The Land of Black and the Dark - Act 1

There is a land out there
Where the sun will not shine
There the black is so dark
That would destroy your mind

White is not there
Because it does not exist
Attempts have been many
In continual persist

On occasions so few
Glimmers appeared
But the try of the light
The black had them speared

Darkness abounds
In this sightless place
Where no one has seen
Not even a face

Sonar echoes
As sound resonates
For the want to be light
A signal emanates

This weak pulse
From this darkest of place
Is this a cry for light
For the black to show face

In the mountains of Torridon
The year being 2235
A droid called Etto
Sensed the black was alive

A warrior sat in thought
Of a past with his father
His mind deep with fraught
As his memories gather

The signals become frequent
Is there a break in the black
To turn from the dark
The son of Kade, runs with the pack

Winged Serpents of Fire - Act 1

The day finally came
For when we were young we read
Winged serpents of fire
To our planet earth brought dread

It was on a winters night
When i was awoken in my sleep
No animal could make that roar
As my skin started to creep

I looked towards my window
A shadow sped past so fast
Next there was an orange glow
Followed by, blast after blast

Fireballs rained down
Destroying everything it hit
For from their mouths they spewed
Like napalm, fire spit

For upon the dragons rode
Scant maiden warriors
For now my eyes believed
These winged serpent terriers

For with them came hooded beings
Who held up lights of blue
Servants to these dragons
The ones that they lured to you

When i look to the darkened skies
Every so often there are balls of flames
These winged serpents of fire
Are bringing down our planes

Through the smoke i view the horizon
Above the mountains, all i see is an orange glow
You can hear their wings in the shadows
Whilst they gruesomely bestow

I can hear my father and mother
Crying in their room
My mother in frantic screams
Declaring this is our tomb

No sooner had they arrived
They disappeared into the black
These winged serpents of fire
No doubt they will soon be back