Silhouette of Two

Two silhouettes
In black and white
Back ground of ripples
Romantic delight
A moment captured
Their eyes fixed
Setting serene
Long blond hair
In gravity flow
Curves of woman
Body glow
Tall and slim
Athletic in shape
Toned and lean
Manly drape
This picture i picture
From a photo I've seen
How proud i would be
To have shared this scene
In my mind i have stored
This picturesque view
It's my future wish
Silhouette of Two
The girl I seen on the beach

My day started
With a walk on the sands
As my wish comes true
To grace these American lands
As i soak up the heat
That rains down on thee
Some one catches my eye
As i look up and see
The bronzed tan
Of a maiden so fair
Pleats of gold
As i politely stare
She exits the water
Now with towel in hand
A sight to behold
For many a man
To watch her rhythm
Hips dancing
My heart flutters
Like horses prancing
Her body to me
Sheer ecstasy
Curved and cute
This beautiful look
Bikini clad girl
In colour's of delight
Her body carries
Shapely and right
As this Highlander
Lost for speech
Will always remember
The girl he seen on the beach

Romance in France
Rainy day
In the streets of Caen
Arm in arm
With my darling blond

Small cafes
And lingerie shops
The more we walk
My mind in thought
How lucky i am
To be walking here
With my gorgeous girl
Whom i love so dear
The romance of here
Is all around
The small side streets
In this lovely town
Even the rain
Adds to the bliss
Umbrella cover
Sharing a kiss
Hotel we reach
Dinner for two
A vintage wine
Our love so true
Upstairs we head
Hand in hand
Kissing, hugging
Just as we planned
We shower together
To get in the mood
As we unite our love
Birthday suit nude
Pleasurable moments
Absorb our night
Sensuous and steamy
Our wanting delight
We awake in the morning
To my love i glance
Our moments we shared
Romance in France


Slowly they undresses each other
In the confines of their own space
Naked to their flesh
They stand face to face
Slowly their hands grace
Two bodies in desire of they
Adults, two so in love
In sensuous intended play
Slowly they touch and kiss
As their wants absorbs their thoughts
Sheepskin rug they lie on
The roaring fire, their shadows caught
Slowly their hunger increases
As they caress each other so
Soon to join as one
Passions of two in flow
Slowly in motion and writhe
The seeing of waves in slow motion
Explosive of internal carnal
Like the crashing of the ocean
Slowly the roaring fire bows
Their shadows collapse from the walls
Spooned in heavenly lay
The pleasure of two en-thralls


Red Rose Petals and the Blond
Candles and essence
On our bed she lies
Naked and pert
With love in her eyes
On silken sheets
Her tanned body glows
Blond hair like gold
In loving pose
Her sensuous stare
To lure my love
This eagle will swoop
And feather his dove
On their soft silk sheets
Like the Atlantic flow
Slowly, slowly
Our rhythm grows
In to her, she pulls
My torso mass
The feel of me
Upon my lass
Kissing, touching
Amid, rose scented air
Petals in audience
At lovers bare
In joyous join
Our hands grasp
Elation released
Our breathing gasps
Sighs and groans
As pleasure ignites
Our hearts of passion
In sensuous delight


An evening with, Dinner and a Dance
Their evening starts
With dinner and a dance
It's taken many months
To be standing in this stance
Slow delightful moves
As they move around the floor
In their hearts they know
Their evening cries for more
The moment moves their wants
As they share thoughts with a kiss
The texture of their touch
From their earlier evening wish
Now their dance is over
They sit and drink some wine
And share chats and kisses
Captured in their time
Moving close together
His hands start to walk
Like an adventurer on her body
As their gentle kissing locks
At each and every button
He opens, she heavenly sighs
Revealing this lovely dove
She's only for his eyes
Her blouse now ajar
His breath, she takes away
Her tanned delightful cleavage
Invites his hands to play
Gentle as can be
He glides to feel her charms
Excitement shows through
As she holds him in her arms
His hands re-adventure
Her torso he slowly crawls
To reach his destination
Her heavenly scented walls
He zigs her inner thighs
Like meandering river flows
For he knows up ahead
In her garden lies a rose
Minutes pass with kisses
Complimenting with passionate touch
Her garden he has reached
Allowing, she loves him such
Her rose, with petal like frills
Moist in the evening dew
Her garden gate he enters
She sighs, as she welcomes him through
The walk he takes so slowly
As he absorbs her inner walls
Upon seeing her heart
He's running ten feet tall
The excitement in their hearts
Is released and begins to flow
A rush of groans and sighs
All over their bodies, show
Breathing peaks with kisses
As they hold each other tight
The Highlander and his Dove
Declared their love tonight


Serenading Harp

My dearest darling love
Taken from me, oh so young
Two years were not enough
Our life had just begun

To live my life without you
Tears me apart
I'm crying inner tears
From my broken empty heart

I will never love another
In the way that I loved you
You oozed joy and passion
It's what attracted me to you

Now every day I play
Loving serenades for you
On the harp we bought together
It's this that pulls me through

I wish that you could see me
In my pretty teal blue dress
For a moment I forget
That my heart is full of stress

As my lonely days go by
Without you in my life
I honor to stay single
But in my heart I'll be your wife


Picture This

Down by the river on this sunny day
Canopy of trees their leaves aspray
Shadowing the banks with genuine shade
Natures bloom in greens and fades

Blue waters ripple all stirred and nice
Fluffed clouds above look down on life
Sparodically shown against the blue
Striking colours all bold and true

Along the bank a patch of bare
My blonde darling i see standing there
Her golden hair captured by the sun
Flowing down her back to her curved bum

Standing there, now shes gone
With one leap lands with aplomb
The water opens as it welcomes her
Moments before it did not stir

The picture of Tinks in natures pool
As i grab my camera and fill the spool
Delight of shapes as she swims around
Splashing, rejoicing in summery surround

As she exits the water standing against the green
This striking blonde has to be seen
Her clothes sodden as she shakes her hair
I'm so fortunate to be standing there


At the Window I Wait
At the window i wait
For my love to be home
Back from the war
And it's deathly roam
My longing to enjoy
The love of my man
To hold him so tight
My wantings to run
To bathe him and sponge
His war torn soul
To rinse the dirt
Off man's murderous goal
Soothed and soaked
I join my love
Lathered and scented
Soldier and dove
I hold him close
So tender in touch
Caressing my man
To enjoy him so much
We exit the bath
Lie in front of the fire
Drying each other
For soon my desire
His silhouette
In the fire glow
Manly and proud
In wanting grow
We lay down together
Touching, kissing
So many years
All this was missing
Exploring and caressing
Like lovers anew
I welcome my darling
Through heavens dew
Like a fresh breeze
Over my body he lies
Taking me gently
Kissing my groaning sighs
His torso captured
By my legs and arms
Displaying our lost love
Sharing our charms
In the glow of the fire
Shadows bounce
Lubricating our souls
Our bodies announce
The missing years
In the cries as we sighed
My husband came home
But so many have died


The Coming of Age

The prom has finished
Last dance done
This Ohio princess
To be his one
Hand in hand they leave the hall
Hearts racing as they had a ball
Heading home on a glorious night
Dressed to the nines, a wonderful sight
Full moon shining as they cruise home
This graduating pair want to be alone
A wooded clearing they know from their youth
Is to be where their bodies soothe
Parked and nervous as they climb in the back
This is no one of night, its more than that
She takes his hand, places on her breast
Her loved eyes full of zest
Now semi clothed her breasts bare
His hands walking, where before they would not dare
Trousers down, boxers too
Her hand slides down on Mr you
Her lovely gown adorns the floor
Her panties scented perfumed amore
Hard and wanting she guides him home
Their loving to be sealed, as their hands roam
They love in tandem as the car sways
Fondling touching in loving ways
Pulling him in as he hardens more
Head throbbing as he loves her core
Screams of joy as their love is mixed
They share their moment, eyes fixed
Warmth and desire fills the air
This young couple now a loving pair
Passions ease as they hold each other
In this moment they are both in clover
Dressed and dishevelled as they head of home
Thinking of how their bodies roamed
He walks her to her door
Where he's picked her up many times before
He holds her close to kiss good night
This loving couple, a lovely sight 


Our Lips Meet

Being held so close
Our lips meeting like rainbows
Kaleidoscope Kiss





Undulations of She

Undulations of
She, as water cascades
In caressing touch


Between the V

Called many a name
Sexual gem she is
Pussy galore
Man's bliss
Pouted lips
She's shaved
She's bushed
She blushes
She's juiced
Sent from Heaven
With Heavenly scent's
Groomed, well cut
Shorn or long
Shapes adorn
Welcomed by many
Man, Woman and Toy
In their own way
She oozes her joy
Dampened and pulsing
Flesh pinked walls
Pierced, tattooed
She en-thralls
Aroused through touch
Warmed and moist
This She Creation
Man's want
Men dream
To be taken in
Release their stream
In many positions
Her posture sweet
All loving partners she will greet
Passions shared, loving spree
This delightful flower
Between the V


Emerald Eyed Beauty

Complexion delight
Emerald eyed maiden glows
Dark haired beauty wows


Farm Girl

On a Sussex farm works a golden haired girl

Surrounded by guys as she makes their hearts twirl

But her love and soul are miles away

In a Highlanders heart, she hopes to meet one day


Its nearly a year since they were first in touch

As she's grown to adore him oh so much

Her delight will be, is too invite him down

And show him round her lovely town


Her joy and smiles, as she holds his hand

Her heart pounding as she feels a million grand

Stopping for cuddles as they share a kiss

With her Highlander she's in sheer bliss


The countryside where this English Rose stays

Flowering crops grow and animals graze

Noisy tractors Harvesters reap

Under a blistering sun, the baaing of sheep


In her yellow dress, flowing golden hair

She takes his hand, as they climb the stair

Above up here is where we keep the hay

Again she takes his hand and down they lay


Facing each other they start to kiss

This English rose in her mind she wish

To share her body with her Highlander

To adjoin their bodies as their loving stirs


As they undress each other on this summers day

Bare skin warms the golden hay

Passions flow as their hands explore

Loving scent from their loving pores

Joys and sighs, they feel their bodies mix

Emotions and feelings in adrenalin fix


Warmed and content,consumed in each others arms

Two heavenly bodies sharing each others charms

Kissing and cuddling on the flattened hay

As they stand up and look where they just once lay


Dishevelled clothes, hair astray 

This loving couples summers play

Standing embrace their bodies quiver

Holding hands they head to the river


At the river bank they undress each other

Under a shaded green leafy cover

Her naked body and long golden hair

Makes him proud to be standing there


As they enter the river 

They caress and wash each other

Under this shaded leafed cover

They kiss and embrace to share their love

Under the leafy tree, chirping birds all above


Heading home hand in hand

This loving couple feeling two million grand

They head to bed, spooned and cosy

This Highlander and his English Rosie 

Bondaged Love

She enters the room
Leather-ed in Red
Her breasts port-holed
As i view from our bed  
Her minx style walk
As her hips rejoice
We will soon love together
With one loving voice
She crawls on the bed
Sexily so
The movement of woman
Excites me so
Her tongue asping
Tasting the air
As her body sings
To take her here
Her favourite pose
As she goes on all fours
Her leather-ed attire
Zips unclosed
Flesh revealed bronzed and tanned
This heavenly girl will soon be manned
Hands raised, handcuffed to the bed
This English Rose, about to be fed
Calves kissed, thighs licked
Cheeks curved, heaven pinked
Manly hands caress her back
Our loving signal, signals back
Her pouting heaven swelled to lure
As she invites in her man so pure
Rhythmic gyrations as he takes his girl
His juice released inside her swirls
Walls draped in orgasmic spores
Heated flesh temperature soars
Sweat-ed and moist, glistens in the light
The view i see is a wonderful sight
Curious fingers enter her cave
Exploring, as they try to behave
Smoothed texture of her palace of love
Hardened clit on the roof above
Rubbed and kissed
As she sighs and moans
The wonderment
As he licks her home
Handcuffs released, leather free
Naked like birth beside me
We kiss and touch with gentle strokes
This English Rose and her Highland Bloke

Body Glow

A winter evening
Scottish Glen
Table sitting
I pick up my pen
To write these words 
About a girl I adore
Lying down
On our living room floor
Fire roaring
Oranges and yellows
Thinking to my self
Lucky fellow
Her shapely body
Silhouette's the wall
Curves and peaks
All en-thrall
Her golden hair
Cascades with flow
Against the fire
Her body glow

Love to Love

Caress and undress
Heavenly bodies unite 
Their kingdom of love



The Mr of Men

Endowed in size
Endowed in shape
The Mr of Men
Our bodies draped
Religious belief
Personal choice
Makes him speak
With a different voice
Blood induced
As his stature grows
Columned pose
Erectness flows
Pleasurable scenes
Pleasured in ways
This Mr of Men
Stars in many plays
Passioned in stroke
In loves say
Eruption of joy
Loving spores spray
Absorbed and shared
This joyous stem
The Mr Of Men


The Picnic

Loving couple hot summer's day
Head back home one Saturday

He pours cool drinks
She showers warm
They both head
To their loving dorm

They sip their drinks
Sitting on their bed
He slides her robe
As he kisses her head

Over her shoulder
Warm flesh revealed
This couples love
Will soon be sealed

They slide of the bed
Lays her on the floor
On her front
My love i adore

Her back massaged
Her cheeks kissed
Not one area
Has been missed

Arched and ready
He moves real close
His Mr of Men
His loving post

Picnic box, opens lid
Vanilla ice cream
On her back its slid
She arches up
As it slides down her spine
To the curve in her cheeks
To her end sublime

Her groans and cries
As he absorbs the cream
Her heaven moist
Eyes closed she dreams

Her body flavoured
For the Mr of Men
He takes his woman
In their lovers den

Penetration deep
Her body sighs
Sexual eruption
Loving cries
Her walls adorned
With loving spores
This loving couple
On their den floor

Juices flowing
Their recipe
The start of life

On her back
Her legs a Vee
He ventures down
Bows on his knees

A pool of life
From sexual pleasure
He scoops to share
With his loving treasure

He slowly makes his way to her
Past her scented heaven fur
Torso reached
Breasts passed
He's finally reached his lass

With love filled eyes
Their lips meet
They share their prize
From their loving feat



Template of nature
Nakedness shows off her curves
This she creation




The Romance of Two

He picks her up at eight
As they head out for their meal
Two people in love
That millions of us feel

Now wined and dined
Hand in hand
Moonlight walk
Along the bleached white sands 
Arriving home
Music on
CD playing
Their favourite song
Bodies tight
Dancing slow
Hearts purring
Love a flow
Hands explore
Buttons undone
Bodies bare
Romance begun
Roaring fire
Two human shapes
Against the dark
Their glow awakes
Missionary mission
Of this loving couple
Two bodies joined
Soft and supple
Passion's growing
As he enters Heaven
Kissing, petting
At their fireside Haven
Their writhing bodies
Grace the glowing walls
Darkness watches
Romance enthralled
Breathing, sighing
Sexual embrace
Absorb their feelings
Face to face
Juices flowing
Recipe of joy
This loving blend
This girl and boy
Loving scents fill the air
Passions abound around this pair
Spooned embrace, treasured time
Rhythmic loving, rhythmic rhyme
Their night draws
As the fire glow fades
Shadows disappear
In their minds, love serenade

The Bedroom

As i passed through the door
She lay on the bed
Her Golden locks
Flow from her head
This petite girl
Curvy and slight
Has captured my heart
And all its might
Her tanned body
Captures the sun
From her heavenly chest  
To her pert bum
She invites me to undress
To lie on our bed
As we touch each other
Signals read
Bodies explored
Avenues entered
This blonde and her guy
Evenly tempered
The scent of love
Encaptured by two
Hearts pumping
As they fuse
In motion they love
Carresing each other
This Mr of Men
Enters her flower
Girations flow
As their bodies absorb
Their spray orgasmic
Doubly adored
The sighs and pants
Quieten down
As they lie content
In their quilted gown
They start their dream
This bride and groom
In their palace of love
The Bedroom


The Bathroom

Bronzed babe
Bathroom mirror
Naked stance
Like a sexual pillar
Breasts firm
Toned skin
Groomed heaven
Petite and trim
Her loving man
Stripped and strong 
Embraces his girl
Manhood long
Ears licked
Nape kissed
Bodies pressed
Breasts caressed
He parts her legs
As he hardens between
Her loving look
She shows, he's seen
Their want is now
As she takes him in
His throbbing head
Against her inner skin
Their heat emits
Loved aroma
They close their eyes
In a sexual coma
Engines heating
Piston slowing
Her liner wanting
Coolant flowing
Faucet turned
Basin fills
Water scooped
Down her back it spills
Down her spine
Passed her cheeks
To reach his piston
The water seeks
Her body heats
Requires cool
As he returns to the basin pool
Scoops the water
Splashes her breasts
To continue with their loving fest
Engines purring
Piston home
Hands in wanting
They freely roam
His fluids rise like lava flows
Inside her chamber the walls glow
Their tanks of life about to spill
This loving couples, loving thrill
Climax reached
They embrace and kiss
Two lovers loved
In Their Bathroom bliss.

Waiting for a girl like you

Though oceans and miles
Are between you and me
Until we ever meet
I will think of thee
As i sit here at home
Such a distance away
Never seen you face
Or hear what you say
This foreigner boy
With eyes so blue
His hearts been
Waiting for a girl like you
For so long unloved
Flesh wounds on his heart
His willing to leave
And to make a new start
Another country
To call his home
Before this blue eyed boy's
Heart turns to stone
I have waited so long
To heal the hole in my soul
I want to know what love is
Lost love, has taken it's toll

I want love to feel like the first time
So don't let go
For this foreigner boy
Will love you so

The beat of my heart
Like a mountain of love
Until the end of time
Blue eyed boy and his dove

" written with some great tracks from Foreigner "


Our First Night
This Highland eagle
On his maiden flight
Atlantic ocean
Land in sight
His heart thumping
As he yearns for his dove
To share his life
Capture her love
This eagle has landed
Met with a kiss
The smile of two
Enchanted bliss
To his doves nest
The talk is sweet
Hearts on fire
On their first meet
Doorway entered
Settled in
Couch they sit
Communication brings
They share a wine
A classic red
Eagle and dove
Romance is read
Music lovers
As they choose a song
In each others arms
It won't be long
Slow dance
Silhouette of two
Their minds embraced
Passions brew
Their hands on a mission
Clothes drift to the floor
Signals read
Together they sit
As their lips meet
This bed of beds
As their bodies greet
Waves of love
This two lovebirds
Eagle and dove
Height's scaled
Heavens reached
Flow of love
Sweet like peach
Warm bodies
In breathless mode
This cage-less birds
On future's road
They lie together
True and right
My dove and i
On our first night

This continuing moving point
On our ladies shapes
Which grace their torso's
Facial drapes
Hugging hips
Body pert in parts
Cardiac heaven
Men's hearts jump start
Shoulders pretty
Nape cute
The beauty of our women
Desirable look
Respect our woman
It's what they deserve
This she creation
With those wonderful curves