By a Loch She Stands

By a loch she stands in a hidden Highland Glen
Absorbing the view as she marvels at the Ben

This granite of old with many stories to tell
Of her Clansman's past in the place that they dwell

Mountain sides of scree with carpets of heather
Look good at all times no matter the weather

Proud Stags roam in royalty pose
Whilst Golden Eagles soar on breathless air flows

Waterfalls thunder as they crash to the rocks
Sheep roam the hillsides in grazing flocks

Trout break the surface of translucent waters so pure
Legend has said, that it can indeed cure

The colours of the sunsets leave you totally in awe
Even the sunrises make the bravest Clansmen thaw

Remarkable pastels of orange, reds and blues
Bring a tear and a smile, does this most beautiful hue

By a loch she stands in a hidden Highland Glen
In this most wonderful place, Scotland's her gem

His Head Bowed

Warrior of battle
A leader of men
Triumphant in victory
In his Highland glens

His followers unite
In battle ready clans
Willing to die
As they fight for their lands

Burns run red
As thatched crofts burn
To lead ones clan
Is birthed and earned

Lowlanders, fellow Highlanders
In claymore cull
From John O' Groats
To the Isle of Mull

Many campaigns
In week long march
To leave your enemies
Their communities torched

Warrior of Highlanders
Bloodied hands steeped in
His head bowed
To the fallen and beaten


Còig Peathraichean Chinn Tàile

There is a place in Scotland
Where a historic family reside
They stand proud in their surroundings
In the Scottish countryside

If you desire to view them
To the Northwest Highlands you must go
For at this time of year
They are capped with virgin snow

So head towards Glen Shiel
For they lie, between two Scottish Lochs
Cluanie and Duich
Where many tourists flock

Mountaineers and hill walkers
Grace, as they prevail
The family that i talk off
The Five Sisters of Kintail


Island of Rustic Growth

In a Scottish Loch
There juts an ancient rock
Upon it grows
What natures caught

Firs and spruce
Ferns and gorse
Captured to glory
No fear of remorse

This rock of life
In solitary lone
Gowned by growth
On their island home

The oozing of shades
Rustic to rare
Close your eyes
Think deep and stare

On the mirror surface
Two islands appear
Skeet a stone
Ripples of applause engineer

When the Highland mists down
Covering this place
All what you see
Is nature in full grace 


When I Close my Eyes

When I close my eyes
To follow Scotland's coast
I am so undecided
To which part I love the most

From the Shetland Isles
To the Borders so green
These vistas of miles
Really have to be seen 

The Isle of Arran
And the Island of Mull
To the Minch of Lewis
I fly with the seagulls

When you go inland
Crystal waters run through the glens
Have seen the rise and fall
Of many, many men

As you walk round our cities
In history so steep
The tales of the past
Would make a grown man weep

Every so often
As I close my eyes
I soar with the eagle
Through our Scottish skies