Nebula Seeker

This worrying view
Today on earth
Is it the end of life
For all it's worth

An angry sky
Cold blues
Atmosphere dead

Clouds of gas
From interstellar space 
Stratosphere breached
Alien face

But out of the hue
A face in the clouds
Nebula seeker
Her shroud crowds
This nebulae
Of particle dust
Energy of gas
The seeker com-busts

Angry exchange
In our skies above
Two galactic entities
Hemispherical shove

As the sky quietens
A bright star dares
To reveal its place
As we look up and stare

Calmness oozes
As the seeker sleeps
Gentle rains fall
The sky in tribute weeps

Two Worlds Collide

Trajectory paths
Two worlds colliding in space
Cataclysmic end




Olympus Mons 

Albedo feature
An edifice of great height
Is Olympus Mons

Scattered Disc

Scattered discs so far
Trans Neptunian objects

Iced minor planets
Solar Systems, orbital


Eris, the largest known scattered disc object.


Our Moon

Luna the Moon
Earth's satellite
My, she looks so lovely and bright
She lightens our lands
In her nightly gleam
This heavenly object in orbit dream  
She's pitted and scarred
Through eons of hits
But still above us she patiently sits
Her ability to control our oceans and seas
Is quite a feat, considering where she!
To have the grace to invite us to land
To take her rocks and her lunar sands
So if we decide to habitat the Moon
She's the bride and man the groom
This beauty in the sky who shines at night
For millions of years such a wonderful sight



Our bubble of life in this vast Universe
A planet so dear, Natures from birth
She really is all that we know
But we know there are others
As our telescopes show
Named after Mythical gods, from our Human past
But these names will be known as long as we last
These gas giants and the terrestrials
Will become street talk in future juveniles
Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Lets visit the above in space like cars
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus - Neptune
Before we go, lets stop off at the moon
The daddy of them all
The mother off all planets
The daughter has lost
The Sun has won it
How can it be, that this tremendous glow
Never strikes, or never goes slow
What will we do when she tires out
If you have the answer, please give me a shout
So remember, hey future when we pass them in cars
Their more important than us, they are the Stars
They are there for a reason, we just have not reached
But ancestors of our past, they did so preach


The Kessler Syndrome

Space debris is rife
Collisional cascading
Junkyard in orbit

When these bits collide
Eventuality is
Ablation cascade 

Sleeping Satellite

In a mass of black out there in the beyond
Planets we know are in mirror respond

This vast we know as space in our time
All the planets are round symmetrical in rhyme

Will it's orbital allowance defy negative stream
Or is it back to the drawing board for man to again dream 

Spaceships cubed with edges severe
When Warp allows will our technology wear

We live in a streamline, a streamline world
Our planet in decline but will our future be heard

The lucky ones will see, out there
For the unfortunate, saying goodbye in stare

And all they will see, is the moon in their sight
As their earth will become, another sleeping satellite