The Widow-maker

Miners aplenty
Succumbed to their profession
Which left their families
In loss depression
The cause of their plight
As they went about their tasks
Was the airborne killer
Not protected by masks
The pneumatic air drill
Powerfully fed
For the dust it created
Left many miners dead
This genius of tool
To be life's taker
Earned it the nickname
The Widow-maker


Revenge or Spite

One wintry night
As the snowstorm blew in
She was dressed in black
Binged in gin

She was my girl
And i loved her so
But her constant drinking
We could no longer grow

It's the way she changed
When she drunk so much
Like a demon possessed  
Out of touch

We parted in anger
And she swore as she left
My kids and me

Months had passed
As we lived our lives
The past behind us
Every day, is a new day arrived

 On the night of the storm
My kids and i
Watching a movie
Laughing and crying

Time for bed
As i tucked them in
The twins together
My darling kin

Through the night
I awoke all choked
Smoke was billowing
In fog like soak

In panic craze
I head for my twins
Their bedroom on fire
Our nightmare begins

Flames are engulfing
The hallway and stairs
Our escape route blocked
My heart in despair

To their window i carry
As the smoke thickens
Flames spreading
Blackened, sickened

Below their window
To a grass verge they drop
As the ceiling collapses
In burning hot

In smothering embers
My breathing impaired
As the heat absorbs me
In deathly scare

My skin burning
Torso in peel
As my thoughts start to cloud
Is what happening, real

Strength sapping
In burning sores
Who will look after my children


Lost in Your Eyes

The day we met
You captured my heart
My broken past
With you, i have a new start

We dated some time
Our love made a stance
I was lost in your eyes
Boyfriend, girlfriend romance

We wined and dined
Danced and kissed
Even discussed
Our future exist

We got engaged
Eventually married
Four children we had
You blossomed and carried

We watched them grow
Into fine young souls
Our future want
Parental goals

But where have we been
Where did we go
Our evaporation
Disappearing afterglow

It feels like our hearts
Have said their last goodbye's
For now i feel
Lost in your eyes


Under a Full Moon Sky

She sits on the jetty
Under a full moon sky
Wondering why
Just wondering why

Her lover, her man
Has been lost at war
Why was he there
What was he fighting for

In a distant place
So far from their home
He was taken from her
In her mind she combs

Can she face tonight
Will she bear tomorrow
Her heart's been wrenched
In heartfelt sorrow

As she sits on the jetty
Under a full moon sky
To all the others who have lost
Will they ever wonder why?


All Alone on the Shore Road

To whoever finds my letter, or even reads my words
I know what to say, but i know I'll never be heard

I sit on this shore road, all alone and afraid
My exams are a nightmare, can't even make my grades

Who can i turn to, where can i go
I'm so far behind, the other kids say I'm slow

The lure of the shoreline, inviting waters of end
What will i find there, for who will i befriend

To my mama and papa, i do love you so
From your loving daughter, with the waters I'll flow



Battered and bruised
Used and abused
Captured by him
So i live in sin

He does what he wants
As i am taken and spent
My spirit broken
Without my consent

It's been many years
To be taken by him
Daylights a blessing
To look out from within

I daily pray
For a chance to escape
To find a saviour
As to whom i can relate

End these days
As my soul is now torn
A young woman i was
Now I'm bodily worn

I cry myself to sleep
But through my eyes i see his
Evil content
I am his bliss