Frampton Comes Alive


Peter Frampton

Playing classic guitar

Solo's making awesome music




Dreamboat Annie
How can I refuse
When I'm crazy on you
I have no other love
I tell it like it's true
When I'm alone
These dreams I have for you
You keep my love alive
Save my heart from turning blue
My tall dark handsome stranger
My magic man
Will you be there in the morning
Take you back to Avalon
On the mistral wind
This little queen and you
I'll be your bright light girl
Who loves you through and through
To dream of the archer
Private audition, I will give
This man is mine
Who'll make my heart relive
All I wanna do is make love to you
It's the desire of the woman in me
No longer strangers of the heart
These dreams, make me
< Inspired by the great Seattle band Heart >



Don't stop believin'

Where were you
When I was feeling that way
Do you recall
Or do you feel, just the same way
This girl can't help it
She's happy to give
A positive touch
For our love to live
When you love a woman
You relay a message of love
Lovin', touchin,' squeezin',
This precious white dove
I'm stone in love
With open arms
My heart spins
Like a wheel in the sky
Someday soon
You'll make it fly
Our precious time
Turn out the lights
Loves chain reaction
On a Saturday night
I want a lifetime of dreams
Loved by you
Kiss me softly
Living to do
< taken on loves journey by Journey from San Francisco >



Our Music Anthems

Music Anthems
Grow my glee
Is all through me
Rock, progressive
Tracks in rhyme
Drums, Guitar
Singer sign
Clapton, AC/DC
Marillion 2
Lennon & McCartney
Beethoven's woo
The Eagles, America
Journey as well
Carlos Santana
With Free's Wishing Well
Tapestry with Carole King
My could that Lady sing
Elvis with those swinging hips
Hope the needle, don't hit those blips
John imagined all the above
For all to listen, we can not shove
Our ears decide, what to hear
Our music Anthems
Is our gear


Whole Lotta Rosie

Australian Rockers
Sydney boys
Man could they Rock
In Whole Lotta Rosie's Eyes
But one member
Was the glint in her eye
The singer, Bon Scott
Rock n Roll ride
Their rhythm of love
Was the best he said
This titular woman
Rocked in bed
Her curved frame
Drove him to sing
42" - 39" - 56"
To commemorate their fling
She weighed in at nineteen stone
Bon the king, was her throne
The joy she brought, to the Australian Scot
Led him to write the lyrics sex taught
Let there be Rock
Where the track is from
Is AC/DC's anthem
Guitar so strong
What ever happened to this Rosie girl
Music history in the Rocker world
No longer we have Bon from Kirriemuir
I missed the chance, when they toured
But this awesome band
Nearly all Scottish born
True Rockers in any form
And about this track
For this poem I write
Rosie and Bon
Good night


The Sky is Crying

12.40am, August 27th 1990
A sadness for many
And the music community

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Chicago bound
Helicopter Bell 260B
Hillside it found

It crashed in the fog
Denying my ears
To hear SRV
For many years

In a twist of fate
It was his brother's seat
Jimmy climbed down
The last they would meet

Tributes poured in
For this guitarist gem
Stevie Vai, Buddy Guy
Hall of Fame

Double Trouble, Southern Class
Dallas Texas, brother loss
Thank you SRV
For the music you brought to me

lĕh-'nérd 'skin-'nérd

A Southern Band, so grandeur
Always professional as they tuned and toured
The Skynyrds, as i grew up with them
Southern gals and Southern men

Rossington, Medlocke and the famous Van Zants
Straight Southern Rock without a slant
Boogie riffs, and maybe a spliff
But what they produced, was my music wish 

In 77, their world fell apart
This horrific plane crash, did its worst
Cassie, Stevie and Robbie Van Z
The pilots and Dean, died at the scene
Three days after, this title tasker
Ironically titled Street Survivors

The courage and love
As they moved through the years
Every time i play them
It brings a few tears

My only wish is too see them live
Absorb their music capture their vibes
Wave their flags, as they do each tour
And wish all their lives to be so pure

The above words are from who i am
James from Scotland just - A Simple Man


Heaven and Hell 1980

Mr Ronnie James Dio
The Sign of the Southern Cross
Black Sabbath Mob Rules
 We are " Children Of The Sea " look out
     *< Dedicated to Catie Lindsey >*





Doodled Whilst Listening

Allman brothers creedence
Desperado eagles free
Galactic heart indigenous
Journey kiss loverboy
Mountain nantucket outlaws
Pink queen rush                  
Styx thunder u2
Vixen wanted xtc
Yes zucchero

" Doodling away while i was listening to Black Sabbath "

The Great Gig in the Sky

Heavens Gate the crowd to be
Blues-ed and Rocked
Lures me
Forgotten cream
Of our Music past
Down on Earth
It will always last
Hendrix, Kossoff, guitarists so
Bon Scott, leader we know
Phil Lynott, bassist past
Cozy Powell, their memories last
What these guys have left behind
Future players they will find
It's our right what we must do
Portray their sounds to me and you
What they have done
Is the reason why
They now are
The Great Gig in the Sky 




Imagine By John for Yoko

In the annuls of time
A song was written
By John Lennon
In love and smitten

His Japanese girl
Had caught his eye
Was it
The Beatles demise

The songs he wrote
Since the Beatles departed  
It was 1971
And his new career started

In this year
His most famous write
A year after the Beatles
Disappeared from sight

His heart now captured
By a Japanese girl
Imagine that
His heart in a twirl

Her poetry inspired
For John to write
Her World War two horrors
Brought to light

For his inspiration
In his writing suit
Yoko Ono's book

Imagine a raindrop
Imagine the clouds dripping
Give peace a chance
Listen to John's singing

In dedication to an Ex-Beatle whose awesome track " Imagine "                     

                          is sung all through out the world