The Cobra sleeps
As the Apache AH-64D awakens
This attack helicopter
Delivers the forsaken

With it's tandem cockpit
Reverse-tricycle landing gear
At the forefront of theatre
It's enemy will fear

Hellfires and Hydra's
M230 Chain Gun
As the lead rains down
Cutting down the unwanted ones

Into service they were delivered
In March 97'
This breed has arisen
They now start delivering

This creation called Longbow
With it's cannon of fire
Arrows from the hip
If it's for freedom, then we require

Bloodied Souls

Conflicts and troubles
Continents and tribes
Tomorrows left reft
Children, their future
In wanton describe ~~~~~

Maiming to kill
Shooting to thrill
Crimson will spill
Genocidal ~~~~

Soldiers they
Boys and girls
In whose world ~~~

These young
Bloodied ~~

Souls ~ 


The button now pressed ¬~
In modern melted mould, we ~¬~
now die, a spent race ¬~


We Are One and the Same

Once again although we are one and the same
One strikes another in confrontational shame
The thirty eighth parallel shows that man has not lost
To discuss through weapons, no matter the cost

Diplomacy with thought, before all leaders speak
Just listen to each other as it's peace that we all seek
It's not just your own lives that you play with today
Escalation of conflict brings others their say

History tells us that no one really gains
Only generations present, will feel wars pains
No care is ever given when decisions to fight are made
Whilst we await the screaming whistles of their hostile serenade

We live in the world of conscience, mans dark abyss
Whilst the majority enjoy the light, peace is their wish
Will there ever be a day, when man may finally learn
To abide by life and decency that decent people yearn


Stains of Life

Into the world, pure ~*~
we protect and shelter, whilst
life's avenues open ~~~
sadly, the fortunes of war
displays our lost, stains of life ~*~

Hell's Bell

Warmongering man *¬
devastation abounds he ~
rife deliverer,
for whom Hell's Bell is tolling *¬
genius of stupidity ~

I Knew We Would Meet One Day

We had never met before
In-trepidation absorbed my emotions
Knowing today is the day
It's hitting me in slow motion

Our meet is drawing near
As I await this moment in time
My heart now beats a little faster
Losing it's normal rhyme

Around the corner I go
As I see her standing there
Beauty just as I imagined
This time it's polite to stare

Her figure delights me so
As it would to many a man
We meet, we touch
My eyes now in loving scan

I sit down elated with joy
Knowing I'll remember this day for ever
Finally meeting the Lockheed SR-71
Not of nature, but a Blackbird so clever