River Ness Stroll in the Spring

A Spring stroll down the River Ness
With it's sparkling water fresh to finesse
The sun above as the blue sky roams
Inverness is my Highland home
Mountain back drop with heather's and ferns
Greenery so lush that makes heads turn
Wildlife in wander going about their day
Beautiful ducks on the water in plumage display 
Tourists aplenty so far from home
Enjoying their holiday as they riverfront roam
With Highland hospitality and abundant fare
On their postcards they write in enjoyment declare
My stroll now over as I head back up river
The evening closes seeing Spring deliver
Greened leaves blessed with pinky gowns
In a couple of weeks they'll drift down
I hope you have enjoyed this River Ness stroll
I feel so humbled on nature's patrol
The scenery and sounds of nature and life
Are all around and it's beautifully rife

A Christmas Day in Inverness

On Christmas Day in our Scottish House
The kids are never as quiet as a mouse
For they know there are presents under the tree
Wondering what Santa has brought for thee

Christmas dinner is a family affair
With turkey and trimmings in delightful prepare
A few glasses of wine or whatever your tipple
Or not too many as your eyes will ripple

If the kids are young we usually play their new games 
If the kids are older, mum and dad are just names
The classic movies are always on
If dad gets some new Cd's, he will try and sing songs

Christmas in Scotland is very much a family day
Where we eat to much, and drink and sway
Of the 365 days, it is the best day of the year
So on the 25th of December, i wish you all festive cheer


Christmas Lights in Inverness

Every year, on a chosen date in November
The Xmas lights, are turned on in their splendour
Through our town centre, and along the River Ness
They bring cheer to the season, in their illuminated finesse

On the very same night, Santa appears
He is telling the children that Xmas is near
As they walk through the town centre, singing carols of song
They follow his sleigh, for with Santa they belong

This year is a first, as there will be charity lanterns
To raise funds for so many, who all become our concern
In Inverness Scotland, at this special time of the year
To all you out there, we wish you the best of Highland cheer



















Winter Coat Instrumental

I'm sitting by the river in the centre of Inverness
In a place we call the islands, beauty in captured finesse

It's late into the evening as I listen to the cold grey flow
So soothing in this tranquil setting, inside I'm all aglow

I take this time to pause and close my eyes and listen
For in my mind I picture the full moons rivered glisten

This winter coat instrumental resonates with echoing sounds
Pipistrelle bats and Starlings flock, the latter in roosting surround

Whilst in the distance canines bark in a language we can't even comprehend
The picking up of natures delights, in unlimited voiced transcend

As I sit through these melodic notes I begin to realise
That I am here to hear these sounds and every ones a prize

I'm still sitting by the river in the centre of Inverness
If you ever desire to sit beside me, please do, you'll be my guest 


The River we call the Ness

This river I talk of just has to be seen
In it's meandering turns it's simply a dream
No matter the season it's flow simply delights
Daffodil lined banks of green in typical springtime sight

Whether it be azure blue or grey, it's mirror of colours ooze
Enticing your eyes to witness as eventually your mind will choose
As you see the salmon leaping and the hungry seals in seek
The scenery that surrounds this river, will draw your visit, meet

Like many stretches of water, if it's in your heart you'll admire
If you have witnessed as much as I, you will never ever tire
To know where we call this river, in time your answer will be
For to adventure to it's meanderings, you'll be standing beside me