Rainbow Hues

Through the wrought iron gates
Down sandstone steps
Below the greened canopy
Many plants slept

I sat there awaiting
Natures bright orb in her sky
For as dawn finally breaks
I know i will cry

Shrubbery will bloom
Pastel and sharp
When you hear the birds chirping
Its like angels with harps

As the sun bursts through
The windows in the trees
All the flowers and shrubs
Rise and greet with ease

Purples and pinks
Yellows and blues
Oranges and reds
Rainbow hues

My tears are now wiped
As i walk into my day
In awe at her beauty
Natures colourful display 

The Lake of the Regal

On a gentle flowing lake
Beneath the skies of spring
The waters of the lake are graced
By a bird so awe inspiring

Feathers of virgin white
Their plumage in regal show
So majestic in their stance
Upon the waters glow

This bird so proud and beautiful
So elegant in their display
Treasured royalty of nature
The swans on the lake that day

Spring Sprouts

The sprout of new
Come the season of spring
Where buds and bulbs
Appear, and do their thing

New dawns beckon
As a new symphony plays
Feathered friends in chorus
In their awakening displays

The dew on the new
In freshening absorb
Delightfully lingers then gone
Across this most wonderful orb

The marvel of the sun
In her radiant rays
For in the coming months
We applaud the displays

Explosions of delight
In crescendos of bloom
Can even rival the ultimate
Birth from the womb

Vapour Angel

Mountains of old graced with coverings of snow
A gift from the heavens in delightful bestow

Above these ancients skyscrapers these pillars of rock
Crafted from nature, grace one from the flock

Sitting silent looking down on her lands
Natures creation, a vapour angel so grand

In plumage spread taken under her wings
These mountains have no voice, but i can hear them sing

Capturing the rays of the days last sun
Nothing beats nature, she just can't be outdone

A new day tomorrow will bring different shapes
But this vapour angel, has made this scape

Dandelions, Daisies and Golden Buttercups

Dandelions, daisies and golden buttercups
Carpet the fields, below a tree they look up

This colossus of wood with arms so spread
Capturing the sunlight, photosynthesis fed

Its reach out for life to the heavenly skies
Another marvel of nature in her portfolio surprise

The plough of the farmer and his sowing of the seeds
Turns this bright carpet to soil to feed our needs

When we have harvested the sown and reaped natures rewards
The soil of life allows the carpet restored

Dandelions, daisies and golden buttercups
Like the colossus of wood, its their right to look up

The Flow of our Tides

The flow of our tides
Are a marvel to me
They lap the shores and the banks
From either our rivers or seas

Their crests beat down
In thunderous boom
Yet they can lap so gently
Like a quite Sunday afternoon

It is so hard to believe
That a distant satellite
Delivers a timely wave
That's always so right

This power of nature
Pounds and graces our coasts
But you have to hold your glass up
To nature and toast

Because the flow of the tides
Are a marvel to me
No matter where we have settled
They will always break free

New Dawn

Daylights colours
Sink into night
our wonderful views earlier 
Have drifted from sight

We awake to new dawns
As nature paints a new day
In our minds we applaud her
In every way  

Orange Dawn

Orange sky
Breaking waves
White crests crash
In thrashing rave

Dawn mists
Stroll the sands
Mimicking the sky
Like an orange band

The sleeping dunes
Await their morning chorus
Natures sounds
They just never bore us

Gentle winds
Caress the reeds
On the breeze carried
Future life in seeds

Sunlight breaks through
The eroding mists
Whilst the awakening life
Shows their exist

Progression of day
As the evening sun downs
Will we be fortunate to see
Another orangery gown


Below Steely Cold Skies

Steel grey skies
Ice cold winds
Chilled waters
In freezing tinge

Mountains despondent
Below gloomy clouds
Bare naked trees
No greened shroud

Cutting waters flow
Cold crystal pure
Hampered by ice
Winters contour

White crocuses brave
Winters wild
Blooming early
With their growing smile

Even the heather
Bows to the cold
Internally in shiver
Where normally bold

This winters scene
Below steely cold skies
Isn't nature amazing
How her plants survive

With Tattered Wings

If i was a Rook, a Raven or Crow
With tattered wings in thermal flow

In murder fly we soar with the streams
Being a creature of nature a living dream

A delight to many, to farmers a pest
Culled, what for, their greediness zest

All that we do is what you do for
We increase our knowledge and the right to explore

If i was a Rook, a Raven or Crow
Us passerine of black, we are passerine grow

Raul of Haiku royalty, this is for you

Amidst a Forest of Green

Amidst a forest of green
Alone a stone cottage stands
In a setting so serene
Surrounded by natures grand

Majestic pillars grow skywards
Firs, elms and oaks
Amidst this forest of green
The beauty of it soaks

The seasons control its carpets
Amidst this forest of green
In winter with coverings of snow
Springing buds claim the scene

The plants explode into life
Allowing summers colours to show
Amidst this forest of green
Petals in rainbow flow

The mourning of autumn follows
Golden browns show what was once serene
The cycle of natures seasons flow
Amidst this forest of green

Like Veins of Life

This skeletal tree
Against a sunset backdrop
Silhouetted veins  

The Awakening of Spring

Blues through the grey clouds
The awakening of spring
Signal for the buds

A New Day Awakens

The light of day breaks
Through the misty morning dawn
Sunrise beckons us

A Winters Morn

The nights snow glistens
As the sun breaks through the morn
Our new day beckons

Ebony Rises

The black forest sleeps
Like pillars of ebony
Awaiting the dawn

Ionospheric Light

The Northern Lights
Occur naturally in
The ionosphere

Autumn Skies

Autumn skies beckon
As ochre intermingles
With battleship greys

Silhouetted shapes
Against the impending bleak  
Declare summers end

Paradise by Moonlight 

Shh, can you hear
Waves caressing the shore
Waterfalls cascading
Nature's melodic roar

Pacific winds capture
Leaves in radiant span
Speaking as they touch
From fan to fan to fan

Golden sands in shade
Dimmed by the downing sun
Whilst the trees gently wave
Nightfall has just begun

From where I sit on the beach
It's an absolute delight
To be in nature's surround
Paradise by Moonlight

Our Ancient One

Our most ancient orb
Always radiant in her bloom
Yes, our lunar moon

He Stands so Proud

On a moonlit night
The Alpha Male stands so proud
Lunar silhouette 

Tension in Sight

Tension overspill weathered
Sparks chain lightening

Misty Autumn Morn

Through morning moisture
The mist reveals the changing
Green life to ochres