Three Magic Rocks to Another World

I hold three magic rocks, in my hand
Rolling them over and over and over
Leaving this reality behind, far behind
The future opens as i become a space rover

Rolling these rocks, from a long ago race
As a window of light opens in front of me
A portal has opened, i feel a glow on my face
Through the dreamy blue, what will i see

As i turn and say goodbye to this world
My thoughts intrepid as to what awaits out there
Over the blue, i Semaj finally step
One, two three to a black abyss i stare

Within minutes of being here, the darkness fades
A strange orb rises oozing colours of light
Like similar beauties from earths parades
Wonderful scenery, another worldly delight

Through what i would call a clearing, an expanse appears
With wondrous colours and earthly creatures
Giant butterflies, rabbits silhouette against this sphere
While plants so gorgeous display their features

I venture further into this kaleidoscopical rainbow
En-captured by a thrilling of a world of serenity
What delights have my eyes, been allowed to bestow
A place of calmness and no hint of calamity

Beside a brook i sit as i absorb this place
Scented petals grace and drift in a light breeze
As i scan the surface, there appears a face
A golden haired beauty, golly! is my mind in tease

I rise to my feet, and in wonderment stare
To my amazement she smiles, fluttering her butterfly wings
As i approach this beauty by the rippling brook
My heart pounds notes like a longing sing

She looks at me in curious pose
Wondering what to make of me, an alien being
Is she reciprocating what i would be doing
If she stepped through the blue, is she what i would be seeing

As we edge closer, its as if it was meant to be
Nervous i am not, in this land of blissful serenity
We all have a path and maybe its my destiny
Have they tried and tested, and eventually found amenity

I turn around to look back, to where i came from
I can't hear her voice, but i can hear her song
My body, my heart in self possession aplomb
No going back through the blue, for this is where i belong

Butterfly Girl

She grew up in the forest
She has grown with the trees
This butterfly girl
Oh my eyes do please

With her long golden hair
Complexion of fair
Her body so shaped
I'm in delightful stare

I sit in awe
As she raises her hands
Within moments of this
Many butterflies land

Yellows, whites
Blacks with blues
In her growing surroundings
Around her they flew

This girl so beautiful
In her forest she shares
Many beauties of delight
No wonder i stare

He Came from his Future

He came from his future
Back to his past
To rally the right
Extinguish the aghast

What has made man
Turn out to be
A destroyer so gallus
In religious disagree

Maybe the one
Who was here long ago
Can bring back the way
The human race should go

Semaj the Celt
Once he rolled the three stones
His direction granted
2012, he's going home

Things need to change
For the better not worse
Before the buttons are pressed
In atomic burst

Nuclear weapons
That will take centuries to dilute
On our radiated lands
In radiation pollute

We need to sit down
As neighbour and friend
Shake hands and watch
The human race ascend

Ireland, Palestine
Israel and Rome
Just four of the reasons
Why i have come home

Mans politics of religion
Has your world in strife
So many beliefs
Whose one is right

There is racism, tension
Radical tendencies
Festering your planet
Open your eyes and see

The land of the free
They declared in their writes
It took to the 1960's
Before it came right

For centuries the Jews
Never had a home
Since 1948
They have no need to roam

For some years before
Under Hitlers reign
Mans inhumanity to man
Once again inflicts pain

Will we ever learn
To treat each other well
2012 is not far away
But only time will tell 


Semaj the Dragon Slayer

In a kingdom called Torridon
On Scotland's west coast
Resides a warrior called Semaj
A Dragon slayer of boast

He has been called upon
To rid an ogre beast
For on his countrymen it does
Continually feast

On an outcrop of rock
Down in Argyll
This ogre of wrath
A monster so vile

On arriving there
He scouts around
Finding broken bodies
In this rocky surround

Up in the distance he hears
Noises so strange
Not from this life
As in-trepidation nears

On a rocky arch he stands
As the ogre appears
Club in his hand
As he steadily nears

Semaj advances
In the middle they meet
For below them lies
Another Dragon defeat

With club swingin
The ogre attacks
The Claymore of Semaj
In swift blow whack

In balances unsteady
On this thin strip of rock
With another glancing blow
In battle he's mocked

With a final attempt
This ogre so weak
To the sea his club falls
His afterlife he seeks

Now on his knees
Comes the fatal blow
To the waters below

With a mighty splash
As it's absorbed by the sea
This killer of clansmen
Is no longer be

To tumultuous cheer
From the Clan Chiefs abode
They heap praise on Semaj
To their aid he has rode

For warrior wise
This Scot of the Scot's
Battle hardened
It's the way he's been taught

Back to his kingdom he heads
With his sword stained in blood
This patriot of the Clans
And the country he loves 


The Black Tide - Act 1

Sitting on my porch
I hear a ruffling scraping sound
It's from the direction of the river
Near the greened arable grounds

I head for my truck
In search of this noise so strange
As I turn on it's spotlights
Is my mind in disarrange

For before me crawls
It's like a sea of black
Choking, suffocating
All life in lack

In full speed reverse
I exit the field
My spotlights again capture
This black tide yield

As I head into town
To warn of this black spread
It's as if, it knows where I am going
As if, my mind it has read

The full moon shines down
As it beams on this dread
This black attack
Ebony like threads

The Black Tide - Act 2

As I reach our town
There has been news of the spread
Homesteaders and livestock
In suffocate dead

Nothing has been spared
The outskirts it has reached
Townsfolk now in convoy
Their livelihood's breached

We hear on the radio
This black tide is all around
But it only comes from the rivers
From moist and wetted grounds

We reach the Rangers camp
Where scientists are meeting
To determine this phenomenon
This ebony black string

Many weeks pass
As this menace gathers speed
And its strong smell of oil
Lingers on this weed

A press conference has been called
The lab reports are back
Something deep below
Has made organic compounds attack

Has this been a freak of nature
What else do we not know
What else do we take for granted
That around us steadily grows

Many months have passed
The black tide slowly creeps
This phenomenon from below
It's as if our planet weeps

We have learnt to live in tandem
As we control it best we can
Maybe its always been here
Ever since time began



The last missile struck
A once paradise now dies
In suspended sleep ~~~~~~~~~~~
A pod leaves, seeking new life
Refugees or asylum ¬