Lonely Leaf in the Water

I watched it fall
In spiralling flight
This browned yellow leaf
A saddened sight

For not long ago
It was alive and so green
In a canopy of cover
Above the stream

I watched it meander
Around rocks and through eddy's
On the stream it continued
Becoming more unsteady

It's protective coating
Now a shadow of it's past
As the water moistens
It's out on it's last

It came to rest
Between two rocks
As the water cascaded
To the bottom it dropped

The end of it's life
But it's journey goes on
For nature will use
This leaf that roamed


Captured for a Moment in Time

The waves on the pond
Ripple with the breeze
As the temperature drops
Awaiting the intending winter freeze

For upon its waves
A pink water lily floated
Its beauty so radiant
Colours so coated

The intending winter chill
Descended overnight
Captured for a moment in time
This pink lily of delight

In its cryogenic setting
Until the temperature warms
This plant of natures beauty
Within the ice, adorns


Harbor Wave

Displacement, water
Submarine earthquake strikes land
Tsunami wave train







Natural seismic
Phenomenon, we know as
Earthquakes energies






Pillars of the Forest

Daylight seeps through
Moss covered towering trees
With their foliage of green
In photosynthesis please

These pillars of the forest
In attention stand
En-mass they cover
Natures land

Maples and Pine
Birch and Oak
Majestic they are
In wooded cloak

These perennial gems
Our woody plants
Please respect them
It's not much to grant



The art and technique
Of shaping trees and woody
Plants, time reveals all





Amanita muscaria

A psychoactive
Mushroom, famed for being a






My Pacific Ocean Island

There is an island
In the Pacific ocean
Surrounded by blues
In various motions

The blue of the water
Reflects from the sky
Turquoise and dark
Either makes me sigh

With mountains of lush green
In sloping canvas
Varieties aplenty
Trees and grasses

Spicies so different
Grace this land
Where they have thrived for years
As it has never been manned

Golden beaches
Glitter her coast
Where the blue waves caress
Its where i sigh the most

Coconut palm trees
Figs, berries and roots
In glorious harvest
Natures fine fruits

Please close your eyes
And join me there
As you open your eyes
All you can do is stare

Where is this island
Do you all want to hear
Its in the Pacific Ocean
Oh how i wish i was near 


In the Garden of Roses

Under a pale blue sky
Dressed in virgin white
She walks through the colours
Of natures delight

To a background of green
The sounds of the birds in the trees
For a moment her eyes close
As natures orchestras please

Scented perfumes
Drift in the breeze
As the insects gather
Their pollen with ease

As she walks through the colours
Yellows, oranges and reds
And their leaves of green shades
As they sit in their beds

Under a pale blue sky
In her mind she composes
As she walks with nature
In the garden of roses


Mountain Meadows

Rolling undulations
Contours of green
Mountain meadows
A most beautiful scene

Mauve, oranges
Blues and yellows
In pastel presence
Delightful mellow

The clouds bar the sun 
In momentary lapses
Her rays shine through
As their vapour collapses

The mountain meadow flowers
No longer bow
As the rays of the sun
Arise them to wow

On these rolling undulations
And their contours of green
These mountain meadows
Just have to be seen


Our Natural Skyscrapers

On every continent
They rise so tall
So different they are
Some are even small

Their architecture
Delights the eye
Its taken many years for them
To reach our skies

Their contour and shape
Are a horizon of delight
Captured by the sun and the moon
Day or night

Our eyes are our windows
To admire and view
Where ever you are
They are close to you

The tallest and proud
Through the clouds and the vapours
These iconic giants
Are our natural skyscrapers 


Along the Shore i Walked

Along the shore i walked
On this planet we call earth
This most beautiful place
Of my birth

Where the waves are so free
Like the winds and the breeze
The colours of nature
Come and go as they please

With starry skies above
And puffy pillow clouds
This vista of vistas
Makes you want to sing out loud

In our celestial skies
Our moon shines bright
This lunar magnet
Of glorious sight

Along the shore i walked
On this most beautiful of nights
As i admire all around me
Me, just a sprite 


Aix galericulata

Beautiful, striking
Unmistakably coloured 
The Mandarin duck






goji berry

Relative of the
Potato, tomato, is
The Wolf-berry shrub






Our Hidden Link

In many a wood
Covering the American countryside
Their lives a link
In hidden reside

Taller than man
With features of old
Black hairs cover
This naked and bold

Shy but alert
They know their surround
Modern man
And how we sound

More and more
We close in on their space
In their forest of green dark
Its truly their place

What will man do
When he drives them out
Into a world unknown
Their world without

Will we have the compassion
To leave them alone
Or destroy their existence
And leave them dethroned 


Cubozoa, Cnidarian Invertebrates

Cubozoa, cnidarian invertebrates
Not the jelly you would put on a plate

This cubed shaped medusae, so potent they are
Once stung you will never move far

Their venom so potent that rarely animals survive
If humans are struck they are in fear for their lives

Once it pumps nematocysts into the skin
Be prepared for the pain to begin

If caught in time this can be addressed
Acetic acid has been found to be best

But to look at this species it's hard to believe
That they can end a life as it no longer breathes

In her nature world has she gone to far
That this beautiful blue, in oceans a star

It all boils down to how oblivious we are
If the truth be told, man is the monster