My Life, My Past

My life, my past, is always there
Whilst the mirror awaits I see it stare

It's haunted me daily for many years
How do I escape these infernal fears

Medication, sedation captures my mind
I'm finding myself of a different kind

I'm now in life's circle where do I turn
Internally captured internally I burn

My life, my past, has always been there
I've opened life's door, I find one who cares

The Beating of Me

Please take a scalpel, I'll understand
And make your incision with either hand
Pull back my skin no intrusion is met
Tell me what you see does it sit well set

My flesh, like curtains now open I show
The beating of me my inner glow
This is how I feel since the day we first met
For as long as I live I'll never regret

Distance is relative to birds on the wing
Harmony is theirs as long as they sing
When their song is now silenced, decisions made
New memories are lived, but they eventually fade


If All I Did

If all I did, was make you feel wanted
Then why do I feel as if I am being haunted
Day after day, night after night
I was there for you within your sight

Then our lives start to look after themselves
You live your liberty whilst I stay on the shelf
Then my life changes and freedom comes my way
Where were you last night is all I hear you say

Jealousy kicks in with an anger that follows
The hidden you I find so hard to swallow
Vindictive is your attitude that beggars belief
Your not there in my peripheral, now that's a relief

Me, well I'm just me and grudges I do not bare
If all I did, was to make you feel wanted, I now don't care

Burning Bridges

Today in my life and it's peripheral view
Through my tired weary eyes, do I see it as true

Trials and tribulations on it's hour to hour life
I'm just a shadow of whom I was, entering into strife

The past and it's darkness has taken it's percentage toll
As it leaves me in clawing nowhere, feasting on it's goal

A light that I had seen appear, was just a glowworm in the mist
Yet all through my bleak, the shadows of my past persist

I'm reaching out to nothing, even I know it's not there
Whilst internally they laugh at me, knowing that they don't care

Although my eyes now tired, they allow me, I to know
And be rid of this hour to hour life, I'm tired I have to go

Looking at the Moon

Alba, remember, but will you remember me
Be where I can see you, but me you will not see

For I have been finally, driven underground
Returned to where I came, to die without a sound

And all because one day, in the month of February
An Aura appeared to me, my eyes caressed to see

Amidst these living days in absorbency two became
No culture, just our pasts, no one was too blame

In our living lives we choked, in throw ejected we
Poisoned absorbency bled, as we look around and see

In decision midst we're lost, to be answered soon
Alba, remember, but will you remember us

Looking at the moon.

" Many thanks Mr Tony Carey for the inspiration through your track title "


Barely out of her teens, just seventeen
To be like the rest, she has to be seen

Peer power, to be amidst, life's pressure shows
Her hunger to be accepted, internally grows

Dark corners she turns into an unseen abyss
Becomes a parents nightmare, she's still in wish

No matter their words to allure her to family life
Peer power, she's amidst, deeper in strife

From alcohol to drugs to sleeping around
What becomes of ones daughter, so quiet and sound

Then came the day, but does their nightmare end
Their daughter so precious, into darkness descend

Peer power has taken, entangled she has become
No longer is she amidst, her blood no longer runs

Bravado, call it what you like, was a bridge to far
Peer power, now just forgotten, a momentary star

Seven Blank Tiles Speak

If I had seven free tiles
I know the word I would make
And when you know my word
We need it for earth's sake

The word that I have chosen
Chowa is what it means to me
It's what will reunite us all
The word is simply harmony


Killing Yourself to Live

As our today's go into tomorrow are they all that they seem
Why does life become so in this living reality dream

Pressures, fissures of souls infiltrated
Did it show on our birth scan that our life's perforated

Did we sense our peripheral as we entered life's room
In no way did we imagine that we're from the womb to the tomb

Are all our in-betweens all that we must achieve
For day to day is a door we must enter if we're surely to breathe

In each gasp we take allows us to be as free as can be
Thankfully for senses that hind-sights not to see

The fortunate in us are the ones who can look back
And deliver what's true, whilst so many did lack

As our today's go into tomorrow are they all that they seem
Why does life become such in this living reality scream

Sleeping on the Sidewalk

Many days we walk past, never realising as to who he is
Whilst many of us live in comfort ignoring their poorly bliss

Do some of us even glance to these silhouhettes in doorway lie
I wonder do we even absorb, and to even ask them why

Do we ever stop and wonder as to why they have become as such
Was it family circumstances, or has existing become too much

I, I have to admit, are one who has passed them by
As I grow older, more learned and wiser, I now ask myself why


Through My Eyes

I have lived this world nigh on fifty years
But day after day, through my eyes I see are fears

The fears are upon my shoulders, they encompass me
If we all looked through my eyes it's not difficult to see

The fear of our planet dying, the present don't seem to care
Through my eyes I see, in desperation stare

Species that abound around us, are entitled like us to thrive
Yet day after day, through my eyes they struggle to survive

Then there are us, intelligent we are assumed to be
Not through my eyes, I still see us in their trees


Once I Was

Darkening clouds approach, pending consume

Existing days appear less

I'm outside, once inside

River Deep, Mountain High

How do we ever know whom we've come to know
All we see is their periphery, externally on show
But what resides from within, can be River Deep, Mountain High
With levels we can't seem to count, internally they cry

Internally they cry, into a world we can't comprehend
It's no wonder they appear like this, if me, I'd be round the bend
One minute their world seems so right, suddenly a darkness descends
All it took was explainable, but a different signal they send

A different signal they send, yet it's receiver appears to know
What was there originally no longer appears to show
Just like a pendulum swinging, to the left and to the right
No middle happy medium, for when it stops out goes their light

When it stops out goes their light, and a darkness descends
Maybe it's what they had become, driven round the bend


Whilst the Clock Ticks

Whilst the clock ticks, appear memories of her past
For three faces she owns, which would be the one that lasts

Would it be the one from old, or the one from her recent past
For three faces she owns, which would be the one that lasts

Many words were shared, to the future forget the past
For three faces she owns, which would be the one that lasts

Whilst the clock ticks, reality now met her past
For three faces she owned, it's the older one that lasts


Hugs That We Once Shared

Hugs that we once shared, lasted just a glimpse in time
If only I could read her mind, and imagine what I'd find

Would I find a woman of truth, or a woman of trust
Or a woman with a mind, whose mind has turned to rust

To drift into anothers world, and promise them the earth
Hugs that we once shared, does it really make them worth

They only lasted a glimpse of time, happened they never should
If I could turn back time, your damn right I would



On my knees in my bedroom, surrounded by
Emotions too strong, no wonder I cry

We had only just met, a few months ago
I gave unto he, as he internally showed

Week by week, my heart captured by he
We even carved our names, in the park on a tree

He told me he loved me, so captured I was
I gave unto he, as he externally pawed 

Naive, but so young, my life went with the flow
My heart in know, in excitement pump I'd grow

I'm fourteen years old, I'm not really me
But inside I carry his child, who one day will be free


Compact Pact

What I am writing about, is a simple four letter word
It's a word that's rarely used, in life or in daily homes
The reasoning behind this word, is too never to let it roam

This word that I've been invited to write about
It's so invisible that we rarely do see
But this word so resonates, in peripheral, it surrounds thee

Please now open ones eyes, be compact and tell
For the word I describe is pact, used correctly, this word works well