Cocoon Angel

My darling love
Cocoon born
Golden locks
Bodily adorned
In her purple world
Born to me
My desire of her
To set my life free
Nails like spikes
To enter my soul
Pierce my heart
Relieve the slow
On silken sheets
She lays me down
Torso straddled
Undoes my gown
She takes me in
Absorbs me so
In motion of writhe
Our rhythms flow
My punctured heart
Releases spores
Infected in me
Historic soars
Excitement in me
As she warms inside
My cocoon angel
In orgasmic slide
My heart now racing
Anew and pure
Juices streaming
Her touch assures
In tender clench
Kisses sweet
We lie together
My heart complete


To the Moon She Looks

In the dead of night
Some years ago
A metamorphose transpired
Under full moon glow

A lady in black
In graveyard mist
Danced with the crows
In evolutionary twist

Her presence was surrounded
By luminous flows
Larva's were being shed
In dark butterfly grow

Her black dress becomes discarded  
Shape-shifting in the dead of night
Red Admirals flutter
In demonic delight

They become butterfly winged elves
Patiently awaiting
To our moon our orb
Anticipating in taking


Butterfly Winged Elf of Darkness
On balanced stones
This elf girl sits
In a darkening world
No moon lit
In balance she is
Into her orb she peers
Our crescent moon
In capture I fear
Imbalanced we will become
As our time and tides
Widower earth
Having lost it's bride
This butterflied winged dark angel
From a distant past
To land on natures planet
Steal our moon from our grasp
For out there is our saviour
To regain our sacred moon
Before this dark haired elf
Leaves the earth an empty room


Return of the Moon
My name is Semaj
Far distant planet I hail
Distress beacon sensed
Civilisation to fail
Negative scents
Disturbs my thoughts
This paradise place
Millions distraught
Gravity erratic
Tides adrift
Earth unbalanced
Out of orbital shift
The butterflied winged elf
Has captured their moon
In wanton stealth
As earth spins
Against the void
It's spin of shift
Will ultimately destroy
I need to tune into
Their lunar hum
Once sequenced
My search has begun
My droid Etto
Attracts me so
In the quadrant near Mars
The winged ones glow
Their orb is open
To release the moon
To atmosphere
Save Mars from doom
Area reached
My plan is etched
Save the moon
From these butterflied winged wretched
Etto my droid
Emits a pulse
In their honed ears
The signals bounce
In a frenzy of hurt
Their ears bleed
A potent pulse
For this elf like breed
As Racolny drifts
In the Mars empty
The orb is relased
To save the land of plenty
Earth reached
The orb in place
Lunar release
Atmosphere graced
Etto and I
We head back home
So I can tell my children
Where their ancestors once roamed

" follow up to Butterflied Winged Elf of Darkness "


 Pool of Life and the Gateway to Eternity

In a Highland Glen
On Scotland's west coast
A forest exists
Unknown to most
Nearest it's centre
Locals say
There's a pool of life
Not seen to this day
On it's north shore
Even greater than that
A Gateway to Eternity
To the future and back
Only one has passed
Through these eternity doors
A Highlander called Semaj
And his future droid
Stories are told
About the Butterfly Winged Elf's
Who stole the moon
To save them-selves
For on that night
The forest did glow
A brilliant bright light
Saltire blue show
The Gateway to Eternity
And the Pool of Life
Came to the aid
Of Mother Earth that night
In a Highland Glen
On Scotland's west coast
A forest exists
Unknown to most

The Capturing of Earths Soul

History repeats
As your about to read
These elf like species
Are back for our creed

Planets raped
Through galactic wars
Their presence of greed
The universe abhors

Are we next
On their pillaging prey
What will happen to our planet 
I fear to say

Weeks pass
As the sky blacks
A trait of the elves
Imminent attack

Ships launched
To repel their fight
Save our planet
To do whats right

Explosions aplenty
Maiming death
Our planets fading
Gasping life's breath

Has captured Earth's soul
Are we to be
Another universe black hole

The sky reddens
As the elves leave
Ozone poisoned
Saviour layer grieves

Their planet reached
Having killed Mars
Another battle scared world
From galactic wars

Racolyn stands
As she absorbs Earths Soul
The blue breath of life
Her wanting goal

The life of our Planet
Yellow light so divine
On the verge of dying
No longer to shine


Welcome to my World

You have read my adventures
Along with Etto my droid
We are fighters of evil
As we leave them destroyed

But where am I from
I hear you all ask
I'm from Cygnus-X1
Where we live true without masks

Where you stay
I stayed there before
My ancestors left
Before your planet became sore

We left planet Earth
Quite some time ago
With a different race
A different galaxy we would go

Our planet is similar
We remain oxygen breathers
Residing on continents and quadrants
Interplanetary greeters

When you look to our skies
You see our many moons
They now deflect comets and meteors
Just like a space broom

Our buildings are based on
Architecture of the past
Pyramid shaped
A style built to last

Our army is vast
For freedom they will fight
With weapons you only dream off
And spaceships of might

Our intelligence is so strong
We hear signals from afar
Hence my visits to your Earth
To assist you from harm

My name is Semaj
With Etto my droid
We are always here should you need us
To save you from void

Maybe one day
I'll say, welcome to my world
Then you'll know you have been welcomed
As you would hear my words 


King Kade

On his throne he sits
In armour adorn
The father of Semaj
Who one day will be sworn

This hunter of demons
Of his people he protects
Generations of allegiance
Infinitive elect

All Semaj has learnt
Has been handed down
Through blood lines so strong 
One day he'll be crowned

Their story goes back
Many, many centuries ago
When evil was rife
And living was low

Demons and Wizards
Dragons and man
Violence was rife
Take when you can

But this King Kade
The North of Scotland he ruled
His son was destined
He was not to be fooled

On a dark December night
Whilst the castle was asleep
A craft so unknown
Rose from the deep

From out in the Minch
This metallic beast showed
With flashing lights
And a body that glowed

It rode the waves
And came to rest by the shore
An opening appeared
Like a magic door

Three beings stood
Not very different from us
No fear was detected
Had we already been sussed

We welcomed them in
But I knew in my heart
For it was my son they wanted
He was their new start

Our dialogue was strained
Mixing Gaelic with theirs
But our wave lengths were similar
We became distant peers

This was the day
My son Semaj left home
To Cygnus-X1
Where one day he'd be throned

What happened to us
Well the strong ones travelled
To the Plough beyond
As our past turned to gravel

But our souls remained
Like beacons of light
For if the earth cried for help
My son Semaj, was in sight 


I am for what I am

Since the day that I first left
Looking back
Through different windows
Knowing there will be reft

I am for what I am, and I'll be

I am for what I am, you'll see

I found it hard to explain
The actions of our cause
Highlanders against the Lowlanders
Simply because

I am for what I am, and I'll be

I am for what I am, you'll see

The answers and reactions
To which they promptly replied
Trust and honour abounds
And pity those who lied

I am for what I am, and I'll be

I am for what I am, you'll see

I'm now in an enviable position
To look back on my ancestors so
I'm Scottish, the son of Kade
From my days so long ago

I am for what I am, and I'll be

I am for what I am, you'll see

My name is Semaj, The Highlander
I've come back from your future so
To an earth in rutted grief
And allow your tomorrow flow

I am for what I am, and I'll be

I am for what I am, you'll see

All Nations should be accounted
North and South Hemispheres
To allow you to continue
Allay our space age fears

I am for what I am, and I'll be

I am for what I am, you'll see

It's the reason I have returned
To Scourie is where it started
Your future wormhole lies
For me, it's where I departed

I am for what I am, and I'll be

I am for what I am, you'll see

We can only take
The ones who'll live so free!

Semaj, Knowledge of your Past

Look at your man
And look inside him deep
Has he lived for hundreds of years
And seen things, that would make you weep

Take a moment and pause
And think of the son of Kade
He came back to his past
And seen your tomorrow made

He has stood in moments of history
Sadly, he has seen what man has done
To see what we do to another
Believe me, man has never began

To walk past Calvary
And see mothers sons who died
Knowing they had a reason
These fallen ones who tried

Into history you slowly march
Involved in so much crime
There is somebody out there
Who will decide you've had your time

Believe the son of Kade
For he has seen your past in true
You can go to sleep and dream
Until its in front of you


Only Black Roses live now - Act 1

Word has reached
A distant planet out their
Semaj, this ancient Celt
In ancestral despair

His droid Etto
Has bulletins relayed
The last human on Earth
In final death display

Civilisation as he knew it
Has gasped it's last breath
For the butterfly winged angels 
Has left earth in death

For once again their desire
To gain the orb of life
Has left the world as he knows it
In death dying decaying strife

For weeks he travels
To a world he once knew
In ancestral pilgrimage
Answers he pursues

He arrives through earths atmosphere
Human eyes will never see
He lands near Loch Torridon
Kingdom of the King Kade family

What's left of his village
Bodies drained of their life
Children and the elderly
Man and his wife

For the very last time
He views his ancestral surround
For on these peat laden glens
Black Roses abound

Alba, his country
In death dying decay
As he speeds through it's glens
Black Roses display

He reaches the lowlands
And it's riches of soil
But nothing else grows
Black Roses spoil

Moments later
There is the sound of a sonic boom
Black clouds above separate
Lights appear through the gloom


The Day That He returned Home

It's been many many centuries
Since the day I left
My fathers visions have been foretold
Of our country that has been left so reft

If you stand where I return
Look to the skies and you will see
For after the blinding flash
I will appear in front of thee

Beside me now you stand
A man of history
This day that I returned home
In memory of my family

To be here once again
Where I once stood as a boy
With my family and my friends
The most ultimate of joys

Our castle that was once our home
Where my family were safe and slept
Everyday my clan prospered and grew
Then to a new world, I crept

For that misty night in the Minch
Strange lights rose from it's dark
Breaking from the waters so blue
Their silver ship did park

They had lain in patient dormant
Awaiting the birth of me
For thousands of years in the dark
They decided I was the one to free

This quiet son of Kade
To a different world called theirs
Stepped into their ship that parked
Gone from their clan, their heir

He turns to those who stand
Who witnessed his arrival
And the dereliction of grey
His clans castle, and their survival

It's comforts in weathered worn
Surrounded by poppies high
Where once were fields of wheat and corn
All that grows are red of die

For those that stood beside him
Just after that blinding flash
Was Semaj, the son of Kade
Their ancestor from their past


Blood Lust
Vampire vixens
Sharing their spoils
Lusting crimsons
Bodies coil
Fencing tongues
Caressing of flesh
Internal erectness
State of undress
Bodies drenched
Thirst quenched
Red flow run
Sexual scent
Midnight writhe
Before the dawn
Vixens of darkness
The dark ones spawn
Entrance he makes
Cloaked in death
To taste their blood
On his vixens breath
Cloak strewn
Bared and chaired
This blood lust two
Master shared
The dawn is near
As this threesome sleep
In their crypt
Darkened deep
Two blood lust souls
Innocent no more
Lured from earths
Living floor
Paths chosen
No turning back
These vampire vixens
In the world of black


Ashen to Death
The bite and taste
Of this victim so
Teeth marks, puncture holes
Not just my blood but my living soul
Ashen and drained
I become
Faintly I feel
My crimson life run
Pupils closing
Light fading
Taken like this
Human degrading
Slowly I go
To the darkened strife
A victim of
The darkened life
Inspired by Illyianna De La Keur's " A Deadly Kiss "


Maidens of the Dark
Eerie silence
Cemetery sound
Rolling mist
Over sacred ground
Moonlit night
Shadowing tree's
Temperature lowering
Chill like breeze
On the top of a mound
Through the mist they came
A trio in white
Of bloodless veins
Lifeless eyes
Staring ahead
This trio of white
The walking dead
Summoned by
Their darkened black
Too far they came
They can't go back
In deathly pleasure
Before the dawn
With their darkened master
The dead reborn
The night fades
Into morning new
The dark now bright
The living in view


Vampire and the Blood Red Rose
Closed eyes she tastes
Petals in death
Crimson red
The roses last breath
Pulled from its stalk
It's link to life
Open pore stem
Destined for strife
Demon of darkness
In crimsoned want
Nightly it hunts
Leaving life gaunt
The world awaits
Morn of the sun
To drive underground
The darkened ones


Maid of the Sea

Water born maid
Sensuous siren is she
Torso of woman
Tail from the sea
Scaled shape
Naked to the waist
Long haired siren
Men long to taste
Mythical babes
Enchantment of men
Lured to love
In her forbidden den
Are they Atlantean beings
From a forgotten past
Or a species outright
Or an evolution past


Aquatic Lady

If you could be me
As you look through my eyes
What would you see
Below our natures skies

Arching in her waters
Curves of pure delight
Cascading dark hair hangs
Complexion fresh and bright 

Followers of this beauty
Grace and fly her sky
Every time she surfaces
There is going to be goodbyes

When she swims, she swims
In undulation move
So natural like her beauty
Graceful and so smooth

So if you could be me
As you look through my eyes
My aquatic lady wows
This merman can only sigh


Vampires vie Vixens

Vampires viewing veins
Voluptuous vixens valse
Vulpine verses vamps








The Zebra and the Roses
The artist returns
With another paint
Colours so edible
With chocolate taints
My darling blond
And her canvas of flesh
A picture so tasty
I lie her down
As i start my craft
Her skin of delight
In my mind i draft
Firstly the brown
In chocolate stripes
Then greening leaves
All fresh and ripe
Now for the roses
Pink, yellow and red
In edible icing
Curled to be fed
Her golden mane
With chocolate flow
As it cascades her body
Sharing her naked glow
My crafting is done
Her delight in pose
My canvas of her
The zebra and the roses


Fairies do Exist

At a location in the woods
There is a special place
Its where the fairies dance
Holding hands they embrace

Its like, Ring a Ring of Rosie's
In the dead of the night
If any one appears
They all take fright

Behind trees and shrubs
Rocks and flowers
They play peek a boo
So they don't get discovered

When the coast is clear
They reappear
To continue their dancing
When no one is near

So if people ask you
Do fairies exist
Look in the woods
But you'll have to persist