When Ravens Fly

It was on the eve of Sunday, November 2nd, 1834
The day grew dark and gloomy like it never had before
Island sounds in diminish, a hush befalls my ears
The community of Amhuinnsuidhe was about to enter fear

A Princess known as Raven who died in years gone by
Foretold before her death beware when Ravens fly
For out there in the Minch a mist will waft it's way
Azure skies will fade and turn a graphite grey

Periodic clouds of jet will shadow in drifts of gloom
The underbellies of the Ravens show, soon they'll share their doom
And on the tor she'll stand silently looking over her lands
Dressed in black, in her now greying ebony strands

As she turns to face the village, her Ravens circle overhead
Whilst the mist now starts to settle revealing the islands dead
Ancient burial stones now rise from their overgrown sacred grounds
Shadows from a forgotten past arise in ghostly abound

Cloaked darkened shapes slowly drift on their mists of time
Silent in their approach to Amhuinnsuidhe they'll undermine
Carnage will be their cater to avenge their Princesses death
To cast out all the living to leave this community reft

The above I read to you, are the memories of who survived
My ancestors escaped this day, and I'm thankful they never died
As I look out on the Minch, at grey clouds looming in the skies
My mind recalls words earlier read, beware when Ravens fly


Where Crows Never Caw

In demonic stare she sighs and writhes
Alluring like honey to take their lives
Attraction so dark, even crows never caw
This Gothic she, beyond the lights law

With out stretched arms invited they be
From the darkest light they come through the trees
The flutter of silk wings in crimsoned red
She pouts her face no fear she dreads

Her followers in accomplish, in taste of blood
Returning to she, now in redded flood
Angels of her dark in skeletal trees they stare
Where crows never caw, for they dare not dare

A new dawn now arises, as she quietly lays
Awaiting the return of the full moons display
Once again she'll sigh and writhe, in demonic stare
For she awaits the light, and the innocents share


From the Dark's Within

Dark gloomy clouds gather on this moonless night
The light a few hours earlier by now has taken flight

A chill fills the air where before it had been so mild
Now the darkness downs the sun no longer smiles

Beside an eerie copse I hear the sounds of a violin
A Gothic maiden she, summons from the dark's within

As the gloomy clouds disperse, black shadows dance
Winged angels of the dark are captured with her trance

From amidst the darkened forest, shapes begin to appear
The chosen from the light, for now their time is near

Hoards of silhouetted shadows descend from the night
Their victims in bloodied frenzy, their eyes pecked on sight

From the dark forest they came, they are never to return
The Gothic maidens tune, has lured their souls to burn

As the new dawns arises, clothes lie in scattered torn
Whilst the army of her dark, welcomes her newly born 

Across a Darkening Sky

Ashen grey clouds in drift, across a darkening sky
A solitary soul stands whilst the ravens no longer fly
They settle on the gravestones, gathering in the trees
For soon they'll be summoned, ignoring the weakening pleas

The hooded figure signals, like thunder their wings flap
Arms now folded in stance as they gather for their attack
Amidst the greying sky flies an unkindness of black
For soon they'll release their anger, there will be no lack

Towards the town they head in stealthily gliding ease
Riding the storms thermals, being carried on it's breeze
An unsuspecting township oblivious in their surround
For soon in sporadic scatter amidst this black inbound

No religion colour or creed is spared their pecking beaks
For it's the blood of the human that desires their darkened seek
Lacerated weeping bodies in frenzied crimson run
Zig zagging like headless chickens, as to why this has begun

Cloven Inscribe

Cloven he sits in his past full of fear
On Salisbury Plains this Hades so near

Tee shaped stones in time gone fall
For fear laden stand they rose so tall

Scratch marks, chisels of a long lost past
Marks of the hoof inscribed to last

This Solstice we know in Summers heat
Time will drape, when again hoofed scrapes meet


Eyes Closed Shut

After thirteen years time embeds
The cutting knife in deepened said
Twisted in torque in my wreaked abyss
Eyes closed shut, could be my wish

Maybe I'll awaken in a different world
Where nobody hears, because nobodies heard
The bleak in me from cobalt to black
Eyes closed shut, there will be no lack

And upon the out, where I'll drift with time
Knowing I've decided to leave ones prime
No roaming in the gloaming, no more pain
Eyes closed shut, never to open again 


Amidst my Futures Past

For what purpose after purpose do we come and go
Entering from utopia whilst life bestows
Sharpened corners lacerate living skin
Unknown of it's actions that happen within

Reflection to selection ones choice is made
To deliver one from breathing with the help of a blade
Elation to relief in translucent surround
Whilst my crimson flows without a sound

Weakened ripples run as I feel myself drain away
Another statistic, on just another of my days
Tunnelled tired eyes in tearful strain
As I turn my light to black, my living no longer reigns

Look at me I'm nowhere to be seen
Drifting in time as if in a long lost dream
The soul of I amidst the futures past
We are born to die not one of us lasts

Hearing Butterfly Wings

I sit in my dark blinded by life
Hearing butterfly wings, so free from strife
My desire to be released in liberty free
To flutter my days as they should be

For each and every day when I close my eyes
Hearing butterfly wings amidst my cries
To feel the strength to step through the door
As I recall when I did, many years before

I'm sitting in my dark blinded by life
Hearing butterfly wings, as I hold the knife
My desire to be released in liberty free
As my life slowly trickles in crimson spree