Elves of the Reaper
I awoke this morning
To a brand new day
The sun was shining
Neighbourhood children played
Then i heard on the news
That made my hair stand on end
The Reapers elves
To our world they descend
Dressed in black
These creatures of death
To take earths life
It's very last breath
With them he marches
Dictating who dies
Enrolling the weak
As he casts his eyes
First Toronto and Buffalo
Near these beautiful falls
Cities, towns and villages
In darken deathly maul
They reach Albany
Near route 87
Many people are praying
As they look towards heaven
They are now in their thousands
As they walk with the dead
The discarded are left
In bloodied stained shreds
Our countries are in cry
For a saviour so strong
To turn this dark evil to right
Cast them out, to where they came from
Semaj is summoned
Once again
From his Kingdom in the Highlands
Master of, the Mountains and Glens
With Etto his droid
New York they reach
To call up the followers
In world wide preach
He summons the Knights
And hero's of old
To rise for the right
And join his fold
In Churches and Cathedrals
All throughout our nations
Burial vaults are opening
Civilisations salvation
Even the gargoyles
Leave their resting places
To join the fold
Their faces now grace us
To the North of New York
The old and the new stand
To rid this evil
From our righteous free lands
The Reaper cries
Hell is for hero's
As King Richard replies
Hell is for zero's
Both armies clash
In bloodied spoil
But there's no spill of red
On this free countries soil
Where all around
Lie fallen elves
The Reaper on his knees
For this is where he fell
Semaj stands over
This evil of the dark
With his claymore he strikes
We are now worlds apart
The clean up begins
As they are gathered en-mass
With the divine waters
This evil has passed
The very next day
All the old hero's have returned
To their place of rest
For on this day they have earned
Nations stood together
To fight all evil, as one
The corner has been turned
A new world has begun

Black Feathers of Evil

As the clock strikes midnight
And theirs a full moon in the sky
Before the darkness descended
They await to fly

They walk among us
You would never know they were there
If you look deep into their eyes
Be attracted to their stare

For once we have committed
We become one of them
Our skin begins to fade
As we enter their deep condemn

We enter metamorphosis
Their instant evolution
Black feathers emanate from us
Bodies in revolution

From the ground we stand
We appear in the trees
Ravens all of us
We become their black decree

We fly with the night
Looking for places to land
For in our dark sight
Our victims already planned

A solitary house on the hillside
Awaits the dark from the night
As we feel the fear from the insiders
We are intrepid in our fright

We crash through the windows
Consternation is all around
Our beaks peck their flesh
Bloodied in their surround

Our feeding frenzy over
Leaving our victims in despair
We can't attract them as followers
For they have no eyes to stare 


The Raven Seccumbs

In an Arctic world
So white, flies black
The Ravens rule
Is there a turning back

For the Queen of darkness
Against the white
Naked and kneeling
Has the dark turned to light

For on a branch there perches
Her Lieutenant so strong
For in the distance The Murder
Fly from

A changing world
Where the black is in demise
When its princess
Kneels down and cries

The white has now melted
The only black is night
What turned this dark princess
From her black to our white

We will only know
When her black stays away
And the night is so natural
But the light is our say


When the Three Ravens Fly

By her window she looks
As the full moon stares
Three ravens in her light
A sign to beware

They continue to circle
Staying out of the full moons light
Why do they pick on this window
What do they see in their sight

She turns her head gently
As three shadows advance
Crashing against the window
Staring eyes in menace trance

Many times they try
To break through the glass
But as the clouds obscure the moon
They recede from their harass

The young girl falls down crying
As her parents rush to her aid
She tells them of the three ravens
In their crashing window crusade

Before the family moved there
Past events they were told
It appears they brushed them off
To join this community fold

For a few years earlier
There was a family of four
When the three ravens flew
They became a family no more

I am, I am

As i close my eyes
And i think of tomorrow
The whole worlds in my thoughts
Its my given test, to absorb it's sorrow

It will know i am here
As i am different from others
My task is to intake
The other of others

As to where i am from
Only time will allow
I have been here before
Far from beyond the Plough

I am of an age
Which is why i am here
This Highlander Semaj
From a different world sphere

Your wars are recorded
Far Galaxies know
Of your human trait
Your histories have shown

Only time will tell
As your worlds nations progress
To do whats right
And do whats best

From beyond the Plough
Lie worlds unknown
For you to go there
You will have to prove you have grown