White Royalty

On this Autumn day down by the stream
To see what we viewed was always just a dream
There was not just one, but actually two
Hey Semaj, they stand not far from in front of you

I am not surprised as I look on from where we stand
In the glens of Scotland where King Kade commands
Under seasonal leaves in drifting gown
White Royalty runs free as Autumn browns

Never startled as they drink from this slow running stream
Aisling my sister, demands them in her dreams
With a blink of our eyes they were here but gone
Will we ever view again on this beautiful dawn



I was no sooner asleep, via another plain I'd arrived
It was not of this world, was my journey contrived

For I awoke in a place that I had never ever seen
Trying to understand where I am, what does it all mean

The surroundings that are before me are of a palatial theme
Furnishings so grand that would be fit for any Queen

Stonework like the Norman's, from many centuries ago
But finished to an out of this world modern, throws me so

An attraction allures my eyes, through long draped curtains
What will my eyes view to confirm my distant certain

The skies are not like ours, they are a cobalt crimson red
Planets dot their ceiling in their silent overhead

I turn as I hear footsteps, like a marching from Earths past
Double doors in gentle open, leaves this Semaj aghast

Before me stands a beauty, with porcelain skin so fair
Whilst a lavender ivy graces, her flowing jet black hair

She leans her head as if pondering, touching lips so pink
Hazel eyes now pierce me, I'm wondering what she thinks

She starts to speak a language that's very new to me
Suddenly it's broken English, what do I hear I see

I am Princess Lorena, and you were always in our dreams
It was just a matter of time when you rode our celestial stream

We know of your Scottish courage, your clannish inner self
And how you saved the Earth, from the Butterfly Winged Elves

You and your droid Etto, whom we've allured to help our cause
On our planet you now stand, like your Earth, has many flaws

We plead you to lead our army, for we believe you to be true
For in this I shall repay, I'll bequeath myself to you