December of that Year - Act 1

I travelled to New York in December of that year
Flying over the Atlantic as the world began to fear
Panic was in abundance as religions declared their all
About the Mayans and 2012 for their writings depict our fall

I flew into JFK, just a Highlander holidaying loon
Booking into my hotel, unknowing of tomorrows strewn
I settled into the night, turning on the news
The channels were reporting the possible, leaving me confused

I awaken very early, it's now December the 21st
The sky appears to be yellow, like the sun has finally burst
I'm seventy stories up, and the hotels in violent shake
I hear loud drones above so it cannot be a quake

Dark shadows pass my window, although it's early morn
I start to think back to the news last night, is this earths forewarn

December of that Year - Act 2

Slowly I walk to the window as I am attracted by the light
What could cause such brightness before my day becomes bright
I step out on the balcony, my eyes lured towards the sky
Spaceships of various sizes, is this our world in nigh

In the sky above Central Park, appears the daddy of them all
Whilst all around are smaller ones in deliberate hover fall
Just off to my right I hear explosions and screaming cries
Then suddenly down below, one hovers and catches my eye

Inscriptions on it's side, remind me of 2nd century glyphs
Can it be that they have been here before, and banish alien myth
The writings that I see are similar to the Mayan race
From the site at Naranjo, yes, Guatemala being the place

My mind in wheels of confusion as to why today has arrived
Leads me to think that this happening is genius in contrive 

December of that Year - Finale

Throughout the days that followed, panic and carnage spread
The TV stations did their best to calm this human dread
All the hovering ships returned to whence they came
But thousands still appear above, New York now not the same

Communication now wanes, no power or mobile phones
You get a sense of feeling of being in a world that feels alone
Continual drones hum whilst the yellowed skies remain
Our planet we know as it was, will never be the same

Then came the day of reckoning as we all looked to the sky
A shuttle from the biggest ship lowered in hover fly
Suddenly the screens returned as we heard the visitors speak
We are ancestors of the Mayans, we treat as they were wreaked

From our original pasts demise, to earth we gave so long
To be part of here now gone, from an earth you once belonged 

Dead of the Night - Act 1

The countryside was silent as midnight was approaching
On the porch I sat content with a Brandy a toasting

The calmness around me on this moonlit tranquil night
Whilst drifting clouds curtained, and blanketed her from sight 

So I arose from my chair intending to retire for the day
When a light in the distance outshone the moons display

One became two as they disappeared into the black
My mind so in overdrive as my thoughts now never lacked

Inquisitive as I am, I headed out to investigate
It's about an hour from my house, I hope I'm not too late

Many miles walking, trudging in the pitch black dark
With just a paltry torch, up ahead I see an arc

It appears to be connecting, to the two lights I had earlier seen
Once again my minds in wander, these lights are actually machines

They started glowing brighter as the arc increased in size
Then from the light two beings appeared, right before my eyes

Initially they were of ashen colour, skeletal empty shapes
They now appear to be shape shifting, like me in skin clad drape

Into the light they turn, revealing their look to me
Human form they certainly are, but hideous they appear to be

Before me stands a male and female, with looks you'll never see
Where have these beings come from that parade in front of thee

He who looks like cyclops with teeth that fills his face
She resembles a Masai woman, not really out of place

The arc now changes direction, shooting beams into the darkened sky
Now other lights appear from the black, it's time to wonder why

With care I head off home, witnessing many more lights a falling
If they carry what I have just seen, theres more to come a calling

Looking Back

It's the year 2112, a number that appeals to me
A century has passed at what my ancestors seen, why did generations not foresee
They had reached their twilight zone, earths grand finale
The Mayan calender had spoken in silence, as the human count tallied

Their scriptures foretold of a horror, a world in slow demise
They told of future troubles, where borders would be compromised
The seas would rise and flood the lands whilst the rains continued to fall
Starvation abounds while the rich remained in bloodied torn appal

Stench filled bodies of water, carried floating bloated masses
No care for who you lay beside, for death decrees no classes
By the year 2030, the earths population was decimated
Even the rich were thinned for the weak were underrated

If I may welcome you to my world, where cities remain so few
Metropolitan they have become, and somehow we have become so true
The place where I now reside has built icons from the past
Twin towers are now the norm, new memories that will always last

The waters never totally receded for it rained for so many years
Some people blamed the dying as they were told it was their tears
Many of us live in the clouds so close we can touch the sky
As we await the next revelation that will finally close our eyes

New stories have originated in Cairo, where archaeologists have uncovered
A doorway below the Sphinx, telling of how the human race was discovered


It was on a Sunday morning in the village where I stay
Out walking with my dog, I heard some pensioners say
Did you hear about the earthquake, it was somewhere in our State
No magnitude has ever been like it, it's impossible to relate

Quickly I headed home, to view this terrible news
Upon turning on the TV, I'm in horror at what my eyes now view
The awesome Golden Gate Bridge, against an azure bluey day
Lies broken, distorted and twisted, as if it's foundations had given way

The camera now focuses on the mainland, capturing plumes of choking black
Freeways lie twisted and contorted, trains running from their tracks
Gas lines spew throwers of flames, sirens resonate in blaring sound
What was level hours before, have dropped from it's original grounds

Many reporters are now on the scene, as they pan out across the blue
From the helicopter of CNN, Alcatraz disappears from their view
Slowly the island it sat on, as if by magic, now it has gone
Words are heard through the speakers, what the hells gone wrong

The daylight turns to black, a city lies in shreds
Memories of 1906, when three thousand plus were dead
All through the night, tremors came and went
Has history repeated itself, the San Andreas Serpent

I am awoken in the morning, having left the TV on
Panic stricken reporters screaming, most of San Francisco's gone
Where once stood a city, lie pillars of battered ruins
Deep gorges surround them, in bloodied scattered strewn

There's a break in the programme, it's from Yellowstone National Park
The land is starting to rise, incredible is the remark
Geysers that once flowed often, have receded in their shower
Are we about to witness, another of her powers

Back to the CNN studios, more footage of the morning
Towering inferno's in sickened tears, the clock, the warning
I fall to my knees in remembrance of the date
It's December the 21st, has earth met it's fate



We heard from the Cape, that orders have been given
For we must retaliate, our enemies to be driven

To be circling the earth on this fateful day
No contact with our loved ones, as the atoms below us play

The feeling as we orbit as we watch the vapour trails
Explosions so unbelievable, watching nations on earth impaled

Mushroom clouds expand whilst their sonics resonate
Like ripples on the water they drift freely interstate

Atomic atmosphere abounds, for the earth we cannot see
Mans history in modern warfare, was always intended to be

Us seven on the Shuttle now orbiting for half a year
View many changes on our planet, when we land what do we fear

Scrambled messages we have received, telling us where to land
Remembering the day when we left, we never could have planned

Our destination advised, to the Salt Flats of Utah now set
Six months orbiting the heavens, being spared heartfelt regret

From what we viewed above, to the landing site we head
Touching down we're met by officials, what we're told is not easily said

A rogue faction had triggered an attack, the outcome, Atomic War
I can't begin to tell you my thoughts, for man, I begin to abhor

We are taken to Los Angele's, suited to protect from the fall
Passing carnage so indescribable, witnessing mans eventual appal

Where once stood icons, that thrived with modern life
Now stand tattered and jagged torn, irradiated in atomic strife

Shadows of the former, silhouette where they fell
Children, families and individuals show fear in deadened yell

Skeletal shapes lie spread, whilst little life shows face
As we pass past twisted wreckage, viewing mans disgrace

Sporadic spotlights shine, as if clearing to start anew
Looking back as we reach our destination, a city in war torn spew

We turn to each other in silence, viewing but we can't comprehend
Such an intelligent form of life, can take us to disaster send