Wheat Fields at Auvers Under Clouded Sky

Golds and greens in grow
whilst grey clouded skies stare down
in ashen envious gloom
A patchwork quilting
blankets wheat fields as natures
undulations show her craft


 For Abe's Van Gogh's of Van Gogh contest the Painting is
     " Wheat Fields at Auvers Under Clouded Sky"


Mercury Maiden

Silver painted girl
Gleams like nature's element 
Mercury Maiden




Why She Sits and Stares

Deep in thought
At the table she sits
A cup in her hand
Her silence emits

She sits and stares
Into the coffee cup
Should there be someone with her
Or did he stand her up

This picture by Hopper
The Automat
He's captured quite a scene
I can grant him that

Will we ever know
Why she was staring, sinking
How long was she there
In her continuing thinking

                   My entry into Brian's " IMAGINE " contest
and my poem is about the wonderful painting called " Automat "

The Summer Cornfields

Late summer clouds
Over golden countryside
Fields of corn and barley
Our mother nature provides

Along a country path
The sheepdog guides the flock
A young boy stops to drink
Before the grazing gates are unlocked

The farmer boys father
Aside his field of corn
Shaping up to harvest
Another crop reborn

This picture of late summer
Golden, greens and fawns
With autmun on our doorstep
A new season brings a new dawn

Inspired by John Constable's " Cornfield " painting.

On Her Hill Where She Stands

On a hill where she stands
As a summers breeze
Captures her scarf
In delightful please

The colours of flowers
As they dance with grace
This hill where she stands 
Is her favourite place

Cotton white clouds
In gentle stare down
All pure and white
Like her summer white gown

This lady I see
On her hill where she stands
Absorbing her surrounds
On natures colourful lands

Inspired by Claude Monets " Umbrellas " painting.

That Pose

In delightful pose
Her peachy hour glass shape captures
Photographers eye

Cobalt Silhouette

In lens, shes captured
Streamlined cobalt silhouette
Curvaceously she

The Shutter Snaps

A pink light flashes ~
the camera shutter snaps '*'
she in silhouette ~
voluptuous shadows dance '*'
sensations in me tingle ~