clear
No longer this husband
Do my kids or I fear


Whats in an email?

This communication marvel
Of modern times
At our finger tips
Crude or refined
Attachments plenty
In various forms
Some polite
Other's, against the norm
What takes people to write
In mean spirited ways
When kind words can be said
And happiness stays
Is it jealousy or hate
For these words to be written
If we ever get any
Not saintly, but sinning
But it's the sender of the email
And their literal say
What made them write
On that given day
So think before
You send that mail
And common sense
Will prevail


Two Sides of the Divide

                  tender, passionate
              wanting, panting,joining
          friendship, pal, foe, enemies
           hurting, harming, abhorring
               dis-likable, detestable


Let Down Again

She sits and ponders
In the summer shade
Wondering on
Decisions she's made

To turn away
Her man, her life
No longer her wish
To be his wife

Under the greened leafed tree
In her silky dress
Thinking back on her past
Her life a mess

Let down so much
By the man she loved
No longer the couple
Like a hand in a glove

Decision made
She's on her way
This girl stays single
No marriage today


The Elephant Man
Just a boy of three
oblique to be
skeletal grow
enraging flow
proteus syndrome
humbled him
Captured hearts
applauded him so
royalty he got to know
elephant man he came to be
youthful not like you and me
Mistreated and hurt
exposed and shown
ridiculed in public
robbed and disowned
in his final years
condition takes
" In memory of a poor soul "