Queens of Noise

This is a piece about five rocking girls
At seventeen years old they rocked my world
I think I first heard of them in Sounds magazine
Five girls next door whom entered my scene

The cover of their Album just blew me away
These five American girls, music their say
Behind bars they were in delightful pose
At seventeen years old the love in me grows

This I had too purchase can't wait to get home
Needle to vinyl in groove rocking roam
All ten tracks played, time and time again
These "Queens of Noise" these five sure do reign

There was Lita, Cherie and Sandy West
No disrespect I liked Sandy the best
Then there was Jackie, and lastly Joan Jett
Five girls my heroes, rocking their set

Next thing I know they are playing "Live in Japan"
This I must buy, cost, 'I don't give a damn'
The glossy pictures melted my heart
Once again in the groove, the needle did start

Just my luck, the line up didn't last
New members arrived that left me aghast
But these things happen in Rock 'n' Roll
Knowing they existed, rocked my soul

I leave this short write to say my thanks yous
My favourite Sandy West, was too young to lose
To the original band including dear Sandy above
At seventeen years old, boy! was I so in love 

My Girl and I

My desire is too stroke her neck
In my mind I shall not fret
To pull her heart strings
Too see what tune she so brings
Oh my fingers will trek

Against my waist she'll be so close
Her touch will excite me the most
As she brushes against me
High pitched I can be
Bodies together so in compose

As we play our audience roars
With me she continues to explore
Yes, she is my guitar
Making music we star
As we have done so many times before 

I hear his words, from Father to Son

As I walk with his Procession
I hear his words from Father to Son
My life has finally ended
Whilst yours has just began

For someone so young and innocent
You've sailed the Seven Seas of Rhye
But Some Day One Day
You'll be in love and never cry

This Ogre Battle of life will erode
By the Fairy Feller's Master Stroke 
The March of the Black Queen is broken
Now weakened she's lost her cloak

A White Queen shall enter your life
No longer are you the Loser in the End
It's Funny How Love Is newly found
Nevermore will your heart descend