Lusting Abyss, his Darkness

Darkness is he, soulless totally
It's abyss he commands, desiring what he sees

In front of him stands a virgin, pure as the driven snow
For white he knows it is, upon she his darkness will show

Long haired and silken clad, his lusting eyes allure his own
Is it fear that makes her pert, or the fear of being alone


Upon his lap she stands, so minute to his ogre mass
Her silken attire now torn, talon fingers on she he grasps

Innocent flesh he craves, to satisfy his empty soul
In his lusting abyss, his darkness will soon unfold


Petite, pert so perfect, ageing hands of his darkened past
Cup her porcelain charms, so grotesque is his grasp

Leering eyes of void, now alive to this virgins flesh
Excitement fills his wants, this maiden near total undress

A strangeness falls amidst this darkened scene
Has she succumbed, is she in the middle or has she seen


To his torso of centuries old, attention is drawn to he
Reciprocating she kisses in touch, with drooling eyes he sees

This virgin standing in front of him, allured now is she
So minute to his ogre mass, content she appears to be


Lips touching taste, eyes closed, are they in wonderment
Has she entered his darkened abyss, or is he now heaven sent

Lashing tongues, like a fencing épée now drawn
When his dark met her light, I struggle for the forlorn

Breaths are seldom apart, it's as if magnetic, they are
This join of abyss fuelled white, seems so bizarre


Lecherousness in his tasting rush, her scent he delves in deep
This virgin, this maiden so taken, to him now she seeps

Like diamonds, her pertness rises, en-capturing her charms
So different when she stood before him, all in alarm


Tailored they are not, such a difference in size
This virgin maiden so white, soon to be in firm cries

Thralled he now becomes, induced in his darkened dark
He now revels in his taken, amidst thighs of perfection arch

Forlorn has now become, a joining of lustful desires
Black locks now sway with delight, the dark now afire


Positioning, seasoned they are, in joyful joining crave
Now the darkness has seen the light, in typical deprave

Sighs now resonate, amidst his darkened dingy hell
The allure of purring white, increase his darkening swell


The number four shows form, pleasurable are their colours
Where normally it takes daylight to glow, to nurture natures flower

Resonating to elation, affirming these coloured bonds
The indifference of, blinded severely in respond

Amidst his darkening dark, sighs abound from two
In preach, clouded sermon is relayed, to run this virgin through


Such closeness in revel they, tongues asping if desiring more
What shall be the outcome, who addresses life's future door

Fervent zeal remains, against this backdrop of darkened hell
Yet, she demands and delivers he, again his body swells


Content, now comfort reached, she resides within his grip
Engulfed has the white become on this entering darkening trip

Saliva drenched, his head now bowed, engrossed, achievement said
Enriched by absorbing the white, amidst both, this stead

Her looks of hunger abound, naked like birth, blossomed rife
Do we dare to think of our surface, and what becomes of life


Like a sweetened girl in love, she looks up and admires the dark
One can only fear our tomorrows, our white dove joins his stark

Her body perky and peached, en-riched, she's now bowled over
Leg raised in content, in his dark there can be called clover


An aching hunger cries for more, in torrid lustful bites
His talons become their union, this darkened redded night

Taking, she invites him so, to suckle on her charms
Is this the virgin we knew, who once stood all alarmed

Manipulated she now is, her abundance he's now in grace
Shall she bow to her superior, in his darkly grimly place


Entwined they re-unite, as she absorbs his ogre charms
Invitingly she takes, her lips like a welcoming balm

He's tasted, taken in, in release he's in comfort gain
Her light engrossed with his dark, goes against the grain


Warm, fuelled and spent, in exhausted appreciation
Is this what we're heading for, since the dawn of creation

Head now bowed in thought, is this lusting wonderment
Does he know his spirits flowed, does he know he's heaven sent

He looks down on his captor, having chosen his darkend choice
To seduce this virgin white, having done, he's raised his voice


Whilst she walks away she gathers, thoughts, her tattered shreds
Her silken robes of white, from the surface they are said

Will we ever know the outcome, of the virgin standing alarmed
Just who has seduced who, who has taken who's charm


To the surface this ogre looks, this lustful fuelled night
Slowly he opens his eyes, from their dark, their brightly white