Heaven Sent

I'm standing on the platform, but I ain't waiting for a train
It's a spaceship I'm about to enter to take me to another plane
I'm going on a journey and I'll be gone for many a year
But the sights I view will marvel I, and quell all my fears

The countdown has reached it's prime as the boosters ignite the fuel
Blast off as I head to the heavens, escaping the atmosphere's cool
The tanks that have carried me here, are released to fall to the earth
There's no turning back I say to myself, this is a time to feel worth

The first thing I do when we orbit, is to view where I came from
Whatever I find, where ever I go, there will only be one place called home
Into the black void we travel, passing abandoned pieces of man
Redundantly left to roam, they have finished their part of his plan

We pass many particles of matter, forever strewn in this darkened world
Remnants of explosions from it's past, in ever travelling hurl
Bright lights appear all around, these plasma luminous balls
Held together by gravity, growing up they left us in enthralled

As we travel we become very wary, of the monster from this deep
Black Holes we are told many a time, from them nothing seeps
These regions of space lure, not even light can escape
Anything bright in it's presence, becomes inter planetary rape

But out in this uncharted territory lies a beautiful wonderful place
It's called the Milky Way Galaxy, it's where our Solar System is graced
If man ever decides to frequent, we have to leave many traits behind
For if there are others out here, we really have to be

A totally different, mankind.


Planck to Present

If we close our eyes, can we look back to the start
When the Universe began, when science played it's part

Particle clouds so massive, so immense
It's us, look around, learn it makes sense

Drifting microbes, bacteria of sorts
For millions of years mingled into life shaped contorts

It has taken eons of time as life became known
Where human words like Mother Nature, having claimed life's throne

For in her sphere, blossomed riches of note
From Dinosaurs to Zebra's, it's her right to gloat

But what she has given is a chance to let live
On this planet of beauty that we continue to sieve

If we close our eyes, and we look back to the start
We should be so very fortunate, we were invited to take part

Solar Communication

What a beautiful morning it is.
The sun welcomes us once again, ~¬
her heat amazes our lives.
White clouds in the distance ~
will appease the warmth.
Gorgeous she is,
bringing life
to us

Hey! look mom, the skies changing colour.
Gone are the blues, streaks of white light ~¬
are now racing each others trace.
Wow, I'm seeing distant ~
horizons on fire.
I'm so scared mom,
we're going
to die

We are somewhere in New York State
Having just landed amidst hush ~¬
Vapour trailing skies abound.
Overgrown lands thrive, whilst ~
little movement seems
at a loss.
Where oh

I'm Just a Little Particle

I'm just a little particle, created so long ago
I swirled with many of me, to help your Solar System grow

For many years I spun, I thought in never ending spin
From that marvel the nebula, your Solar System begins

For those who are not very sure, a supernova could have set the reaction
A core attracted me in, then collapsing in a fatal attraction

The speed of which this happens, picture a skaters arms by their side
Rotational forces so massive, spinning in ever glide

This causes the cloud to flatten, as me the dust is being drawn in
Around a dense core it travels, a star is pulled in to begin

The more mass that is accumulated, towards the centre of the disc
Enough energy is now created, nuclear reactions react so brisk

In basic simple terms, Hydrogen atoms in Helium fuse
Releasing enormous amounts of energy, your Solar System sings the blues

The outcome of one of these bursts, was the forming of your sun
Granted, it took another ten million years, but what you know now has now begun

The next step in the journey of this incredible science feat
Is the formation of the planets, that you humans will eventually seek

Eventually us dusts we stuck together, to form the many of many rocks
This process is known as accretion, created by the science clock

Forming in the flat plane, over millions and billions of years
Electrostatic forces allured, creating your Solar System spheres

I'm just a little particle, created so long ago
I swirled with many of me, to help your Solar System grow


We are not alone
comets and meteorites
unwelcomed guests
the eventual outcome
cataclysmically, quiet

The outlook after
our lands in sporadic grief
the sun, now shadows
devastation so abounds
our oasis, our Earth, gone