He was Just a Little Boy

I was born unto this world
A little boy called James
I was just like all the rest
Who in the playground played normal games

I knew my life was in trouble
By the time I reached the age of five
My mother had so many friends
I wondered why I was alive

The kids all used to laugh at me
In my short trousers and bloodied knees
If only they had known
What was going on, in the inside of me

Would they ever know
Why a mother would put you down
And pretend that your not there
As another arrives from out of town

Have they ever wondered
To go to school with clothes unwashed
Sleep on a concrete floor
While your Mother's comfortably sloshed

Do they ever stop and wonder
What happens around them day by day
They can't, because they are young like me
When all they want to do is play

My teens are around the corner
To secondary school I go
I survive and I get wiser
As I intend my life to flow

As we travel down life's highways
When we are born they are seldom written
You know the roads you want to take
For inside you, your internally smitten

Walking out of Life's Mist

When we come into this world we just never know what lies ahead
From toddlers to infants to teenagers, life unreels our threads

Some find their way in life and move onto better things
Others take a different path and internally their heart never sings

The fortunate grow old, with friends and families their life's prize
But so many are separated by their life, internal songs become internal cries

When we come into this world, it's our opportunity to exist
Sometimes we have to help each other, by walking out of life's mist 

Lasting Memories

her childhood
down on the beach ~
Lasting memories
of driftwood and rock pools ~
Thoughts of family bonding
swell her eyes, tears soak in her past ~
Born waves caress her faintly lain steps ~
No trace of her message in a bottle.

What do you do

What do you do when the love has gone
You wake up every morning where you don't belong

What do you do when your trust has been broken
Where there's been lying and deceit, unhappiness your token 

What do you do to absorb all this grief
What is the remedy to find some relief

What do you do when there is no end in sight
When you know it's now broken and it will never be right

What do you do when you have no place to run
Is it the front of a train or at the end of a gun


On this ledge I sit
Contemplating tomorrow
Will it be a different day
Or the same old sorrow

Even the clouds
Look as gloomy as me
Grey and ashen
Soon we could both be free

Below me the waters
Image where I sit
A mirrored calm
As if it's knowing where I'll hit

Behind me there's a trickle
Drip drip, like the clock of time
My tears hit the mirror
So close to the end of mine

On this ledge where I sat
Out of body looks down on me
You really had to be there
To know what it's like to be free

Her Name is Kate

On my very first date
As I waited for her at her gate
It was getting close on eight
With this blond girl called Kate

All the boys thought she was bait
Another notch to be on their slate
Sometimes it pays to wait
For a girl who's better than great

What will we do shall we skate
To the ice rink we went in my crate
Blimey, will it take my weight
Oh my, it looks like she'll berate

Taken for granted we can't compensate
We're married with children, she's now my soulmate


No Better Picture

No picture can match
As a little face twitches
A loving child sleeps 

Why Another Oil Spill

We know of this disastrous event
As we now know of the spills extent
All these years they had time to invent
A remedy for repairable descent

We allow them drilling consent
To represent our resourceful contents
Our geology is picked up by their scents
Millions of years are turned into cents

In Scotland we have oilfields called the Brent
Where the same companies represent
There is always the element of torment
For nature there is never a lament

All they are interested in is their percent
One day they may be held to account and repent


One Day I

You have to go through hell before you get to heaven
I know, I have lived it and I was only seven

She Internally Weeps

She awakens again it's just another day
He helps himself for his joyous plays
No feelings are shared as he satisfies
His selfish ego as she internally cries

He lies back spent in sniggering mode
So ignorant to notice her life in erode
His voice becomes raised as he heads for the shower
Make my breakfast honey, showing his pig arrogant power

He heads of to work, he'll be gone for a week
She sits down and sighs as she internally weeps
In the empty house that's become her hell
The day is dawning as she says her farewell

" I promise to myself of my desire to move on
  To find a new heart that will sing my same song
  Loving and cherishing, laughter and some tears
  But to awake every morning not facing the same fears "

The day has come as I turn around and look back
This chapter of my life ends, no more of his flack
A new page begins today as my life restarts
And just maybe one day I will reopen my heart

Her Tomorrows

Dark ebony curls
This English Rose
Voice of delight
Heart of woe

Ones broken past
Takes it's toll
Day to day
She internally consoles

Decisions, ones decisions
Freedom to be
Looking to tomorrow
Her family free

Corners she'll turn
Forks will appear
Left or right
Appease her fears

As days pass
Months to years
Happy they'll be
Tears to cheers

She'll look back
Searching her thoughts
Decisions she's made
Having done, brought

I Dream of a Girl

I dream of a girl
To caress my world
Gracing my eyes
As our future swirls

I dream of a girl
To share in my life 
Partners and lovers
To relieve my strife

I dream of a girl
To share my sights
Performing to forms
Entwined in our writes

I dream of a girl
To make a new start
Sharing my nights
Opening my heart

I dream of a girl
As I awake the next day
My dreams have been answered
For beside me she lays 

Love is Like Porcelain

Love is like porcelain
So perfect and smooth
Two sides giving
With so much to lose

Love is like building blocks
Lived day by day
Words can say
But only true hearts display

Love is like porcelain
When cracked can go wrong
Impurities take over
We never sing the same song

Love is like building blocks
By day they reside
If they crumble and fall
Then grows the divide

Love is like porcelain
It has to be lived
Fifty, fifty
Each has to give