The Behistun Inscription

World heritage site
Multilingual script
The God's place or land






Shajarat al-Hayah " Prosopis cineraria " 

Tree of Life, stands in
A place completely free of
Water, and survives

This unique tree stands alone in the desert, about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) from the Jebel Dukhan,
the highest point in Bahrain. It is considered a Natural Wonder.

Temple of Athena

Enduring Symbol
Athenian Monument
Is The Parthenon


East Berlin
Before the wall fell
Under the lamppost
In silhouette tell

So still they stood
To a window they look
They put the fear of death
In scare ridden spook

These Ministry shadows
Who haunted neighbourhoods  
Persecuting the weak
Because they know they could

After the wall fell
It became their demise
This Stasi, State Security
In all out despise

Many people died
Or simply disappeared
By these silhouettes under the lamppost
That a nation feared

After the wall fell
They were hunted and traced
This Stasi, State Security
Have finally been erased

Culture's Shaped the Wreath

This symbol, the wreath, in cultures of our past
In our modern world, a Christmas ring that's here to last
Made of flowers, leaves, twigs and various fruits
Around the world their decorated, in individual suit

Strength and harsh winters, symbolised by the evergreens
Eternity in it's circumference, for many Christmas winter scenes
It's now so much in our culture, and forever it will last
To the Greeks and the Romans, I salute your cultural past