Moulded Undulations

We showered together so sweet
Wetted bodies in desirable greet
Each others hands roaming over our souls
Smoothed undulations meeting some moles

Me, I had only a few
But on my Missy, I found more when I viewed
To my knees I decided to squat
Up her body I joined them dots

With delightful touch I climbed
Having found three on her curvy behind
Then progressing up to her back
Six more then they started to lack

So now I have to head back down
Looking for moulded circles of brown
Past her thighs I'm now back on the floor
What a most interesting way to explore

The total I found was nine
Six on her back and three on her behind
This was such an interesting goal
Roaming our hands over each others wetted souls

In Perfect Harmony

The tree and the vine in perfect harmony
Growing together the way it should be
Their lives cross like veins of life
Yet they stay together through natures strife

In general they are, in the world we live
Although their are some who never forgive
They can suffocate, consume with a passion
Leave life so frail, grey to ashen

Then there are us humans, well what can I say
We are so like them in every way
Even we can live in harmony
Unlike the tree and the vine, more we should be 

Our Lost Women

The oldest trade in historical times
In many places it still is a crime
     Defrocked from their gowns
     Some even took it lying down
It's the sad ladder of life some climb 

Schooldays Sweethearts

Schooldays sweethearts, they grew through their teens
Enjoying life together living their young scenes

He knew there would be a day to complete their task
He went down on one knee, he'd a question to ask

My darling Elaine will you please marry me
I want to be with you for all eternity

Their day arrives inside the church he awaits
A silver Rolls Royce arrives at the gates

Out steps a lassie in splendid bridal gown
Sparkling in white with her diamond tiara crown

The music plays as she walks down the aisle
So gorgeous and radiant as we await her smile

She lifts her veil as she faces her husband to be
As we await their vows for the whole church to see

The words we have waited for are beautifully said
I do to each other as now they are wed

The reception awaits and the cutting off the cake
As they share a kiss remembering their first date

The Beach

That day on the beach
Brings back childhood memories
Such precious moments

Our Paradise Island

Our destination is an island out there
In an ocean of blue with sands so fair
It has everything you would want on a paradise isle
Scenery so beautiful you can't help but smile

We set of from the pier in the Florida Keys
Journeying down south going with the breeze
Down to Panama via it's amazing canal
Sailing into the moonlight me and my gal

From ocean to ocean, Atlantic to the Pacific
Through this engineering gem, just incredible, terrific
The expanse we desire is within our sights
Out past the horizon will be many our night

With the waves we sailed to our yonder blue
Amidst colouring skies of beautiful hue
Whilst shapes from the deep shadow our course
Through the waters they ease with effortless force

Ahead in the distance we hear a thunderous crash
Breakers of white in foamy strewn splash
Sea birds aplenty in torpedo dive
Their feeding frenzy for survival strive

We anchor offshore in a lagoon so calm
As we row to the shore viewing delightful palms
Swaying in the breeze like a chorus of arms
On this paradise island showing one of it's charms

We settle into the evening in our new island home
Sleeping into tomorrow around it's shores we will roam
Living life to the full in this blissful surround
Happiness in tranquillity around us abounds  

Loved Invaders

What festers inside the minds of these
No matter who you are, ignoring your plea's
A father, mother a relative a friend
It beggars belief that I can't comprehend

To ogle and leer until their time is right
Await their chance in the day or the night
These loved invaders decided your theirs
Not a care in the world for innocent youngsters tears

Sodomised, beaten raped and degraded
Do they think for a moment of who they've invaded
When they walk away without a care in the world
Realising the damage to either a boy or a girl

They awake to their tomorrows all innocent and pure
Never in fear of being caught, or even a cure
Whilst I and those others have to live with this fail
It can be the end of some as their lives finally sail

When they are done with you, it's a sibling a mate
Their evil transcends to continue, to desecrate
Multiple victims as we have already heard
They plead their innocence, saying it's totally absurd

The hurting fear that's left in the mind of the taken
Where love once was is reft to forsaken
The brave speak out, I wish I was one of those
Then the fears are released or they internally grow

Society must cleanse these scum of the earth
Allow kids to live, and deliver them to earth
It's where they belong, every single one of them
As it's stopped boys and girls, turning into ladies and men