Mediterranean Undressing

This rock of the brave
In the Mediterranean Sea
There is a Maltese Maiden
A lure for me

We will meet in it's Capital
Steeped in history
Valletta is it's name
But for tonight it's our chemistry

After a three hour flight
In Malta I land
To the hotel I am taken
Corinthia Marina so grand

I am now booked in
On my balcony I await
Looking over St George's Bay
For my Maltese date

I hear a knock at the door
As I open at ease
A beautiful sight I see
Has my blue eyes in please

A dark haired maiden
With skin so tanned
So beautifully dressed
Like a million grand

On the balcony we sit
With a vintage red wine
My heart is pounding
At her beauty so fine

I lay down my glass
In pursuit of a kiss
She responds like a magnet
Our lips now in bliss

I take her by the hand
My Maltese girl
My heart pounding
In an ever ending twirl

Into my arms I take her
In kissing embrace
Our hands now in wander
In undressing grace

We fall on the bed
Of silken sheets
Where our adventure begins
As our bodies meet

In carnal crave
We join as one
As we are shadow dancing
In the late evening sun

The depths of our love
As we share our potions
In arched sync
Rhythmic explosions

As we sigh and groan
At the moment we have shared
For tonight on this brave island
Our love has been declared

We awake in the morning
Entwined in each others arms
And our sensuous joys
Loving charms

We spend the day
Holding hands and kissing
With my Maltese Maiden
In many years, we'll be reminiscing



My Spaceship " New Horizons "

I remember one day
When I was young
To fly into space
As earths atmosphere's sprung

I have thought and thought
Of what it would be like
To build a spaceship
And finally take flight

Where would i start
And how would it look
Materials I would use
To be built by the book

Design is important
Although no drag would be there
A crew it would carry
To take us out there

Now let me think
Where do I start
Think like Noah
When he built the Ark

Strength is important
So it will be carbon fibre
With reinforced Aluminium
Lighter, but harder

When moulded and crafted
It will be delta winged
Fusion driven
This spaceship will bring

At Hypersonic speed
It's delta wings close
When it hits Mach 8
It's speed and elegance shows

It's mainframe computers
Will be IBM
Emblazoned on it's fuselage
The logo of them

My spaceship will carry
A crew of twelve
Disciples we will be
For out in space we will delve

How to build a spaceship
Thank you for reading the above
For it's journey will be
Earths futures peaceful white dove


My entry into Matt Caliri's contest " How to Build a Spaceship "


Live for Tomorrow

Her writes are touching
They bring tears to your eyes
You can sense her fears
From the woman inside

Through the eyes of another
Saying " the time has come "
To begin the climb
Towards the sun

The other side
Under the moonlit sky
Suicide " feelings of "
The questions, why?

Please forgive me
Today's the day 
I'm finally free
No looking back for me, as I pray

It's now or never
Please remember me
My hidden thoughts
Will set me free

I have a dream
So far away
I believe its time
Don't cry when you say

   I wonder, I remember
   Life is to short
   On reflection
   The above I abort
   On the wings of an angel
   I will travel one day
   But until that time
   This lost soul will stay

   Dear Lord
   Is there a heaven?
   A little precious angel says
   My family, love and faith
   Will see me through my days


Having read a poets poems yesterday, i wrote this using the titles
                              to her sad but heartfelt pieces

Meandering Rivers, Streams and Burns

Meandering rivers, streams and burns
Zig zagging, flowing in contour turns

Sparkling waters as pure as can be
Flow through the glens and down to the seas

Much life is found in these translucent waters
Species of fish, and delightful otters


Along these rivers, streams and burns
Grow many grasses, trees and ferns

Varieties of greens in wonderment bloom
A most beautiful sight is natures front room

Her seasons dictate, the rise and the fall
The pictures she paints, delightfully enthrals


These graceful rivers, streams and burns
Lured us to settle, for beside the seas we yearned  

Villages turned into towns, and towns into cities
For the lure of these waters, some murky some pretty

For all around the world, the patterns the same
These are just a few, the Thames, Ness and the Seine


Look after all waters as they are all our concern
Our meandering rivers, streams and burns 


" My entry into Brian's contest Flow, River, Flow  "


Felis silvestris lybica

Are ancient domesticated cats from an Arabic land
Is it where they came from, as history understands

But this is not so, they lived and graced
For in Cyprus was found, a skeleton in place

Egypt was favourite, until that burial place was found
Interned with its master, on Mediterranean ground

They evolved from wildcats in Africa at large
Five self-domesticating, in evolutionary charge

So the cats you see today, came from them
All coloured so different, every single one a gem


My entry into Constance's " Cat Tails contest "


Natures Winter

Natures winter is upon us
It's her turn to bloom
With greys and whites
With impending consume

The decay of Autumn
Already lies on the ground
Rain, frost and snow
Will carpet our surround

For months she will grace us
In delight and despair
Scenery so amazing
Will leave us in stare

Floods and drifts
Will impede our way
The frosts hampering growth
In our business way

But this is all very natural
As she finds ways to compensate
Although her winter is genius
She will recreate


My entry into Laura's " Winter's Adornment " contest 


From Thoughts to Paper
I like to write poetry, for my mind it soothes
If my writing is read, hopefully I have reached out and introduced me
My writes are in rhyme with a dabble of others
Its an apprenticeship I am in, more learned I become
I write at my desk on my laptop and PC
Browsing for information to add credence to my work
My writing follows no agenda it's as free as my words
My portfolio of themes comes from inspiration of many
I may see a picture and words grace my eyes
If I read a poets poem, their words can induce an idea
So when you read my work, it's from the recipe above
Its more than a hobby now, it's something i love
My entry into Deborah Guzzi's " How DO You do it??? contest "

Scotland has to be Seen

In the countryside in bloom adorn
Beautiful scenery for all to see
The sun shines down, it's full of life
Different shades of different greens

Through the glens our trips begun
So many sights that have to be seen
Feel the passion of hearts so brave
This land called Alba, peacefully serene

    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world  
    Best place in the world, best place in the world
    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world

So come and see our beauty hoard
So many sights for you to explore
Different vistas, makes us say

    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world
    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world

To live and die in the Highlands breeze
A world apart a different breed
We are the Scots, no in between
So please visit Alba, it has to be seen

    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world
    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world


My entry into John Heck's " BEATLEMANIA SING-ALONG contest "
          please sing-along to the tune of Yellow Submarine

My Last Tour

My last tour of duty is finally near
To never see again this barren frontier
My heart beats wildly to be with my wife
To live tomorrow and beyond and get on with our lives

I dream of the airport as my plane touches down
To run into her arms in kissing drown
Rushing of home to continue our bliss
Thoughts of our love drives me to wish after wish

Our romantic want starts since many a night
Rose petals, candles and champagne delight
Silk sheets and oils to well into the morn
The delight of our union, in nine months our first born

To love and to cherish my wife forever
Our hearts as one, and never to sever


My entry into Laura's " A Romantic Longing " contest


To the Italian Poetess, from the Highlander

This Saturday morning
As I logged on to the Soup
A blog I read
Left me cock-a-hoop

Our Italian poetess
Has decided to stay
So we can read and comment
For many a day

In her writing
She has her own style
Some make people worry
But make many people smile

This Highlander can say
With a smile on his face
That this Italian poetess
Is back home, in her place


Through Hemispheric Skies

I look down on earth
From my orbit high
Peering through the clouds
Hemispheric skies
I see paradise

Continents five
Oceans of blues
Countries of many 
Will start anew

Flags will fly
Join as one



My entry into Catie Lindsey's " What the Hex contest "


Nuts to the Skipper

There once was a skipper called Handy
With his girl crew became very randy.
   In his strategic place,
   One kick see his face,
He now sings soprano, just like Mandy.

My entry into Carolyn's " Sea Tale Limerick's "