City of the Sky Gondola's
The city of Prague
In a different world
It's centre ripped
The whole world heard
It's now separated by
Canyons so deep
The day it happened
To hear a country weep
Beautiful buildings
Fell away
Architectural delights
Toppled on sway
But the city recovered
No bridges to be seen
Ingenious in genius
Sky Gondola's reign
To cross this great city
From north to south
Over the gaping rift
Above the canyons mouth
Gondola shaped
Zeppelin for lift
Tiller propeller
Propulsion shift
Sky taxis
In ariel flow
With their lanterns lit
Like glowworms glow
This sight I view
With my pal Jules Verne
Inspires his writes
As generations will learn


City of the Sky Gondola's - After the Rains

It was many years later
I just couldn't believe my eyes
The canyons that ran the city
Once again made me sigh

This sight I just had to see
Just like the one before
When the canyon first appeared
Earths deepest of open sores

I now walk the banks
With Jules my dearest friend
In this wonderful city called Prague
Where it's beauty never ends

The Sky Gondola's of their past
Forgotten they shall never be
For they served a city when needed
Oxygen atmosphere was their sea

Over a drink we contemplate
The power of nature, she
One can only look around and marvel
What surrounds he and thee

Utopian world
Mystical, harmonious
Exotic and pure


Tamed by a Red Rose
I sat in the park
On a dark Autumn day
The rustle of leaves
Natures death bouquet
They swirled and spun
Around my park bench
What I witnessed next
Made my cold hands clench
Where the leaves dispersed
An angel appeared
Tattooed dressed in black
My life for I feared
On approach to me
My heart raced
A black angel
To me face to face
As I await my fate
She sees what I hold
There's a sadness in her
As tears start to unfold
She has spotted the red rose
I bought for my girl
As all around
The park started to swirl
Leaves flew
In sporadic directions
Tree's cried
Like hurtful infection
The sky darkened
As thunder rolled
One lightening flash
And lo and behold
As I raised my head
She was smelling the rose
Her feathers of black
In outward pose
Staring, watching
Trying to believe what I'm seeing
A black angel in the park
With a entranced human being
The clouds dispersed
Just as soon as they came
The tree's stood silent
And the leaves did the same
Her hands clasped
To her breast they close
This black angel cries
Tamed by a red rose


Black and White Angels
The black and white angel
Meet in a divided sky
Embracing each other
Eyes of cry
The lure of the wrong
Innocence of the right
Two Angels will join
On this mixed cloud night
The outcome to be
Dilution of face
Weaken the black
Whiten to grey
This fantasy world
To carry on
Not one so right
The other so wrong
Blend of hope
In this most beautiful place
Fantastical want
A one angel race


The Fall of the Black Angels
This last few years
Had seen fighting so coarse
Having vowed never to fight
Viewing histories remorse
The black angels of angst
Went back on their word
The earth for themselves
It's what they preferred
No explanation
No discussions met
Their war on the innocents
In their mind was set
Attacks they launched
No one was spared
Children slaughtered
They did not care
Weeks and months
Passed like days
Earth to be lost
In their deathly plays
A time traveller
From the past was called
Semaj to the Galaxy
His past exploits recalled
He was the one
Who downed Racolyn
The Butterfly winged Elf
Never to be seen again
The Parliament of Federation
His presence requested
The read of his past
Again to be tested
In hangers were gathered
Angels in flocks
Like squadrons of light
Beside their space ships docked
Loaded on board
The water of life
In missile form
To rid the black strife
Orders given
The space ships depart
To save natures earth
Again to restart
Co-ordinates entered
Black angels located
The water of life
Divine of the created
All weapons are primed
Loaded to demise
Ignore the crying
For the blackened dying
Hours and days
As the white angels fought
With Semaj leading
In heraldic taught
Black angels retreating
Their fight fading to light
The last of them captured
Earths Parliament in delight
We thank Semaj
And Etto his droid
Another scar for this planet
In possible avoid
The war of the angels
Had come to an end
White versus black
In victorious mend
On this planet earth
In it's year 2338
White angels are predominant
Nature's soul mate


March of the Reaper

Blue sky turning cobalt
Black cloak in the wind
A skeletal shape
Looking for the innocents sins

Ravens above
In frantic flight
Their master they chase
Decrepit delight

Scythe in swipe
Cutting and swathing
All before him
Bloodied craving

The sands of time
Around his waist
In timely pursuit
His deathly taste

Don't fear the Reaper
For the innocents with no sins
Will rise in their might
And the cleansing begins

The previously fallen
Apparition wraith
Unification of right
As they follow their faith

Cobalt to sky blue
The heavens lights in shine
Don't fear the Reaper
Follow the divine 


The Day the Angels Marched

I knew there would be a time
The day the Angels marched
To the River Styx they headed
There's evil to be torched

Lucifer and his lurid
To our surface they have risen
As they corrupt, plunder and kill
Our survivors to their hell like prisons

To eradicate this evil
The depths they need to go
Combat instead of mediation
To match them blow by blow

They meet at the gates of Hades
On mass with shields and swords
In evils, dreaded hellish eyes
The might, as the angels hoard

Lightening flashes zag
The cue for them to attack
In delta formation they swoop
Heroism, there will be no lack of that

Weapons blessed by higher
Cut down the lowest dregs of all
Winged saviour's all of them
In the end will stand so tall

This planet will remember
The day the Angels marched
When evil was finally defeated
Beaten, earthed and torched 


The Nobleman, his Eagle and the Moon

In the Highlands of Scotland
A Kingdom exists
Two Kings rule
In the mountains and mist
A nobleman knight
With his bird of prey
A Golden Eagle so rare
Regal display
On moonlit nights
A turret he stands
Golden Eagle on hand
Two powers of grand
One word he speaks
The Eagle lifts
In powerful swoop
Gracefully swift
He flies to the heavens
Turns into the moon
To silhouette himself
In winged tune
The lunar light
On the knight shines
As he views his Eagle
In flight divine
A whistling call
Wind of change
The Eagle returns
To his masters domain
Hand outstretched
In silent land
The call of the wild
In respectful command
Come to my Kingdom
For all this you'll see
In the Highlands of Scotland
The real land of the free
From the Jungles of Jupiter - to Encamp on the Moon
The moon in struggle
As it breaks through the red
The sky is dying
The earth in dread
The three sisters
On a mound of decay
Stand proud of their moment
Civilisation, fading to grey
Sceptre and scents
Sword of the fallen
Spreading their angst
Like a darken pollen
Heads slightly bowed
Their way of glee
Killing and maiming
Deathly spree
Federation of the stars
In need to meet
To rid earths quadrant
This trio to defeat
Ale-era the Apocalypse
Kristy Krull
Illyanna their leader
Void to null
A regiment of troopers
Will assemble soon
From the Jungles of Jupiter
To encamp on the moon
Droids and Trojan
Federation scouts and carriers
Will warp ahead
In battle ready Harriers
Part one of two, Part two being: The Return of Earth to the Devout.
The Return of Earth to the Devout
Squadron assembled
Trojans and droids
Three sisters their target
Null to void
Atmosphere entered
Red to grey glow
As we near earths terrain
Red rivers flow
Cities on fire
Civilisation of pyres
No daylight sensed
Extinguished, by these darkened pariah's
The droids report back
These sisters three
In New York spotted
Near the Statue of Liberty
The decision is made
To take them out
To salvage the earth
Return to the devout
Kestrel fighters
With missiles primed
Head to the target
Mission define
On contact of hit
The heads explode
Filled with the souls
Of past earths abode
It has to take
The souls of the free
To rid these pariahs
For all eternity
In formation swoop
Waves of three
Triangular pincer
Missiles release
The first to fall
Kristy Krull
Two direct hits
This devout cull
Ale-era the Apocalypse
From the freedom torch falls
All three strike home
Liberty Island calls
The darkened leader
Whom the sisters follow
Pariah feeder
In Central Park
Her power failing
Kestrels strike
The darkened flailing
The last entity
In blackened spew
Downed by the souls so true
It took many many years
For the deathly red to fade
For the earth to return
To it's previous glade
From the Jungles of Jupiter
A cry was heard
Mother earth is dying
Devout is our word


Their Ritual in the Forest < Part 1 >
The sisters three
In their forest dance
To the darkened spirits
Like banshee's entranced
Their naked bodies
Writhe for death
In tribute to their kills
To leave blackened reft
The tree's stand silent
No animals to be seen
As two of the sisters
Dance around their Queen
Ale-era the Apocalypse
And her dark maidens of two
In sinister dance
To hunt me and you
Their rituals continue
To well into the night
For their darkening of daylight
They believe it's their right
The sky darkens
As they climax their shrills
Thunder rolling
Poisoned rains spill
What tomorrow brings
When they release their fear
The earth in submission
When these pariahs appear


The Three Events ( Part 2 of 3 )
Last seen in the forest
These sisters three
Sightings in the Nordic region
Ice masses in melting spree
Glaciers that roamed
Like reindeer herds
Their speed of demise
Had never been heard
Lowlands in countries
Lost to the mass
Populations shifting
Like herds on the grass
Climates changing
The dangers out there
The worlds in blight
Floods encroaching
Power Stations
Blackouts throughout
Many nations
Events are happening
All the world over
These sisters three
In their evil of clover
The waters rise
As many animals drown
Diseased neighbourhoods
In our cities and towns
Carcases floating
Bloated, infested
The might of the right
Once again to be tested
For many generations
The world is in fight
Once again we unite
To turn black into white

Angels and Demons - The Finale Act 1.

The eastern seaboard
Of the United States
As the sisters three
Evil dictates
Population massed
As the floods rise
Lands disappearing
Is the earth in demise
In typical fashion
We fight amongst ourselves
For higher ground
A higher shelf
Woman and children
Allegedly first
Money changes
It's the size of the purse
The frenzy quietens
As the sisters appear
Dressed in death
Many thousands in fear
Families scatter
Trampled under
Human stampede
Bodies asunder
As they slaughter in spree
The government acts
Maybe this time
They will believe the facts
The NORAD Complex
In the Cheyenne Mountain
A solution in discussion
This time, one we can count on
Hidden in it's hangers
Are weapons so great
For these sisters three
Will learn their fate
Around the table
The orders are given
To save our planet
From it's impending midden
Three Kestrel fighters
From a war torn past
Will have on board
A lifeline to cast
On this morning of thought
Our pilots of thee
From our silo's launched
To protect the world from the three
< 1 > Their Ritual in the Forest followed by < 2 > The Three Events >


Angels and Demons - The Finale Act 2.

A historical place
But these Gettysburg landings
A place of race
The signals our droids
To the Kestrels they return
For their cargo on board
To them will be, infinitive burn
Over Pennsylvanian lands
These USAF ships fly
To rid these demons
From you and I
Gettysburg in approach
Their radar responds
Three sisters located
For the earth and beyond
Kristy Krull
On McPherson's ridge
Leaving her carnage
Ending life's bridge
The deposed leader
For her past theatre's
No longer evils creator
Apocalypse Ale-era
Their new Queen
Serving in her evil
Earth's hell Halloween
The Kestrels close in
Illyanna is first
As their missile strikes home
In obliteration burst
Pilots cheer
In their intercom
Freedom prevails
United at home
The next attack
Kristy's caught on the ridge
Again we hit
Her body to fridge
But the Queen is our target
As it has to be
To rid her dominance
Free the land of the free
Radar declares
Her might, but distress
For three Kestrels have named
Freedoms Gettysburg address
In pincer movement
Like theatres before
Three missiles strike
Like never before
Their impacts are different
But their outcomes the same
To free our planet
And return to the sane
Miracles will happen
The water from Lourdes
Led to the demise of these three
Our planet to be cured
For many days and months
Around the table they sat
No longer saying
We'll do this, we'll do that
The structure of talks
Began round the world
Everyone listened
None absurd


My Village in the Trees

No longer was the ground
A safe place to be
My village in danger
So we moved to the trees
For a few years ago
From a planet beyond
Came creatures that crawled
So we had to respond
As we viewed these beings
From the safety above
We found we were safe
As we joined the white doves
Years pass
As our village expands
We are self sufficient
The character of human
We learned to discover
Why they never climbed the trees
There's something in the bark
That makes them turn and flee
We continue to live, in the heights in the sky
As we look down and wonder
Why they are here
And why?

The Lonely March

In a far distant galaxy
Many, many miles from earth
There is a planet called Fortrex
It lies barren and hurt
The race are called Zodians
With their animal type murex
And a hideous beast
Of which they call a vodex
An intergalactical war
That we could never imagine
Ripped a race apart
Survivors left to begin
In beaten retreat
Their battered souls
March in scatter
Victims of wars goal
To their mountains they head
As they look to regroup
This proud ancient race
In battle scarred stoop

This scene all reminds us
Of histories past
Dunkirk in Europe
Through the waters they marched

A Germany beaten
As their troops march home
Many never made it
Like us, many will roam

If we moved to the next Galaxy
Made a quadrant our home
Would we be safe forever
Or forever comb

Until that time
We will live in our hills
For how long we will be safe
Before more blood spills