ABC. The Worlds Countries

America, so vast and the land of the free
Brazil, carnivals and beach beauties

Canada, untouched, with the mighty Niagara Falls
Denmark, with the mermaid, luring sailors with her call

Egypt, under Cleopatra, and her historical power
France, so romantic with its Eiffel Tower

Germany, the perpetrators, of the Holocaust
Haiti, sadly, counting her lost

Italy, with its architecture, like the Trevi fountain in Rome
Japan, and its little Bonsai trees, so very much at home

Kenya, on safari in her national parks
Lebanon, a country, full of political sparks

Malta, so brave, its why they won the George Cross
New Zealand, and the Maoris, their culture to never be lost

Oman, the Sultanate, lies beside the Arabian Sea
Portugal, a golfing Mecca, as i stand on the very first tee

Qatar, an Arab emirate in the Middle East
Romania, Nadia Comaneci and her Olympic gymnast feats

Sweden, the home of Abba, and their wonderful pop songs
Turkey, has Istanbul, where two continents get along

Uganda, in Africa, where Idi Amin ruled
Vietnam, where nineteen year old soldiers were schooled

Wake Island, a most beautiful coral atoll
Xanadu, because i ran out of countries to call

Yemen, a Republic, to the south of the Red Sea
Zimbabwe, with Mugabe, a country ruined by he 

ABC's of Capital Cities

Athens, quite a place, so full of mythology
Buenos Aires, in Argentina, a place I'd love to see

Canberra, is just antipodean class
Dublin, a pint of Guinness in a glass

Edinburgh, the capital of the Scots
Freetown, a city, now violence is never sought

Georgetown, a place where Jim Jones left a scar
Helsinki, in its mountains, where reindeer herd so far

Islamabad, one of the greenest cities of the east
Jakarta, very close to where the Komodo's live and feast

Kuwait City, the start of Saddam's downfall
La Paz, is the capital, that looks down on them all

Monaco, where the rich and famous live
Nassau, with her golden beaches, where the breakers finally give

Oslo, in the land of skiing and fjords
Prague, with its architectural hoard

Quito, is the second highest in the world
Rome, to the lions, the Christians were hurled

Seoul, in the lands of the 38th parallel
Tripoli, where many an Anzac's fell

Ulaanbaatar, in a country full of steppes
Valletta, amidst the Mediterranean set

Warsaw, the ghetto's in World War II
Xi'an, its all i have to see this through

Yerevan, near the Biblical mountains, of Ararat
Zagreb, escaped being a Balkan War stat