Entwined they Become

In slow dance touch amidst vanilla scents
Below her white attire we desire to vent
Naked are we birthday-suit bare
Her tanned undulations lures me to there

Dancing like swans on the lake of true love
Gliding across marble just thee and thy dove
Our bath we view across petals of rose
Whilst the man in me excitingly grows

Slowly we undress against a backdrop of flame
Our shadows now naked displaying shapely frames
Pert now firm two bodies lie awake
Tongues now fencing desiring passions intake

Spooned we are bathing her porcelain skin
Sighs as we touch soon to be within
Pillar of I being stroked like a cat
She rises gently on my thighs she's now sat

Her wetted external caught in the candle light
Shapes of she pert in joyous delight
Fingers caressing pink, moistened to sweet
As she turn her head our lusting lips meet

Hungry mouths taste, moans, groans resonate
Echoed voices in join, bodies vibrate
Nails grip skin engraving as they scribe
Woman and man as we internally collide

Movements of delight reach eruption flow
Bulging lips hug as we steadily grow
Imminent joys as we control our pace
Internally we erupt in our lovingly grace

Reached we implode amidst bubbles of lust
Orgasmic feelings released from our thrust
We exit our bathe drying each other in caress
On our bed we lie naked and blessed


Oh! Those Bubbles

For beneath these bubbles, lies a porcelain skin
Shapes of she submerged within
Undulations in rest amidst this misty place
All that appears is a maidens face

In slow rise she stands so wet
Images this poet will never forget
Bubbles in places where hands should delight
Curvaceous she, a most beautiful sight

For now with this towel I'll dry you down
Hands in adventure like a loving gown
Places of delight allows you to sigh
As I stand before you, you with those eyes

We walk on rose petals I had laid down before
Leading to heaven through our bedroom door
Naked to bare as you lie on our bed
Lips now in touch, love shall be said  

Whilst the Moon Shone

Undressed we are upon hallowed ground
Where hands find gems in loving surround
Your pertness in arise at my fingertips
Tongues fencing within lustful lips

My hands now wander in caressing find
Sighs and groans release from our minds
Down your porcelain torso I kiss my way
Reaching heavens gates in pink display

I touch, I kiss as you arch your back
Your breasts in lift I see no lack
Excited we are as you welcome me home
Whilst the moon shone, our bodies in roam

In sensual writhe we reach moments of bliss
Sharing our moments with a passionate kiss
Like slow waves caressing the sands
Kissing we explode holding our hands

Echoes of pleasure in lustful call
Resonate as they bounce of the walls
Implode we do as our loving ends
As we await the signals, that love resends


Amidst a Flowery Meadow

Amidst a flowery meadow we walked this sunny day
Two in love a wandering to find a place to lay
We happen across an Oak tree, as old as old can be
Below it's green filled canopy, we lay in love so free

We chatted and chatted for ages amidst this greenery
Our minds knowing our eventual, to be naked and so free
We turn to face each other, leaning in we share a kiss
Our eyes know our looks, to be in desirable bliss

Lips now touch like whispers, in gentle delightful flow
Urging excites our wants, our desires in us grow
Slowly I undo her buttons revealing charms so sweet
Her body reflects my attention, in pertness rising greet

Cupped I kiss her gently, her hands run through my hair
Her torso openly naked, whilst the Oak can only stare
Sighs now resonate across this meadow of colour
She whispers words of crave, delight my wanting flower

I touch, I kiss and caress, this bloom in radiant pink
Two now become one, as we start to love in sync
Frantic kisses now shared in lusting craving require
Our orchestrated echoes confirm our wanting loving desire

Amidst a flowery meadow we walked this sunny day
Two in love a wandering to find a place to lay
Our passion and love flowed in this lovely flowery place
Below the oldest of Oak trees, lovingly we graced


Draped Long

Locks of black draped long
Stockings torn scattered thong
Excited to pert pouting lips
Boots licked, slicked

Peachy skin tasted neat
Kissed to caress sweet treat
Glazed eyes in lusting cry
Tattooed temptress, undressed

Sweated runs cascading love
Shapes of thee in welcome glove
In writhing motion natures ocean
Lusting waves, crave

Passionate moans echoes groan
Loving two in wanting roam
Fetish filled fuelled now spent
Strangers lust, never repents

Splish Splash to Pash

To the summer blue they enter
Creating a lovely splash
Two in falling clench
Feelings relate to pash

Frolic's lead to cuddles
Amidst this pure of blue
Wetted lips in caress
Hearts touching oh so true

Exiting the water
In awe he looks at she
Her clothing hugging her shapes
As she slowly walks to me

What I see allures me
Investigative is my mind
My hands she takes intentively
Impressed in loving kind

Below a greened canopy shade
Two in slow undress
Naked torso's stand in wait
Soon to be addressed

Hands in liberty wander
Roaming undulations
Kissing leads to loving join
In sharing loves sensations

Internally, I'm Emotionally Rocked

As I await another hour
And the watching of the clock
I'm torn between two lovers
Internally, I'm emotionally rocked

I'm wearing different faces
Daily, for months I do
In fear of addressing my fears
I've too much too lose

Living in the lives of hearts
So different they are to me
One I have fallen out of
The others heart I see

My life now needs addressing
For a corner I must turn
I'm wearing different faces
Whose heart shall I earn

As I await another hour
And the watching of the clock
To run from one to another
Internally, I'm emotionally rocked

In Welcomed Glance

Touching, he teases ~@~
stretched out, she arches her back
breasts in statement lure ~@~
torso of man in readied pose
eyes of two in welcomed glance ~@~

Solitary She

Captured to undress
my woman in pose to delight
adventurous roam
self lusting heave, now released
my eyes now pleasured, she sighs


Amidst Lunar Moonlight

Two postures I view on this wonderful night
She, with porcelain skin, amidst lunar moonlight

Arched she is, hair in delightful drape
Whilst the evening breeze entices pert her shape

Silky stockings allure, my eyes in wanting caress
Red Rose lips to kiss, upon each other impressed

Touching, tasting we silhouette against her bright
Hands in wandering roam, amidst her lunar moonlight

Intermittent Sighs

in delightful pose
her back now arching in full
intermittent sighs ~*~
for between the vee she's sweet
fulfilment glow now captured