Negative Love
Our eyes met
Across the room
The sight of her
My heart went boom
Her shiny hair
Skin so fair
Slimline body
Shaped to stare
I introduce
Myself to her
Her accent sweet
Perfect purr
Drinks drunk
We make our leave
Joining hands
Like a weavers weave
Late night walk
Hand in hand
The talk is sweet
Of the loving kind
We stop and share
A dreamy kiss
As we read our minds
Eventful wish
Back at mine
I pour us drinks
Moet Champagne
To me she winks
Close we hold
Each others frame
Dancing slow
With this gorgeous dame
Adventurous hands
Explore each other
Naked flesh
Revealed from cover
As I hold her close
Her breasts charm me
Pert icons
Caress me
My manly hands
Run through her mane
Down her spine
To my wanting aim
Her curves so arced
Architectural gem
As she gently strokes
My wanting stem
She takes my hand
And sits me down
Astride my thighs
Slides on my crown
Slowly we share
Each others joy
As we pant and groan
This girl and boy
Throbbing bulge
Inside her heavenly cave
To adorn her walls
Our pulsing craves
I pull her in
As we release our flows
Joyous moans
As our bodies glow
We kiss and enjoy
Our united mix
As our tongues unite
With passioned slick
We share a shower
And lay down our heads
Cuddling close
In a silken bed
I awake in the morning
To a note left near
Beside the message
The drawing of a tear
Last night my dear
I was blessed like a dove
Your my one night stand
My negative love


That Look!
She stood there and stopped
Then she turned her head
That look in her eye
No words were said
She relayed her thoughts
As I absorbed from her mind
The wants of our bodies
To sexually grind
Her long dark hair
Cascade of flow
As I stand there looking
A part of me grows
Under the gentle rain
We move real close
On this clammy night
Our adrenalin flows
Our movement together
Orchestral in sound
As our bodies gyrate
On natures moist ground
As our hands grip
Our pleasure's erupt
Internal lava
Explosion abrupt
We spill on the earth
Our heavenly spoils
Our scent of scents
Gracing natures soils
As we rise from her grounds
My hand in her hand
And cherish the day
We lay on the land


My Princess to be Queen

Out there somewhere
Is the girl of my dreams
Golden haired lassie
My Princess to be Queen
My want for her
Cravings of nice
In splendor together
Gorge in our spice for life
To be passionate in love
Hearts in bond
White doves a flying
Over rippled ponds
Holding hands
Share a kiss
Fro-lick in public
Show our bliss
Naked together
As we spoon in the sun
Over her tanned body
My caring fingers run
To absorb our want
As our eyes share
Passionate embrace
In the warm summer air
For our bodies to flow
To share our streams
In a sexy clinch
We start our dreams
In response to the lovely poem by Janice Herzog
                         My Constant Desire " 

Bikini Clad Girl and her Eagle
Bikini clad girl
Hair so blond
Brushed and stroked
By her Highland fond
Bikini clad girl
Skin so tanned
Scented oils
Massaged and manned
Bikini clad girl
In wanting touch
From her Highlander
She adores so much
Bikini clad girl
In loving pose
Her Eagle grows
For her garden Rose
Bikini clad girl
Join of their frames
Pouring of passion
Inside her rained
Bikini clad girl
Blushed in sync
Her Rose in bloom
The prettiest of pink
Bikini clad girl
So content in love
To the blue sky she looks
Her soaring Eagle above


The Wishes of Kisses

The Wishes of Kisses
I dreamt today
To hold my dove
As my heart now says
To embrace this girl
With open arms
To share with her
My hearty charms
To walk and talk
Hand in hand
Chatting, laughing
Feeling so grand
Talk of nature
History so
When i think of her
I internally glow
On a level par
Her mind and mine
Conversations will last
Eternal time
To share her thoughts
A learning class
To know out there
A dove, my lass
To end all nights
Face to face
To kiss her lips
For the above, i'm graced

The Captain and his Dove

The Highland Princess
Berthed again
Freshwater Loch
Beautiful Highland Glen
Tranquil pined hillside
Log cabin picturesque
Captain and his dove
Lovingly blessed
As winter sets in
Snow falls so deep
This two in the warmth
In cuddled keep
Roaring log fire
Birch logs a sparking
Face to face
Their hearts a starting
The Captain stands up
And asks for her hand
As he leads her to
A room so grand
Large window they stand
Over the loch they view
He turns to his dove
Declaring, i love you
His manly hands
Undress her so
Ih her heart she says
Undress me slow
His dove unfeathered
Hands running down her arms
Torso caressed
Her chesty charms
Heaven reached
His hand grooming
As he kisses his dove
Her heart cooing
Four poster bed
Their impressions are made
Moonlight through the window
Passions played
Delicious whispers
In the ear of his dove
As they spoon together
Like a hand in a glove
Together in dreams
Heart to heart
Their next journey
A new start


Mediterranean Love
The Highland Princess
Sails again
Its captain and dove
To the Mediterranean
Now so much in love
To an island they go
To celebrate their engagement
For their love truly flows
This archipelago of seven
In this sea of blue
Aboard our babe
As we enjoy the views
Marina we berth
Settle in for the night
For tomorrow, our interests
Its historic sights
Early start
To the blue lagoon
For in the evening
We will love in tune
History surrounds
Every where we go
In its harbours and towns
Evidence shows
This island of class
With it's World Heritage sights
The Megalithic Temples
Still stand upright
These icons of age
To this island their worth
They are the oldest free standing structures
On this planet Earth
As the evening draws in
We head back to our yacht
To absorb our day
And what Malta has taught
Dinner and drinks
As we settle down
In comfy pose
Naked, but gowned
I take the hand
Of my golden dove
As we know in our eyes
Our evening of love
To our cabin we go
As our gowns are thrown
This captain and dove
Whose love keeps growing
Naked we fall
On our heavenly bed
Spooned together
To be sexually fed
Our bodies merge
As i grow inside
This gyrating two
Flowing with the tide
As i caress my dove
Her body and breasts
Nibbling her nape
In wanting zest
Our souls release
Potion so pure
Our bonding engagement
For future, sure
In the morning we awake
To the sounds of life
On our next voyage
She will be my wife


The Golden Sands of Love

On the golden sands
We share each other
As we make love
With natures scent from the water
Our two souls unite
Recipe of natures scents mix
Birds start to sing 
Fish leaping to view and rejoice
Clouds bowing
Waves lap the shore 
With a tenderness of applause
Reeds chatter on the dunes
Driftwood our audience
As all around a gentle breeze
Whistles a rhapsody

Back Seat Drivers

Movie seen
Driving home
Newly found couple
To be alone
River bank parked
Dead of night
His golden blond
Beautiful sight
Their lips meet
Hands wander
Imagination flow
Hearts ponder
To be Comfortable
Seats are changed
Buttons loose
Clothes rearranged
Passion starts
Hands walk free
Skin explored
Of he and she
Naked souls
Join as one
Heaven merge
Joys begun
With her thrusting hips
In vice like grip
Her loving want
In her he slips
In passion applause
His lava flows
Her warm insides
Outer body glows
Sweet sweetened mix
Perfumed skin
Warm with-drawl
Potions swim
Kisses in clench
This loving two
Soft caress
Sexed and fed
They head of home
Wondering about
Their next love roam


The Maiden on the Beach
Full moon bright
Through clouded sky
Aqua waters
Three doves fly
Golden sands
Grace the shore
Dark haired maiden
Whom i adore
Her body wet
As waves caress
Clothes clinging
Shaped finesse
On one knee
Her pose so sweet
A rose drifts in
For the maiden on the beach


Want Wanting, Mmmm

playfully pert




Her Want

Provoking thoughts
Self satisfaction
For every action

The thoughts of her man
Runs through her mind
Her inner pleasure
She craves to find

Bed back bare
Adventurous hands
Exploring her heaven
Inducing glands

The play of her
In creative pant
Sensuous in solo
Reaching chant

She calls his name
In rhythmic writhe
Body so pert
Her Rose the prize


Undressed to Address

It started with a kiss
My cheeks and nape
Thoughts running wild
Manly drape

His torso structure
All muscled and strong
In his arms
Where I have always longed

His hands like velvet creepers
Encircling my skin
My longing for him
To be welcomed within

Our clothes now scattered
Flesh to flesh
Astride my darling
Sensuous zest

In me he loves
My pillar of man
To reach our joys
In slow motion

Gentle in touch
As we delight in move
Voices of groan
Love in the groove

Internal eruption
Fountain of joy
Quivering bodies
Stimulating enjoy

Sighs of two
Pleasured and blessed
Sharing their love
Undressed to address


The Lea of Love
Leafy meadow
He lies her down
Defrocked from
Her summer gown
Bodies bronzing
In the blazing sun
Natures wanting
Scents will run
As their hands caress
He gentles down
On her body, impress
She welcomes her love
Through her gates of bliss
In this place of colour
Kiss after kiss
Their sweat-ed dew
In the sun glistens
Natures audience
Warmly listens
A gentle breeze
As the plant life sways
Like the rhythmic action
On her he lays
Orchestral sounds
Echo their all
Moans and groans
Their loving vocal
They sigh in tandem
Sharing each other
Collapsing in cuddle
In this lea of clover


My Wish
Good morning to you
On this lovely day
Independence is the word
If i may say
I wish i was there
To share with you
A kiss on your cheek
And say how do you do
Take you to lunch
Spend the day
In the warm sunshine
The American way
In the evening we will fish
As hunter gatherers do
Play some music 
A dance for two
Into the night
As the owls hoot
Skinny dipping
In our birthday suits
Dried and refreshed
A nightcap for two
As we lie on the bed
Just me and you
But the toll of the day
Tires us so
With your head on my chest
We fall into dreamy flow

Passion is her Word

Creative with passion
Hot and steamy
Artful in scribe
Realistically dreamy
Loving lines flow
Eternal bliss
Natures bonding
Everlasting kiss

Bared and ready
Infusioned hearts race
Romantic meeting
Determines the pace


" For Charlene Bird "


Their last Kiss

They shared a kiss
Though they were not allowed
Their passionate affair
In the public crowd

These days off old
Barred their charms
Society appalled
Always up in arms

Their destiny of love
Was sure to slow
Out of the public eye
It continued to grow

But one fateful night
They got carried away
Passion too open
In a public place

Skin showing
And the touch of lips
So much in love
Their very last slip

The loyal Magician
To the Queens throne
For this two lovers
Were turned to stone


In Loving Lean
My torso rested
Between her legs
As her loving hand
Gently strokes my head
In loving lean
So tender and close
My girl and i
In dreamy pose
My thoughts our us
Our want, our need
The probable
To love, to feed
As i sit here kneeling
My head full of thoughts
Being with my girl
She's my heaven brought


Passion Conquers the Thrill

Captured and chained
A cellar, my home
Neck manacle
Hands free to roam
As she sits astride
Taking me in
Deepening feeling
Flesh to skin
In throws of thrust
She gorges my love
In this darkened room
Freedom above
Her spasmodic scream
Orgasmic outs
Her breasts excited
In pert like pout
My standing feeling
Signals release
Internal fountain
Love hungry feast
Our bodies mellow
As we wilt, unite
Passion conquers
The thrill