Winters Orphans

Whilst she amazes
Seasonal changes can turn
Traumatically ~*~

Some species succumb
Amongst them are Bald Eagles
Her winters orphans ~*~


The Tree we Grew to Love

At the bottom of our garden
Standing for many many years
Below seasonal greens and blossoms
And all of natures tears

This gem of harvesting joy
Showered crops of richness grow
For season after season
When autumn came it showed

It's fruits of life stood out
Against the nature of each day
And all who graced this marvel
Were always said to say

This tree from mother earth
Has given year after year
In rain, hail or shine
In beautiful appear

Again this year we were graced
With baskets of apple gold
But sadness cloaked our hearts
For our tree would never grow old

The first winter storm
Spewed bolts of lightning blue
Amidst the claps of thunder
Was gone the tree we knew

We were awoken in the night
By creaks of deafening cry
Looking out the window
Brought tears to our eyes

This marvel that we grew up with
Was cut down in it's prime
For nature had decided
That this was not it's time

The very next morning
Amongst the devastation
Was our tree of life
Shattered, lay her creation

Now many months have passed
On this stump we have grown to love
And recall that stormy night
And that bolt from above

Autumn Falls

The air chills slightly ¬
Leaves whistle in careful touch
Whilst the nights draw in ~
Blued skies mingle against greys
Autumn is calling the tune ~~~

Greenery now turns ¬
Her vibrantly yesterdays
In chameleon change ~
Richness of colours now flow
Blends of the fall so grace us ~~~

Cobalt laden skies ¬
Amidst the ebony dark
Impending storms close ~
The passing of Summer, stark
What we lose today, returns ~~~

Spring Pastel Hue

Pastels in bright hue
Sporodic ebony limbs
Soon to be blessed ~~~

With green lush mosses
Whilst all around this haven 
blooms to it's fullest


My Arabian White

Majestic he looks
My Arabian stallion
He's whiter than white
So placid to all around
His name, we call him Snowflake

A Cry for Help

My name is Peter the Pelican
I'm nothing special at all
I fly around as I'm supposed to
But this day I was close to a fall

Every day when I take to the skies
They are blue and sometimes grey
But this day I never imagined
That my bluey seas would decay

Oozing from metal giants
Now appearing after millions of years
Mans honey as they seem to be happy
Every find I hear all their cheers

One day their tears turned to shouts
For much of it was getting away
My blue was turning to a distasteful mix
In the place where I always played

One day without a care in the world
As I dived for a meal one morn
On surfacing I struggled to respond
Splashing I became so worn

My feathers were not responding
I'm drifting close to the shore
Amid a sea of thickening black
I sense the closing of my pores

What little strength I have left
As I lie in decaying kelp
I flap my wings and hope in my heart
Someone hears a cry for help

Patchwork Quilts Abound

Seasonal harvests,
show glorious scenery 
Below azure blues
her response, golden spreads grace
Patchwork quilts abound in awe