Inlets and Islands

Amidst these inlets and islands
Lies a land of a patriot nation
Where clans decree their might
Together in mixed relation

From the Lowlands to the Highlands
Family names of a forgotten past
Deliver us to their present
For these surnames are here to last

Sunrises and sunsets have so greeted
Many a morn and an eve has been seen
To be born into such a nation
Through their eyes, you see just your dream

For to be born on the land of the heather
Through Glens of bracken and fern's
Birthed into one of their clans
Your first breath you have duly earned

Amidst these inlets and islands
Lies a land of a patriot nation
Where clans decree their might
Welcome to Alba, the ultimate creation 

Welcome to my Mind

Welcome to my mind, it's a place you will seldom see
You have to be in my peripheral to see the inside of me

For if you are ever welcomed to enter through it's door
You will be forever invited to grace your futures floor

The iconic of mans past will resonate all around
Shaped buildings like Easter Island, in our cities will so abound

Squared skyscrapers of our modern times, will disappear from our view
Statues of man in salute, below purpled skies so true

The skylines you see today, so institutional of their time
It's a place you will seldom see, unless your welcomed into my mind


This Tundra of Ice

Barren and innocent
This Tundra of ice
A marvel within us
Perfect, concise

Below sunsets of pure
We're blessed to grace
To witness such beauty
On this wonderful place

Barren and innocent
Is this Tundra of ice
It's our future legacy
Let's keep it precise

I Tripped, I Slipped

I tripped, I slipped into another world

Of mountainous peaks and different birds

Colours of pastels, in blazing hue

Sucked into this scene that I never knew

Gripping, flipping, I could hear myself talk

In wondrous view as I enter this baulk

My arms in flight as I reach these peaks

Motionless entirely, these views I seek

Kaleidoscopic prisms in colourful spew

Whilst a sun appears in yellowed true

In floating cascade I fly so free

And when I awaken in the morn, I find I'm me