Look at Ourselves

If we look in the mirror
What do we see
If we look behind us
Is it other than thee

If we do a wrong
Does it make it right
If we apologise
Does it change our sight

To all who have done wrong
Raise your hands
If not here
In other lands

There is many a crime
So hideous and wrong
But to do wrong once
We sing that same song

It's the level of wrong
That we distinguish to discuss
The misdemeanour
And the out and out cuss

Others will recover
A different path they will follow
Others will re-offend
It's their bitter pill, they will swallow

So there comes a time
To judge some less
Allow their reunion
Their second test

Jimmy Anderson
A young man at thirty one
Allow him this chance
His new life has began

Look back on this day
As we look at ourselves
How many of us, could have been
Left on a shelf

Northern Californian Coastline

Rugged coastline
Aqua blue waters
Natures marvel
One of her daughters

Pillars of green
Look down on her ocean
As her frothy waves caress
In graceful motion

Sporadic stepping stones
Jut from the blue
As life clings
Before they disappear from view

Stand by her shores
Please take a bow
For under her surface
You will be gargling wow!

Creatures that have adapted
Over millions of years
Beauties so lovely
But some leave fears

Along the Californian Coastline
Awesome vistas of view
I wish I was there
So i could view with you too 

Written about a picture Caroline C├ęcile Paczynski kindly emailed me


Rays of Penetration

With ease, our nature's
Light, penetrates even the
Darkest of places


My entry into Raul's " Ascension " contest



Gems from Natures Past

Dark shadows revealed
Estuary mists drift over
Gems from natures past

My entry into Raul's " Ghost Tide " contest

Translucent Cascade

Translucent waters
Bring life, in cascading flow
down natures highways

My entry into Raul's " Icy Cascade " contest


Ancient Slopes

Ancient mountain slopes
Beautifully weathered, in
Mirrored reflection


As i Sit Here on This Rock

My Dear,
As I sit here on this rock, and look out at the sea
These waters now grey and calm, that took you away from me
Another stormy night, down the Californian coast
Your ship lies torn and twisted, while the reaper quietly toasts
Tomorrow I will start, a new day in my life
For on this note i write, to have been proud to be your wife
My darling I give to you, this letter on the waves
While my words are flowing true, my heart for you still craves

My entry for Brian Strand's contest " My Dear " 


Leggy Bird and a Vintage Wine

What I love
About Christmas time
Is a leggy bird
And a vintage wine

With succulent breasts
And a figure so tanned
When I wash my hands
She'll soon be manne
She's the type of bird
Who leaves me well fed
With a glass of wine
I'm ready for bed

But this little bird
Can sure last longer
For she double serves
And my hungry heart grows fonder

At my table she sits
In anticipation
As my hands delight
She has my admiration

This delicious bird on Christmas Day
Is natures Turkey, a delight I'll say
And just before we sit down to eat
We are incredibly thank full, for such a treat 

My entry for Donna Golden's contest " Turkey Tribute "


My Chair of Support

My favourite chair
Said to me one night
Hey! Highlander
What you going to write
Is it going to be a fantasy
A Haiku or a Senyru
What ever comes from your thoughts
It's from the inner you
I have supported and rested
While you have written your writes
From many an afternoon
Into the early morning light
You never get frustrated
You just sit and ponder
For you know there are words
They are just out yonder
This partnership we have
Will remain as close as ever
Until the end of our days
Will be the time to sever
We will continue to be
One and the same
I to support you
With poetry your aim

My entry into Matt Caliri's contest " Speak chair! Speak! "


Family at Christmas

Fortunate I am
All my children are safe at home
Many families at this time of the year
In this world, can be left so alone
Love bonds us together, as the Carol singers call
Yule tidings from the Fraser family,  to one and ye all


My entry in Brian's " Love Came Down " contest


Floating of our Lunar Orb

Dark horizon, as
Our lunar orb, reflects on
Natures grey ripples


My entry in Raul's " Reflections " contest



It's 3am
In this country of mine
Another undesirable
It was just a matter of time
Are they through the front door
Or through the back
Is there a lack of security
Questions to be asked?
Any sites Admin
Should be on their toes
It's in their best interest
Or anarchy flows
If undesirables appear
They should be vetted as such
And if they don't comply
They are kicked into touch
What are the legalities
In our premium fee's
When there is no protection
The undesirables run free
Today's date
Is the 28th of November
It is their duty
To report this sender
How do we know
Who we answer to?
It's time to show face
And show that your true
If actions are not taken
A different road we go down
Who has the courage
To hang their heads and frown 

Tribute to Poetry Soup Tag

The poetry Soup tag
This game of delights
Words and grammar
All forms excite

Haiku, rhyme
Free verse or Senyru
What ever is written
It is told from within you

Story or ode
Living or past
When it's written down
It's there to last

So to all the writers
On the Soup today
Pick up your pens
For you have much to say

Write it down
Let your thoughts flow
For we will comment
As your portfolio grows



Holiday Tag " thank you Linda "

What will I write
For my Poetry Soup Tag
It's about holidays
Which we all think are fab
There is so much choice
Many places to go
You can head to Aspen
For the Colorado snow
Or even the Maldives
To enjoy the heat
It's such a wonderful place
Delightful people to meet
But if it's rain you want
Scotland's the place to be
Believe me
There's plenty to see
Or you can spend time at home
On Poetry Soup
Where you can comment and write
With the Poetry Soup Troop
Or even better
Take your kids to a beach
Watch them smile and play
Keep them well within reach
But what ever you do
When your holidays come around
And where ever you go
Please be all, safe and sound

" Thank you for the tag Linda, and i now tag Carolyn "